Gents, while you wanna switch things up while going down on her, like getting some ice, using some fingers, getting some ice cream, trying multiple stimulations and all, here is a #Thead for you to capture most of the foundational things (in summary) that you need to know:
A. Make her comfortable! Spend good & quality time teasing and pleasuring her upper body before you get down to her pússy. She loves the touching, squeezing, kissing, licking, sucking, nibbles. Be slow, be sensual. It makes her desire more and more, and in turn gets her ready.
B. Be selfless. It's about pleasuring her and not yourself. Be creative, play with her inner thighs too, she will moan good. Tease the back of her knee, suck on her toes if she loves it. Don't jump straight into eating her pússy until you got her dripping good for your tongue.
C. Sex is art, remember that the entire vulva is made of nerve endings so don't go for the clit alone. In fact, save the best for last! French kiss her pússy lips (the labia) and cause her to yearn and beg for more. Use your tongue, yes the damn tongue is the pen here!!!
D. I know she wants you to really wanna suck that clit and make her cüm already but why give her that already? Stretch your tongue out and aim for the opening of her pússy. Don't slide in, move up and down while teasing her nipples and looking into her eyes. Don't rush, don bite!
E. Use that tongue until she gets so soaking wet and even soggy, then you slide the tongue slowly into her wet pússy, fücking her vagina with your tongue as your hands massage her nipples, stomach, sides and thighs. I can't help but imagine her moans right now. She's wanting more
F. Flatten your tongue across her pússy, keep a hook towards the tip of your tongue as you glide your stretched tongue up and down across her vulva and clit. Eweé!!! The first contact will feel like a shock with shivers, keep going up and down while teasing that clit so good.
G. The clit will feel swollen by now. She'll possibly be reaching for your head with one hand and her boobs with the other. Don't fall for the temptation to suck her already, rather flicker than tongue on her clit - gliding it up and down across the surface of her swollen clit.
H. At this point eh, just flicker the tongue down and avoid her clit for another 2mins. Suck her pússy lips, fúck her with your tongue and grip good into her breast as her legs remain spread apart. Remember to aim for the Gspot with that hook at the tip of your tongue 👅💦
I. Ensure you are well positioned. I don't want your neck hurting you. Lie as a snipper would, it's the best, or get her to the edge of an elevated platform while you work (on her) on your knees. You can pause at intervals to ask if she wanna cum for you, but breathe!!!
J. Glide your tongue up to her clit again and slowly write your name 10x, still looking into her eyes and letting her wetness drip down your tongue to her clit, then slurp onto the clit as you take it into your warm mouth.
"Oh my gawd, oh yesss" she will moan. Now it begins.
K. Remember to be creative with these tips, it will apply for most occasions and positions.
As you suck her clit, swirl your tongue underneath to reach for her pússy lips, and up to reach for her clit as your lips cover her clit good and your teeth remain out of the way. Okay?
L. Do this and listen to her body language. Observe the tone of her moan and rhythms of her body movement. Don't slow down, maintain the pace she responds best to and listen to her words too. So here comes the critical part.
Suck her clit into your mouth with your tongue pushing
it upwards while you apply some pressure. Apply a little more pressure on her nipples and squeeze it slowly between your thumb at first finger at this point (listen to how she loves it), and continue sucking on that clit like it's a small dick cap, while your tongue glide through
M. At some point (maybe after some orgasms) spread her pússy lips open to fully reveal her clit, then suck it directly but gently. Flicker your tongue on her clit and let about half of your tongue glide up and down across the exposed clitoris.
Her moans right now🤩🤩🤩
If you want more, click the link in bio to sign up for my sessions or get my Foreplay Guide (linked in bio) on how to pleasure your woman. Meanwhile, also remember that anything you'd wanna insert into her vagina must be clean. Any form of food is not allowed into the vagina.
Don't hesitate to follow me on instagram for more erotic and educating contents.

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