I am a Green Card holder, married to a US citizen, my children born in the US. I would’ve been trapped in Afghanistan thanks to the State Dept. We tracked so many mothers unable to leave with their US-born children, a wife who had to leave her Afghan husband behind & so on.
It was horrific. None of us had experienced anything like it. US citizens, perm residents & most vulnerable Afghan allies begging for help from US soldiers at the airport, commanded by the coward MG Donahue & his cowardly chain-of-command. All they had to do was open the gate -
As promised/directed, instead they threatened to shoot. Heard it w my own ears. You won’t have to take my word for it, there are hundreds of us who witnessed this & worse. We will not forget. I’ve never been calmer or more resolute in my life. The US is complicit in war crimes &
None of us will stay silent. Right now we are focused on the truth & doing what we can to save the people who’ve been sentenced to die because our ldrs turned their backs on them & helped our enemies slit their throats. I’ve lost track of the photos of allies executed, tortured,
Beheaded, disappeared, hanged, shot & so on. Verifying/vetting/confirming details takes time & powerful people want us to falter/fail. More & more we learn of those we’ve been trying to save, shot, killed or taken away. Bodies piling up as your ldrs hope the killing will finish
Quickly so it doesn’t interfere w plans to finance a terror state & all the rules Treasury keeps having to change to circumvent terror laws that make everything they’re doing illegal. If you knew the real number of US citizens/Green card holders/details of the people we
Abandoned, you’d be as stunned as we are when we listen to these press conferences & read false statements of those who will go down in history as the worst ldrs this country has ever seen. They have no conscience, no regard for human decency or life. No regard for women.
I know what it’s like to be raped & there isn’t a woman in Afghanistan today that has the right to say no to the Taliban. We took the light of freedom from their lives & sentenced them to die.Then we told the world how “proud” we were & praised terrorists we know killed thousands
This may be over for you, but not for Afghans who believe in freedom. Journalists, activists, singers, artists, women, soldiers, police - all being hunted down like animals , systematically, wiped out while we watch & do nothing except reward their killers w millions.
Why are we washing away all that American blood from the hands of terrorists who killed our own? Why are we allowing this to continue? We could stop this overnight if we wanted, yet we do nothing to change the outcome our leaders obviously want. No border, no allies, no integrity

• • •

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13 Sep
Uncomfortable fact for USG: the Democratically elected leader of Afghanistan/US ally Amrullah Saleh is still alive, still in Pansjir Valley, still fighting. In spite of their best efforts so far Pakistan/US have not managed to kill him. US-trained govt commandoes fighting w him.
What is US policy on our Afghan allies? Have we made a formal decision to abandon them & therefore democracy? Are we assisting their forces or people in crisis there? Or do we stand w terrorists? Are we assisting Pakistan there? Are we sharing intel?Targeting those who helped us?
If we no longer stand w our Afghan allies who made that decision? How/when was it communicated? What material support/intel etc are we giving to legally designated int recognized terrorists w/in the Taliban like Haqqani? What about US law? Who made decision to subvert US law?
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12 Sep
Think about this: US investigating/threatening it’s own citizens for saving allies we betrayed who face certain death - while USG has broken the law in multiple ways: Neg w known, designated terrorists like HAQQANIS, material supp to terrorist regime w 17 UN sanctioned terrorists
Who’re now cabinet members, not following standard protection protocols required by law for classified assets, relying on known terrorists to secure US forces/citizens at airport (13 died), agreeing to hand over nat assets to terrorists, sharing national Intel w known terrorists,
Agreeing to hand over sensitive, classified intel capabilities to known terrorists, abandoning Top Secret level Special Program assets to terrorists - not protecting classified sources, methods & equipment, turning off national asset surveillance in areas vital to nat security,
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9 Sep
Since I cannot live w injustice, I am driven to correct the injustice of the false narrative that Afghans want to live under the terror of the Taliban, that they gave up, did not resist & lack both the will & courage to fight for freedom & their country. The opp is true.
They are braver than any American who says they believe in these things & does nothing to stop the injustice we unleashed. Don’t tell me about corruption etc. Those things matter but are nothing when the world’s superpower grovels at the foot of terror & hands victory to al Qaeda
The US has the power to stop Pakistan but congress is sold on the false idea that Pakistan’s nuclear capability means let them do whatever they want - pathetic. Islamic terrorists are much closer to nuclear capability today than they’ve ever been - thanks to this failed policy.
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6 Sep
The Biden Admin has a choice: Stand up for democracy & those fighting in Afghanistan’s Pansjir Valley - or side with Islamic terrorists & This nation’s most powerful enemies - Iran, China and supposed “ally” Pakistan. The US has bowed to Pakistan from the very start of this war.
It was obvious from day one that allowing safe haven in Pakistan ensured that nothing done on the Afghan battlefield would ever bring an end to the war. Yet the Biden administration is silent. Why?
In 2001, it was the people of the Pansjir who fought al Qaeda & the Taliban while US planes bombed from the sky. When defeated, OBL & his terrorists fled where? Into Pakistan. Why was there no US presence on the border to stop them? Pakistan didn’t want them there.
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5 Sep
Reports pouring in from Afghanistan - so many it is hard to keep track. Three female police officers executed in Kabul - another female police office, six months pregnant, executed by Taliban & so on. This is a moment of pure shame for every one of us if we allow this to continue
Afghan friends from Pansjir family are receiving one report after another from the ground - your cousin is dead, your uncle has been shot, his brother is dead etc. It has been this way all weekend - non-stop. The Afghans standing up to Terrorists massacred while the US watches.
Your govt has said the Taliban will be judged on it’s actions, not who (ie: the known terrorist leaders) who are part of it’s ranks. What will it take? Executing women for the crime of being police officers? Not enough. Using teenage boys as human shields to clear mine fields?
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31 Aug
The disaster in Afghanistan is what you get when you live in fear instead of living free - Americans on all sides of the political aisle now at grave risk. This nation today is defined by betrayal & the blood of our allies, yet most Americans don’t support/want this.
For too long we’ve been living under the tyranny of a small number of people w a lot of power/money. They’ve waged war on every part of who we are, what we believe to the sanctity of our bodies/family/country.We stay silent because we fear the consequences & play into their hands
We’ve allowed them to divide us & now in Afghanistan we see the truth: it wasn’t ever a left/right issue, it’s a war of ideas & those doing the most damage to the ‘American idea’ are our own. The American people have the power to make it stop - they want you too afraid to use it
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