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Medicine is broken. I help men and women bulletproof their health, improve their sleep & energy, and permanently eliminate stress.
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20 Sep
Nutrients you think you get enough of but probably don't:

Vitamin A
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D
Thiamine and Niacin are used up to metabolize carbs

The western diet filled with refined carbs burns through these like crazy
Vitamin A is important for immunity, eyes and skin health

Highest concentrations are found in liver

which most people barely eat anymore
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15 Sep
Confession: I used to work for Big Pharma

But when something eye-opening happened to me

I was forced to “switch sides”

I’ve got a pit in my stomach typing this...

Honestly scared to share this on the Internet

But it has to be done, so here we go:

We’d all love to live in a "perfect world", right?

A world where we're all happy, healthy and stress free

But it's just not how the modern world works

Even me, the “Health Guy”

I’ve had a tons of health issues

So get ready for my most intimate post yet👇
Picture yourself watching a great movie

Or playing a video game

You know the feeling when eerie music is playing

And you know something bad is about to happen?

That’s how I used to feel. 24/7.

No bad thing was actually happening

But that's how anxious I used to be, daily
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14 Sep
Here’s why I felt like a fraud for almost 2 years:

While I was working for big pharma…

(bet you didn’t know I used to work for the “other team”)

My own health was a disaster.

Quick Thread
Real talk...In 2014 I had crippling anxiety & zero energy

At work?

I was helping my pharma employer push out products.

But at home?

Those very same products were doing nothing for me…

Even when I needed them the most...
Crazy because, I was making good money

Friends + family were proud of me

Living in a gorgeous penthouse apartment

Yet when my iPhone alarm went off in the AM

After lying in bed for 8 hours

I felt like I barely slept 1 hour

No energy, no zest for life, full-on zombie mode
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3 Sep
Medicine today teaches doctors what drug to use to deal with certain symptoms

Instead of showing them how to support your body’s natural healing powers

It’s a bloody scam
So much ancient healing knowledge has been simply discredited by the scientific community

for the sake of profits

And its a shame

This doesn't apply to the life saving technologies that have come with the advancement of medicine

Of course
The point is your body is more powerful than you've been lead to believe

Many doctors are true healers and have woken up to the unfortunate state their profession is in

They realize that the human health isn't just based on winning the genetic lottery
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18 Aug
If your gut is a mess

So will your mind be

You have a fine balance of “good” & “bad” bacteria

Mainly in your large intestine

This ecosystem thrives based on what you feed it
Most of your neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) are made by bacteria in your gut

Feeding yourself McDonald’s and Taco Bell everyday suffocates the good ones

While the bad ones grow & multiply
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2 Aug
Psychiatric drugs are a huge money-maker

Last year, $27.4 Billion was spent on these medications worldwide

and that number only continues to grow

The question is: why?

Here's a little-known history of the industry that all of you should know about

Mental Illness is not a new thing

Ancient Indian texts describe centers to take care of people with these disorders

In Greece and Rome, Mental health issues were connected to the paranormal

It wasn't until the 19th century where psychiatry became a recognized specialty
For over 150 years, the psychiatric field had no progress

The only solution to help these patients was to put them into wards and observe them

Often to be left there for the rest of their lives

Many unethical procedures were done to these people

Truly unacceptable
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22 Jul
When you're stressed:

Less oxygen gets to your brain
Your immune system shuts down
Your body becomes a fat-storing machine

You start to age faster

& put yourself at risk of serious health problems later on


There are ways for you to lower your stress without meds

1. Adaptogens

Known as Tonics in Chinese medicine

They help your body "adapt" to the stresses you experience

The've been used for thousands because they work


Just to name a few
2. B complex

B vitamins are the fuel source to make your neurotransmitters

These brain chemicals control your mood, motivation and relaxation

Making sure your body has enough is vital for dealing with stress

Quatrefolic (folate)

Some of these need big doses
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13 Jul
Your stress is under your control

There are 3 pillars you need to consider to better manage it:

Brain chemistry
Adrenal Health
Gut Harmony

Each play a crucial role in your wellbeing

Your stress is a silent fire that slowly kills you

but your body has a natural capacity to deal with it

Health problems like uncontrollable anxiety or sleep problems arise once you lose this innate resiliency
Targeting your brain chemistry is a great starting point for stress management

Your brain uses chemicals known as neurotransmitters to help you stay calm

Serotonin and GABA are both used to bring you into the present moment & relax you, respectively
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12 Jul
Most people think sleep is for the weak

I say they’re wrong

Your future health & today’s performance depend on how well you rest

You have Wolverine like healing powers that turn on at night

They keep your body and brain in top shape

So you can thrive well into old age
Some of these healing powers include:

Growth hormone (repairs muscle)
Higher testosterone (healthy libido)
Glymphatic system (refreshes brain cells & flushes toxins)

Who wouldn’t want that
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5 Jul
One of the worst things you can do is let your stress get out of control

What starts off as a bit of anxiety can eventually evolve into panic attacks or worse

The earlier you catch it

The faster you’ll start feeling better once you make a few tweaks to your routine

When stress cripples you, it’s almost like you’ve been hit by train

You’re too exhausted to spend time with your family

You wake up in the morning feeling half dead

It sucks

I know because I’ve been there

But there are ways you can prevent this
Start by taking more magnesium glycinate in the day

It’ll help calm you down

L theanine in the morning sharpens your focus and gets you in that flow state

Exercise is an outlet you must prioritize

Sunlight and nature are your best friends too
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15 Jun
Thiamine is the most underrated and overlooked vitamin deficiency

More research is coming out that shows how important this nutrient is to your wellbeing

Way more than you’ve been led to believe

Thiamine (also known as Vitamin B1) deficiency is believed to be a thing of the past

Medical doctors and other clinicians are taught that it’s extremely rare and only seen in:

Surgery recovery (bariatric)
Eating disorders (anorexia)

Many health clinicians are very aware of other B vitamin deficiencies such as:

Folate (B9)
Niacin (B3)

Thiamine, on the other hand, gets no attention whatsoever

Now, let's dive deeper into why
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2 Jun
Seed Oils are everywhere

Most packaged food you find in your grocery store contain them

They've been marketed as a "healthy" low-fat option to protect you from heart attacks

but more and more people are waking up to the scam

Now, this is a question I get from many of you all the time:

"What are seed oils?"

Here is the list of the most commonly used ones:


They're made up of a specific type of fat known as Polyunsaturated Fatty acids
There are two types of fats found in nature

Saturated Fats
Unsaturated Fats

The difference (without boring you too much about the chemistry) is that saturated fats are solid at room temperature

while unsaturated fats (seed oils) are liquid at room temperature
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12 May
No matter what they tell you

Anxiety is beatable

I’ve done it

& so can you

Exercise is your best partner to win the war

We’ve been brainwashed to sit in front of a computer all day

And never move

That unused energy needs to flow somewhere

Where does it go?

Into your mind

Improve cognition and lower your stress by staying active
Sunlight is brain food

Not getting enough screws up your mood

And only makes your anxiety worse

Go outside and absorb that solar energy

It’ll help you sleep better at night and lower your stress
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11 May
We are 19k Followers strong

What a journey!

I appreciate all of you very much

To celebrate

Here are 19 tips to extinguish your stress
1. Get sun, especially first thing in the morning

2. Eliminate industrialized seed oils (soybean, canola, rapeseed etc)

3. Go to bed earlier

4. Spend lots of time in nature
5. Eat fat and protein for breakfast

6. Stretch, mainly hip flexors

7. Get enough B vitamins, either in meats or supplement forms. Especially B6

8. Learn to keep your mouth closed and breathe from your nose
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2 Apr

Thank you!

To celebrate

Here are 17 things you should know about magnesium

Magnesium is used in over 300 chemical reactions in your:

Immune system

Pretty much everywhere
Worst absorbed forms of magnesium (orally)

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26 Mar
4 reasons why you can't lose weight

& what you should do about it

1. Carbs at breakfast

Spiking your insulin in the morning is making you a fat accumulating machine

Your body releases a hormone called insulin to use up sugar

Insulin also = fat storage

Timing your carbs later in the day helps you stay in a fat-burning mode longer
2. Poor Liver health

Your liver is your filtration system

It cleans out all the junk cycling through your body

One of these is Estrogen which cycles back into your bloodstream & get stored into your fat cells

Your fat cells then grow, divide & multiply

aka you get fatter
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16 Mar
If you've ever said the words:

"I'm tired"

& want to solve this problem

This thread is for you Image
Fatigue plagues the Western world, particularly the US

More than 1/3 people experience some form of fatigue on a daily basis

This makes it hard for you to concentrate and be a productive member of society

& in some cases, be an alert parent to kids that need you at your best
So what is fatigue exactly?

It's a term used to describe physical or mental tiredness

There are 3 main types:

Transient (short term)
Cumulative (long term accumulation)

Both of these happen when you're not getting proper sleep at night

We call this "sleep debt" Image
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28 Feb
Lots of dietary supplements on the market today are filled with toxic ingredients

Here are 4 red flags you should ALWAYS look out for before buying

1. Artificial colors

That hot pink or tropical blue dye you see in lots of products is completely unnecessary

Those colors are synthetically made in a laboratory and don't belong in your body

Not worth the carcinogenic risk

Common ones are: Red 40, Yellow 5 & Yellow 6

2. Soy

Soy is the most pesticide-sprayed crop on the planet

Many brands choose to incorporate it in different products to add protein & cut costs at the same time

Any time you see the word soy on a label, you're better off not buying it
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13 Feb
To celebrate 15k followers,

Here are 15 health tips that’ll improve your life

1. Your brain is 70% water, stay hydrated with electrolytes + inositol to boost your cognitive performance

2. Black seed oil & magnesium are your best health friends

3. Breathing from your mouth instead of your nose plays a huge part into why you’re stressed out
4. Sleep naked, you’ll sleep better when your body’s cooler

5. For every 30 minutes you sit, get up and move around for 4 min

6. Sun gazing at dawn helps your eyesight and wakes you up for the day
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11 Feb
Black Seed Oil

Mother Nature's Healing Elixir

Black Cumin Seed, also known as Nigella Sativa or "Nature's Panacea", has a rich and interesting history

It's a spice that grows in the Mediterranean region and Western Asian Countries

Its various health benefits were discovered over 3000 years ago by the Ancient Egyptians
From skin conditions to digestive issues, Black Seed is said to cure you of "anything but death"

For centuries, it was used far & wide in medical practices

It was only in 1963 where scientists finally isolated the seed's healing compounds
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