Future UCF Uniform Partner Thoughts - a Thread🧵:
- Nike's deal w/ UCF is up next year
- UCF was an Adidas school in the early 00's, but thanks to Marcus Jordan, made the switch to Nike
- Nike was helpful in stepping up the the plate when Adidas cancelled our contract.
- But b/c we were in a jam, it was a bit of a shotgun marriage, the deal wasn't then, and still isn't very favorable
- UCF went 6+ years wearing generic Nike football uniforms
- It wasn't until Frost called in a favor with Phil Knight, did we see a "school specific" uniform
- Those same uniforms (which are amazing) are what we still wear today - 6 years later
- The Knightro head jerseys are by most standards poor and unliked by Knight Nation
- UCF Space Uni's have been excellent - but they are also designed in house by UCF
Alright thats the history lesson, now some thoughts:
- For our very young alumni and fanbase, almost every major achievement, starting from the Liberty Bowl win over UGA, BCS/NY6 wins, National Champs, etc have taken place in a Nike uniform
- That is a very real connection
- Our Nike era also coincided with the rise of UCF in other sports: Basketball success, Soccer Success, Baseball big wins, etc as well as the overall growth of UCF into a major brand, culminating in our invite to the Big 12
- The highlight reel of that is all in Nike gear
- My personal opinion is Nike (especially in Football) has a far superior product, uniform templates, design language, and hard product for things like cleats, gloves, accessories, etc
- I think most kids and recruits would agree Nike has the "sauce" as they'd say
They are downsides to our relationship with Nike:
- The value of our contract is not in line with the size and attention of our Top 25 Brand
- From a priority perspective in terms of gear, customization, options, etc UCF is probably Tier 3 or Tier 4 in the Nike-verse
- We are 2-3 years overdue for a new set of Football uniforms and the current Nike football template
- Out BBall, Baseball, and other sport options far more in line with generic offerings and I'd grade them at B or C (vs. the A for Football)
It is well known the struggles we've had with availability of fan gear with Nike. Limited options, not getting things like Sideline Polos available at or even during the season, we can't even get the same template stuff that schools like Colorado, Vandy, and Army are getting
Summary of my thoughts on Nike:
- I prefer Nike, I think our players and recruits prefer Nike, and my only complaint/request in a new deal would be for it to grow in $ value and UCF to raise its standing and profile that matches our brand, Big12 position, alumni size, etc
My thoughts on Adidas:
The Good:
- From a casual perspective I love ultraboosts and Yeezy's and adidas sneakers are my daily drivers most days
- Although one could argue the results aren't always good, they are "doing more" to be flashy and grabbing attention these days.
-Adidas today is night and day different from who they were last time we were an Adidas school. The style of their uniforms, cleats, gloves, and overall aesthetic is the clear #2 in the market and in some cases are #1
-Adidas is a big soccer brand, and I would be excited to see what we could do from a soccer perspective - please make jerseys available for sale!!!
- Some of Adidas throwback uni's and concepts like the faux-mesh numbers, and other touch's have been really classy.
- I'd have to imagine that Adidas is a consideration is because they would be offering a much better deal than we get from Nike today, and ultimately financial resources, and gear help both the student athletes, and UCF.
- If they are paying UCF way more than Nike, and making us a premier school in their stable that would have lots of benefits for UCF
- Kansas is the only Big 12 Adidas school today, and outside of BBall, UCF would in theory become Adidas's marquee school in the conference
- Getting Top billing from our uni partner would be a big difference than the status we have today with Nike.
- Almost all Adidas schools have multiple football jersey options, so I don't think that would change for us
Things I don't like about Adidas:
- usf wears adidas, and that affiliation alone makes me sick
- 80% or so of Adidas football uniforms today look terrible, most schools look worse than they did in the past or compared to their old Nike, UA, or other gear (e.g: Miami)
- I hate the overly strechy, fit and finish of their football uniform template. It doesn't have a shape or defined areas for uni elements and b/c of that they don't look uniform on players of different sizes
Some will downplay how much it matters, but if everything else were equal between 2 schools in a recruiting battle, I think some recruits would lean/prefer a Nike school, and some kids won't even consider non Nike schools.
I don't think it will tank our recruiting by any means, but changing from Nike to Adidas will have a non-zero effect on our recruiting image and brand to recruits. i.e it will matter some
Ultimately I trust @TerryMohajirAD @ScottCarrUCF to make the best decision for UCF holistically. I'd love to stay with Nike, if the two options on the table are close than I'd prefer Nike, but if Adidas brings the 💰 than I'm game
But any agreement with Adidas should include the following stipulations:
- UCF designs the Space Uni's in house still
- We have nothing that is similar in quality or design that usf wears
- UCF is in the top tier of innovations, concepts, and new gear for Adidas
- Exponentially more available fan gear
- UCF branded/black & gold ultraboosts for sale
- Soccer jerseys for sale
- Crossover UCF/Orlando City merch
- UCF still has many different football uni options like we enjoy today, we can never go backwards to the old way
But It would be even better if @HEIRMJ pulled some strings and made UCF the Big12's Jordan brand school with Oklahoma leaving!!!


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