Cariboo-Prince George debate up now. NDP, PPC, Conservative, Christian Heritage, Liberal and Green
Q1. Vaccinated Canadians can’t enter the U.S. What would you do about this?
Todd Doherty, CPC: The Liberals have mishandled this pandemic
Garth Frizzell, Liberals: We have a high vaccination rate, US is our friend, end is in sight
Jeremy Gustafson, PPC: We need to strengthen relationship with US and you can still fly there
Leigh Hunsinger-Chang, Green: U.S. is a great partner, and we don’t get to dictate what they do
Audrey McKinnon, NDP: U.S. a friend, cannot dictate their policy, but we must be vaccinated to protect each other
Henry Thiessen, Christian Heritage: Some anti-vaxx stuff, stop vaccine passports
Q. Would you fight safe consumption sites in court as previous governments have?
Liberal: We can’t impose a one-size-fit-all policy. Must be evidence based solution
CPC: This is a national healthcare crisis. We must stop illegal drugs from crossing our borders
PPC: It’s up to provinces unfortunately, or fortunately. I advocate for the Portuguese system.
GRN: This must be addressed as a healthcare crisis, not a criminal one. Harm reduction, safe injection sites work to save lives.
NDP: I have yet to hear Conservatives or Liberals commit to decriminalization. We must create a safe supply.
Christian Heritage: We need to figure out what the root causes are, not throw money at the issue
Question: Reconciliation
PPC: Abolish the Indian Act
CPC: Lift all boil water advisories in first three years and build culturally appropriate treatment facilities country-wide
LPC: We have lifted many boil water advisories, more to do
GRN: Need meaningful movements on 94 TRC calls to action, particularly incarceration and foster care rates
NDP: Find and bring every child home. Implement all 94 calls to action, don’t pick and choose.
Christian Heritage: Replace Indian Act. Something about “racist card” and blaming Liberals
Q: Would you commit to fixed election dates?
GRN: Yes, and proportional representation
CPC: Yes, look at this election we shouldn’t have
LPC: I’ve spent 13 yrs in municipal gov’t with fixed election dates, so I would be in favour. Election is constitutional
Maverick: Sure, why not? Also let’s add an electoral college like in the U.S.
NDP: Yes and proportional rep.
CHP: Yes, this is an unnecessary election
Q: What needs to change to be ready for next pandemic.
NDP: Start producing vaccines in Canada. Make sure we get $ to people right away, which we pushed the Liberals to do.
CPC: We should’ve closed our borders sooner, had more PPC and vaccines produced here. $ to ppl & biz
Liberal: I was president of Federation of Canadian Municipalities and saw money go to the places that needed it.
PPC: There was mixed messaging on masks. Should have stopped flights from China. CERB was good
GRN: Ramp up national research and development.
Christian Heritage says all levels of government and healthcare are lying to us about the pandemic… (I’m just reporting the statements here)
Q: Supporting small businesses
Christian Heritage: Vaccine mandates are illegal, then some conspiracy stuff.
Conservative: It’s harder and harder to be a small business owner. Gov’t shouldn’t download responsibility to them to enforce mandates. Too much red tape
LPC: Um… I kind of missed the answer. Something about supporting them.
PPC: Cut taxes
GRN: Must support small businesses and support public health to keep businesses going
NDP: Question was about businesses, but I’m most concerned with employees and making sure they have what they need to survive.
Question: How do we transition from fossil fuels:
Christian Heritage: Who says we want to? We need to develop resources to the max. Calls it “so-called green energy”
NDP: Invest in renewable resources and a just transition - redirect oil and gas subsidies to helping workers train
GRN: World is changing with or without us. Need to invest in our workers.
PPC: We support pipelines. Solar is great for Africa and Australia but it is dark here in winter. Let’s invest in geothermal and nuclear.
LPC: We are in a good position. Must effectively transition from oil while continuing to responsibly develop resources
CPC: Under Trudeau, emissions have gone up. Must lower emissions but not on the backs of workers. Carbon capture and zero emission vehicles
Q: Would you increase, decrease or maintain military spending and NATO?
NDP: Military plays important role in our country, played critical role in pandemic response, we thank them for service.
GRN: We need military to play role as the world changes due to climate change
PPC: I heard we are still using ships from WWII, I don’t know if that is true. We wouldn’t enter foreign wars without good reason.
Liberal: We are not a superpower but we can play a key role worldwide
CPC: We have responsibilities on the world stage and need to pull our own weight.

Nobody actually answered the question of spending
Q: Responsibility to support parents?
GRN: Yes, feds have role to play
CHP: Why are we vaccinating kids?
NDP: I was a single parent living in poverty, that was bad
PPC: We will lower income taxes to help families
LPC: $10 a day daycare is great
CPC: Give parents $ directly
Q: Elder care demand will double in next ten years and is already in crisis. What will you do?
PPC: We need a European-style mixed healthcare system
CHP: We need to reduce government spending and put it in healthcare
Senior care continued:
NDP: We have failed seniors. There should not be a profit in caring for seniors.
GRN: Agree. Need a national standardized long term care strategy.
Senior care continued:
LPC: We have promised funding for seniors and a new act for seniors.
CPC: I agree we’ve failed our seniors. Amend long term care, come up with plan to make proper care a necessity
Q: How would you respond to gender based violence?
LPC: This is an issue. Intercity bus systems, affordable housing part of solution. Name-drops Maryam Monsef several times
CHP: Remove pandemic restrictions and strengthen family unit
NDP: It’s a big issue, particularly the genocide of Indigenous women. We must follow the MMIWG calls to action
GRN: Agree with NDP, also tackle housing and childcare
PPC answer on gender based violence : “I’m a fisherman and I know cabin fever.” Says lockdown has created boredom and fear that results in people “slapping women around”

Again, just tweeting answers here
Conservative I missed the whole answer unfortunately but said it is an issue, especially MMIWG, must be worked on
Question on economy and jobs
CPC to EI making it easier for people to search for jobs while still receiving support
CHP blames pandemic lockdown
NDP talks about supports like universal pharmacare to make life more affordable
GRN: Make post secondary accessible to all
PPC: Liberalize trade to make it easier for new businesses to come here
LPC: $10 a day daycare, universal broadband, new opportunities
The end

• • •

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