20 CRITICAL Life Lessons for Young Men.

1. Learn Critical Thinking (without becoming an "overthinker)

- Clear, Rational, Common Sense Thinking (so your brain doesn't get flushed down by any ideology)

2. Spiritual Practise

PRACTISE the qualities of Equanimity, Dispassion & Detachment in your daily life.

Better than concentrating on "faith". Ditch blind belief.

Embrace a truth seeking attitude instead.
4. Writing

To Discover your "bent of mind",

your hidden thoughts, your deep conditioning, your buried thinking patterns influencing your outer behavior & your life vision.

5. Meaningful Work

Without meaningful work, you'll never FEEL your best.

Work will make or break you.

A Man without meaningful work will become his own worst enemy.

He'll turn on his best friends, his loving family-- everything that makes life beautiful.
6. Strength Training

Without FEELING strong, you'll never internally feel confident.

Physical Strength & endurance is massive confidence and "feel good" booster.

This is a no-brainer.
7. Supplementation

Learn everything you can about it.

My favorites:

Ubiquinol, Curcumin, Vitamin b1, vitamin b6, Active digestive enzymes, Vitamin b3 +k2, Pine pollen tincture, Liposomal Glutathione.

And L-Theanine & Melatonin (once in a while) before sleeping.
8. Create Systems

Automatic Systems help to focus on what truly matters.

Instead of fritting frantically from one boring task to another, automate shit.

Worth the peace of mind, clarity of thought and focus.
9. Create a Routine you Enjoy on a daily basis

Fill your day with shit you love to do.

It's hard to not feel energized consistently.

Do shit you hate & you'll be lacking energy almost always.
10. Stay away from "debates"

Make your point and fuck off.

Your energy is too precious to be sucked away.
11. Don't take people at face value

The child within us wants to take people at face value.

This child within us can easily lead us astray.

Control & direct the child within you consciously.

Be curious & child-like but not a fucking idiot.
12. Experience (but keep some basic principles in mind)

How much ever you read, finally things will "click" only once you've experienced them.

Doesn't mean you're foolish enough to do stupid shit i(just to experience).
Doesn't mean you waste time intellectuall learning an insight you would have learned anyway by reading a book.

Learn from books & people's mistakes but be willing to experience only what experience can teach.
13. Follow no rules

Follow experience. Consider your objectives, available alternatives, trade-offs.

Let idiots bother about principles & "Rules".

Rules exist to be broken, not followed.
14. Generally, move quickly

Momentum creates MAGIC.

Decide quickly, move quickly.

Your movement will show you the way.
15. Become comfortable in knowing you can't master everything.

Pick shit you see yourself doing on a long-term basis.

And become excellent at that shit.

This is how you massively improve the quality & "dash" in your life.
16. Aim to become an Interesting person.

An interesting person is a winner in my books.

See your life as an adventure.

And become the hero in it.

Keep making grand plans, moving, acting, visualising, experimenting, testing, creating.
Be anything but a boring, dull, numb fucking zombie.
17. Conquer your fear of embarrassment by "going ahead anyway"

Amazing shit lies beyond your bullshit fear of being embarrassed.

When you're overcome with a sense of nervous excitement,

Use it as a sign to advance, instead of buckling & surrendering to it.
18. Talk clearly, confidently & assertively.

This is genuinely a "superpower".

Don't play down just to avoid making other people feel insecure & *like you less*.

Project your best self, all the time.

the most POWERFUL version of You.
Them feeling insecure about you being the best version of yourself is not your business.

It's theirs.
19. Feeling of Destiny

Your life should feel like you're following your "destiny".

That whatever you're doing, it's written down from before.

Things seem as if they are happening because they're "supposed" to be happening.

Everything is happening for a reason.
You're progessing to become a king AS FATED.
20. When and when not to use ego.

Untamed Ego will end you.

Yet, ego used at the right time in the right proportion can take you to new heights.

Use your sense of discrimination.

When and when not to weild the ego.

Good Luck.
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17 Sep
"I want to become a writer, but can't find my voice"

Contemplate these questions first :

- What pains you?
- What frustrates you?
- What qualities inspire you?
- What are you sick & tired of?
- What would you like to see more of?
- What are you genuinely impressed with?

- What sustains your curiosity over a long time?

Daily start writing to yourself.

Form the habit of diligently capturing your own thoughts as they come to you in the moment.

Forget everything else.

Articulate your thoughts with zero judgement on paper.
Quickly you'll DEVELOP a writing style & "tone".

This exercise WILL feel hard at first,

but will very soon turn into an effortless COMPULSION.

Your writing will become an extension of WHO YOU ARE.

Your thoughts will become clearer.
Read 4 tweets
16 Sep

(From Vidhur Neeti)

MUCH NEEDED THREAD. (Conduct a self-audit)
1. One that is not served from the high ends of life by the aid of self-knowledge, exertion, forbearance, and steadiness in virtue, is called wise.
2. These again are the marks of a wise man, viz., adherence to acts, worthy of praise and rejection of what is blameable, faith, and reverence.
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15 Sep
I put on different hats during the day.

Man. Husband. Son. Brother. Friend. Businessman.

Writer. Seeker. Cricketer. Biohacker. Delusion destroyer etc etc etc

(Never-ending list)

But fundamentally, I know I am NONE of them.

I am neither my flesh, bones, blood, my possessions, bank balance, nor Fateh Singh.

I am neither my thoughts, my feelings, nor my sense of discrimination/discernment.

My brain & body is currently 35 years old.

My sense of "I" hasn't changed.
From day 1 to 35 years, millions of cells died & re-grew.
(the natural process of aging + life).

Therefore, the body changed.

My mind is Constantly Evolving.

My sense of "I" hasn't changed.

Tomorrow if I ever decide to change my gender (will never),
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14 Sep
"Spiritual Gurus": Don't ask any questions. Just surrender.

If any spiritual guru tells you this,

Look the other way & Run.

These aren't spiritual gurus.

These are FRAUDS.

They want to control & destroy your mind, not enlighten you.

Even if they don't necessarily have bad intentions, MOST of them are deluded.

Secret is to be a Seeker, to question, *yet be open* to Experience.
Let's talk a little about "questions" first.

It is impossible to be a good thinker and a poor questioner.

Questions define tasks, express problems, and delineate issues.

They drive thinking forward.

Answers, on the other hand, offen signal a full stop in thought.
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12 Sep
Kundalini is not a physical property that can be identified through scientific methods.

It is not housed in the physical body in the way one ordinarily thinks of it which is why western medicine has failed to recognize it.

Instead, it is part of the subtle body or less visible energy system.

According to the Indian subtle body system after the Kundalini enters the fetus and activates the Pranic system the residual energy coils 3.5 times at the base of the spine and goes into a dormant state.
The mind becomes engaged in the process of living,

and we identify with our bodies our genetic heritage and mental, sensate, and emotional processes separating from any awareness of the Self.
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8 Sep
Modern Day Loser :

- Moves ULTRA slowly
- Full of brain fog
- Says he's going to do, but never does
- Constantly weighing & balancing, never deciding
- Unable to follow up
- Sporadic, half-hearted bullshit efforts
- Non-commital
- Conveniently Skeptical about everything,
- Zero actual convictions
- Sticks his neck out for nothing
- Useless friends around him
- No systems in place for day to day work
- Makes no plans in his life, excited about nothing
- Poor social skills
- Lacking confidence in own presentation
- Terrible articulation ability
- Harbours lots of envy & regret
- Starts things, but never finishes them
- Can never put his foot down
- Masks his inability to execute with "patience"
- Brilliant virtue signaller. Hides his cowardice with a bullshit moral facade
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