.@EcoHealthNYC paper under peer review, now out on @medrxivpreprint. Analyzes hotspots of future bat SARSr-CoV spillover based on bat distribution/human pop. density. Also estimates # people likely infected each yr. @NYCbat @cmzambranat @hongying_li @dukenus @CREID_Network 1/
Here’s the preprint published yesterday medrxiv.org/content/10.110… 2/
We analyzed the distribution of all known bat SARSr-hosts, mapping out where virus-positive animals could occur. Hotspots extend from S. China across S/SE Asia, a densely populated region (~478 million people) w/ active wildlife trade & high levels of human-wildlife contact. 3/
We used serology data to estimate ~400,000 people in S. China/SE Asia infected each yr by SARSr bat-CoVs. Wide range around average due to limited serol. & behavior risk data. But we don’t expect this number is an overestimate due to dense popn. & high wildlife-human contact 4/
Our pilot studies in China before COVID found people w/ bat SARSr-CoV antibodies (~2.7% at 1 site) i.e. previously infected & never diagnosed. Used this & data on how long antibodies persist to calculate # of people likely infected annually. ecohealthalliance.org/wp-content/upl… 5/
Estimate of 400K annual infections likely conservative: 14 million people worked in wildlife farms/markets in China in 2016 & up to COVID outbreak. Farms bred animals that can carry CoVs but insufficient data on farm/intermediate host distribution to include in our analysis. 6/
Analysis has value for 1) targeting surveillance in people to halt outbreaks before they spread 2) working w/ communities to reduce risk behavior like hunting, butchering, eating wildlife 3) targeting COVID origins tracing studies. 7/ sciencedirect.com/science/articl…
.@EcoHealthNYC is already using maps to identify communities & clinics in SE Asia for surveillance, to build capacity in the region, & to design programs that reduce spillover risk to protect communities there, & all of us from emerging viral threats like SARS & COVID-19. 8/
Relevance to COVID origins: Adds to other scientific work suggesting SARSr-CoV spillover is common & widespread. Supports conclusion that bat-to-human spillover, poss via intermediate host in wildlife farm/market is most likely pathway for COVID origin. 9/ bloomberg.com/news/features/…
How are people exposed? Bats are abundant & diverse, nocturnal & often overlooked. Exposure via: contamination of food/surfaces w excrement or urine; hunting, butchering wildlife incl. bats; living near or sheltering in caves; digging bat guano as fertilizer w/out PPE etc. 10/
Key to reducing risk is to modify our own behavior in high-risk hotspots. We shouldn't blame bats - they're a beautiful & important part of ecosystem. They pollinate forest trees, remove pest insects, & even help produce Tequila by pollinating Agave! 11/ wired.com/2014/06/tequil…
This work was funded by @NIAIDNews @CREID_Network contract 1U01AI151797 “EID-SEARCH” to @EcoHealthNYC, Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust, Pamela Thye, The Wallace Fund, & an Anonymous Donor c/o Schwab Charitable. We are grateful for your support! 12/ creid-network.org
Some news on this: bloomberg.com/news/articles/…
Bat data collated, cleaned/corrected & distributions modeled w/ expert oversight from co-authors @klphelps & @cmzambranat, based on @IUCNRedList modified for habitat suitability.

• • •

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Completely false, clearly political statement here: "NIH funded $3.7 million grant was approved by Trump’s COVID-19 advisor Anthony Fauci in 2015. The gain-of-function research was outsourced to the WIV.."
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Here's what happens if you call out politicization of origins study. Shoddy piece about how I "sympathised with the Chinese government". Actually, I reported what WIV director said to WHO mission. telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/05/3…. Actual quote at 58:20 @profvrr microbe.tv/twiv/twiv-760/
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Prof Shi Zhengli re. call for more focus on lab-leak hypothesis: ".. will definitely damage the reputation & enthusiasm of scientists [working] on animal viruses which have potential spillover risk ..& weaken our ability ..to prevent the next pandemic.” technologyreview.com/2021/05/13/102…
Robert Garry @utmbhealth "“distracts from important work needed to identify the source of SARS-CoV-2..& completely misrepresents the outcomes of @WHO report [that] adds to the large volume of epidemiological and genomic data supporting zoonotic emergence" wsj.com/articles/scien…
.@K_G_Andersen "Letter suggests a false equivalence between the lab escape & natural origin scenarios. To this day no credible evidence has been presented to support the lab leak hypothesis, which remains grounded in speculation.” nytimes.com/2021/05/13/sci…
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