Confession: I used to work for Big Pharma

But when something eye-opening happened to me

I was forced to “switch sides”

I’ve got a pit in my stomach typing this...

Honestly scared to share this on the Internet

But it has to be done, so here we go:

We’d all love to live in a "perfect world", right?

A world where we're all happy, healthy and stress free

But it's just not how the modern world works

Even me, the “Health Guy”

I’ve had a tons of health issues

So get ready for my most intimate post yet👇
Picture yourself watching a great movie

Or playing a video game

You know the feeling when eerie music is playing

And you know something bad is about to happen?

That’s how I used to feel. 24/7.

No bad thing was actually happening

But that's how anxious I used to be, daily
From the outside, I looked like I had my sh*t together

"Great" pharma job
Penthouse apartment
Gym daily

But inside, I felt like an empty shell, going through the motions

My stress caused anxiety -> anxiety caused stress

It robbed me of my energy

A never-ending loop
I remember walking through life in a haze

Constantly asking myself

If I’m doing all the right things, why do I feel like crap?

Was totally confused

Why don't I have ANY energy?

Why am I so on edge all the time?

And sleep?


Don’t even get me started on sleep
Every night, I laid in my bed for 8, even 9 hours

But I woke up so many times

My mind was like a record playing at 2x speed

Uncontrollable thoughts about stuff I couldn't control

Things that could go "wrong"

I just couldn’t let go enough to sleep deeply
So when my iPhone alarm went off every morning...

I didn’t “wake up”

It was more like I went from a half asleep haze…

To being half awake

Then I’d go through the day in zombie mode, again

& man, I was getting tired of being tired

I needed a way out of this waking nightmare
So like any normal guy would do…

I went to the doctor

I opened up to this guy, reluctantly

He just sat there, typing on some old computer

Then, with a bunch of fluff words, he basically said

“It’s all in your head”


I left there PISSED OFF at how little he cared
Remember, I was working for big pharma back then

I fully trusted the system, the only real "science"

Maybe this guy was just a bad apple

So I went to see one more

Then one more

Then one more

The same BS, doctor after doctor
Pills, pills, more pills

“It’s all in your head”

“Eat a balanced diet”

I just snapped

And started to realize that:

It’s not how humans have lived for millions of years

Our ancestors never shovelled pills down their throats

So why should I live like that to feel normal?
It's not like I wasn't open-minded

Thing is... lots of family & friends we’re already on SSRIs

Prozac, Paroxetine, you name it

Best outcome? They became numb.

No downs... but no ups (and often no libido)

Many felt WORSE on all those pills

For me?
I became hopeless, fed up

Fed up to the point where I felt forced to go "against" big pharma

Even to join the “other team”

See, Big Pharma can be great for some people

But for most, it really isn’t the answer

I knew I had to look elsewhere

And coincidentally one day…
I drove by a health store

You know, the kind ran by a “naturopath”

They’re supposed to give all natural health advice

Now again, I work for Big Pharma at this point

But they clearly failed me, massively

So, feeling like a HUGE hypocrite, I walk inside this place…
For the 5th time in like 3 weeks

I poured my heart out, this time to a rando who wasn't a doctor

Hoping he would, somehow, get me out of my zombie-state + help me reclaim my energy

I felt hopeful, but extra anxious, feeling like a fraud, betraying pharma and “science”
In my head I was hearing this:

You know John, the guy who grew up around healthcare ?

The guy making good money from big pharma?

Yeah, he doesn’t even believe in that stuff himself!

I saw him in some all natural health store the other day

BEGGING for help, hypocrite!
I got over my fear, and my imposter syndrome

I was burnt out, and my fuse was about to blow

This was my last hope

But to my great surprise?

The naturopath listened --- he HEARD me

Unlike the doctors, he made eye contact!

It felt like an actual human interaction
He asked me profound questions

Then told me about these weird, all natural supplements

I got everything he told me about... then drove home

Hopeful, and skeptical
Feeling like a pharma traitor

I took the supplements EXACTLY as instructed.

I kid you not, within 3 days?
Holy crap!

I felt normal again ---I felt like ME again..

For the first time in a LONG time

My mind started to clear up

The stress of life didn’t stop though…

I could just handle it better

Now, I was excited, but also:
I was like, WTF???

It wasn't my first time taking supplements

I’d taken stuff like fish oil and probiotics

How the hell did all this natural stuff take me from

Crippling Anxiety, Stress & Poor Sleep
Energetic and calm

In a matter of DAYS?

I swear it felt like magic
Of course it wasn't ONLY supplements

I improved my nutrition

I completely changed how I exercised

And a bunch of other things I'll save for another thread, since this one is getting long...

But anyway....
The best way I could describe it is:

Before, I was like a car that was breaking down

And after taking the natural supplements…

While it wasn’t perfect…

It felt like every day my tank was slowly filling up
A week after, I had a whole new set of habits and routines

I remember looking back at how I was before

And just being AMAZED at how much I changed…

In just A WEEK, maybe 10 days, just wow

That's when I went DEEP down the rabbit hole
Imagine what I could do if I took it further?

And that was the first spark for me

I IMMERSED myself in natural and functional medicine

I wanted to learn EVERYTHING

So for months, I studied:

Books, courses, videos, even "gurus”:

I absorbed it all
The deeper I went, the better I felt

I unlearned as much stuff as I learned...

And my life improved, every week

My sleep was back!

No more Zombie-me!

I started to feel full of life again

I had the energy of a child in a huge playground

And slowly but surely…
I started to attract a different set of people

I left the pharma industry

And joined a company that provided natural solutions to open-minded doctors all over Canada

(Unlike the Doctors who failed me earlier)

Then in 2019…
My DEEP need to share this natural health knowledge?

It grew and grew

It started off as a passion project here on Twitter

And before I knew it?

People started reaching out to me for 1-on-1 help

Their stories were similar to mine: low energy, poor sleep, high stress…
That’s when I realised I wasn’t alone.

If you feel like:

There’s no end to your pain
The system is against you

Or even worse…

You feel like you have to take pills, forever...

Just know, that wasn’t true for me or my clients

And it may not be true for you, either
Returning to a natural way of living can completely transform your life

You can improve your biology & your genes

It’s never too late - you can be 30, 42, 55 to even 78

You deserve to feel your best for yourself...

And the people in your life that depend on you
I want this thread to touch people going through hard times.

I want them to know they’re not alone.

So if you can?

Please give it a retweet:
Here is the sequel to this mini-thread where I reveal my past working for “big Pharma:

• • •

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Here’s why I felt like a fraud for almost 2 years:

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Real talk...In 2014 I had crippling anxiety & zero energy

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You have a fine balance of “good” & “bad” bacteria

Mainly in your large intestine

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Psychiatric drugs are a huge money-maker

Last year, $27.4 Billion was spent on these medications worldwide

and that number only continues to grow

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Mental Illness is not a new thing

Ancient Indian texts describe centers to take care of people with these disorders

In Greece and Rome, Mental health issues were connected to the paranormal

It wasn't until the 19th century where psychiatry became a recognized specialty
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When you're stressed:

Less oxygen gets to your brain
Your immune system shuts down
Your body becomes a fat-storing machine

You start to age faster

& put yourself at risk of serious health problems later on


There are ways for you to lower your stress without meds

1. Adaptogens

Known as Tonics in Chinese medicine

They help your body "adapt" to the stresses you experience

The've been used for thousands because they work


Just to name a few
2. B complex

B vitamins are the fuel source to make your neurotransmitters

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Making sure your body has enough is vital for dealing with stress

Quatrefolic (folate)

Some of these need big doses
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There are 3 pillars you need to consider to better manage it:

Brain chemistry
Adrenal Health
Gut Harmony

Each play a crucial role in your wellbeing

Your stress is a silent fire that slowly kills you

but your body has a natural capacity to deal with it

Health problems like uncontrollable anxiety or sleep problems arise once you lose this innate resiliency
Targeting your brain chemistry is a great starting point for stress management

Your brain uses chemicals known as neurotransmitters to help you stay calm

Serotonin and GABA are both used to bring you into the present moment & relax you, respectively
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