Might tonight have been different if the clever think tanks had done their job? And instead of (inaccurately) asserting the NICs rise was progressive (accurately) pointed out it was progressive amongst normal people but let the richest off the hook?
It's a particularly serious failing for a certain think tank, established to improve living standards for lower and middle income families, but whose carelessness has played some part in achieving precisely the opposite effect.
We need these organisations. They provide really important scrutiny that is hard to get elsewhere. And they are, rightly, very influential. But those qualities also carry a heavy responsibility to get stuff right, especially on matters at the sharp edge of politics.

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9 Sep
You'll have read a lot of clever people over the last few days telling you that raising NICs is "progressive".

Here's why that's misleading - or wrong. THREAD.
Look at the features of NICs.

It's not chargeable (or now chargeable at a lower rate) on the types of income that rich people tend to have and poor people don't - like dividends or rents or income. /1
And it is charged at a flat rate (unlike income tax) with a 'step down' - ie it's charged at a lower rate - on earnings above c £50k pa.

Those are its relevant features. So how can it be claimed to be "progressive"? /2
Read 6 tweets
7 Sep
So. Tax on earnings will go up 2.5% (whether the cash is handed over by employers or employees it is still a tax on earnings) and tax on dividends by 1.25% and tax on rents or interest income by 0%. The measures favour those who don't have to work for a living.
The tax taken from regular working people will be allocated in large part to protecting the inheritances of the children of wealthier families through the cap on the amount of your care costs you have to pay: almost the exact opposite of what we should be doing.
We're introducing a new tax which will drive up payroll costs for businesses and administration costs for Government. Our tax code is already almost as long as Encyclopaedia Britannica: there is no good reason to make things worse - but he is.
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4 Sep
National insurance, unlike income tax, isn't paid on unearned income. Raising national insurance, rather than income tax, is a choice to favour people who don't have to work for a living.
Winners: those who live on their buy-to-let portfolio, bond yields or share portfolio.

Losers: regular wage slaves.
You start to pay national insurance at an annual salary of £9,568. You start to pay income tax at £12,570. Raising national insurance rather than income tax is a choice to hit lower earners rather than higher earners.
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1 Sep
"The Commission has also determined that the trustees did not breach their legal duties and responsibilities when they made the decision to work with the Good Law Project." gov.uk/government/new…
tl;dr @GoodLawProject brought a case asserting that a Government pursuing a practice of appointed its mates was likely to discriminate against black and brown people. A leading racial equality charity was a co-claimant in that case. The High Court said it was a proper case for...
@GoodLawProject ...@GoodLawProject and @RunnymedeTrust to bring (or in 'lawyer' it gave us permission to bring the case which is being heard later this year). But The Times, egged on by a bunch of Tory MPs, ran a vicious and ill-informed culture war campaign against Runnymede. And the Charity...
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1 Sep
On the shitshow that those whining in national media about cancel culture or great replacement theory make of the lives of those who are not white/cis/straight/abled/male.
Those bigots - dutifully propogating Johnson's culture war - don't speak for our tolerant nation: we learned that when he and Patel attacked our footballers for taking the knee. But they still create real life consequences for those without their privileges.
And if you are a group that lacks power relative to others please read this (by @Joannechocolat) and ask whether others lack power relative to you. Only punch up! joannechocolat.tumblr.com/post/660939774…
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29 Aug
On Friday evening @GoodLawProject offered to try and help that large community of families unable to access schools in the new year because a child or other family member is especially vulnerable to Covid and inadequate mitigating steps have been taken. /1
Thank you to representatives of @ShieldUs1, @hivetosurvive, @cv_cev, @the_shielding, @OneVoice_Group, @SafeEdForAll_UK, @LongCovidKids (and some individuals too) who have helped us over the weekend to understand the issues. /2
With that help we have prepared a briefing note on the complicated array of legal issues facing affected families. We have taken initial soundings from specialist barristers - and from a leading international expert on Covid transmission. /3
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