DEMOCRATS BANNED: @chucktodd once again invited only Republicans onto @MeetThePress

Chuck Todd booked Bill Cassidy to push GOP talking points and refused to have a single Democrat on to balance him

Since Jan. 6 Todd has booked the following Republicans on shows with 0 Democrats ImageImageImageImage
This is how right-wing propaganda works in plain sight:

This week @chucktodd admitted that he prefers Republican newsletters. Then on his top-rated Sunday show he invites a senator who pushed the Big Lie, identifies a GOP operative as an “analyst,” and blames Biden for covid ImageImageImageImage
Meet the Press presents only GOP viewpoints because it’s hosted by a centrist Republican who despises liberals and wants to use his influential platform to let his Republican friends brainwash your family into thinking the GOP is good. He refuses to give Democrats a fair rebuttal ImageImageImageImage
Earlier this month @chucktodd planted GOP operative Brendan Buck on the @MeetThePress panel of journalists to falsely present him as a reporter/analyst. The other three panelists were all actual journalists. No Democrat was allowed on to balance Buck, a spokesman for Paul Ryan Image
This is a pattern of intentional deception that @chucktodd gets away with because @NBCNews is a Republican-run media outlet. Before the election Chuck Todd was planting actual GOP governors on his panel and explicitly telling Democrats they were not allowed to join the show
A month before the election @chucktodd gave Trump operative Jason Miller an unchecked platform for 10 minutes — a dream for the RNC’s propaganda office. @MeetThePress had a senior Democrat booked to counter him but Chuck Todd personally uninvited the Democrat at the last minute
Chuck Todd invites Republicans who spent months refusing to acknowledge Biden won the election, pushing Trump's Big Lie

But Chuck Todd says it's Biden who has a "credibility crisis," a distortion that is literally a GOP talking point the RNC is tweeting
Uh oh somebody at @NBCNewsPR is watching on their phone and fucked up Image
👋 @richardhudock now that we know you're reading along, what is your explanation for why @chucktodd is allowed to put Republicans on Meet the Press while refusing to book Democrats? Thanks!
Is this a “didn’t respond to a request to comment” or “declined to comment” @NBCNewsPR @richardhudock? Just want to make sure I’m being accurate and getting a view from all sides instead of just one, which would be journalistically unethical
Gonna go with “didn’t dispute the characterization of Meet the Press as a right-wing propaganda outlet that refuses to provide Democrats with an equal opportunity to respond to bad-faith allegations made by the host’s personal friends in the Republican Party” if that’s cool
do you guys work sundays or what
are reporters afraid to acknowledge or write about this because they want to one day work at NBC
Chuck Todd has become Fox News and @NBCNewsPR loves it
@NBCNewsPR are you guys back at work now that it’s a weekday and ready to respond @richardhudock or are you still pretending you didn’t accidentally click the like button on this thread yesterday afternoon
@NBCNewsPR @richardhudock You can literally see the circle being closed here as Kevin McCarthy and the batshit conspiracy theorist House Republicans tweet out Chuck Todd’s recitation of their own bullshit talking points while foaming at the mouth

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19 Sep
@nytopinion @DouthatNYT damn. what if it were 1 in 20? thatd be even worse. probably as worse as it could ever be. damn
oh fuck what if it were 1 in 10?? oh god. that would be the worst ever possible I bet. jeez
oh holy shit what about 1 in 5?!! Oh fuck
@nytopinion @DouthatNYT 1 in 3 holy shit. fuck
1 in 3, fuck
@nytopinion @DouthatNYT oh my fucking god 1 in 2 potentially
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12 Sep
This morning CBS’s @FaceTheNation has booked three Republicans and zero Democrats

One of the Republicans is Ronna McDaniel who pushed the Big Lie and tried to throw out Black votes in Michigan. It’s her second appearance since trying to do so

This is how GOP propaganda works
This show has also repeatedly booked Lindsey Graham, one of Trump’s most mendacious Big Liars, in its campaign to erase Republicans’ history of pushing the lie. @CBSNews has endorsed the GOP’s misinformation campaign and faced zero consequences or accountability for it
This is a CPAC lineup laundered through the trusted news brand of a company that is run by Republicans who work every day to make you forget that Jan. 6 ever happened. @margbrennan has assured every Republican who comes on that she will never bring up their involvement
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28 Aug
Recently @politico platformed Dan Crenshaw live, pushed GOP BS on Obama’s bday bash, and heralded Ron DeSantis and Jim Jordan

Now they’re giving a Trump covid merchant of death:
-angel wings
-free PR for charity work
-a platform for covid/election lies
-attaboys from SEAN SPICER
The URL for the story is “redemption profile” and smashed among 200-word-burst tick-tocks of Michael Caputo totally organically volunteering with children totally 100% organically is the reminder that the guy responsible for killing thousands actually has done nothing wrong
This is a “what I did this summer” essay to warmly present a reality-denier as good because Politico’s new default is trading on its Obama-era legacy as a (once true!) smart behind-the-scenes publication to now rehabilitate Republicans under the mask of “what insiders are saying”
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27 Aug
CBS’s @FaceTheNation is the new home of the Big Lie: On Sunday @margbrennan is platforming Brian Mast, an election denier who voted to overturn the results *after* the insurrection

@CBSNews has been hosting election deniers and whitewashing their role in spreading the Big Lie
The media is rehabbing Brian Mast by using Afghanistan to wipe his history of spreading the Big Lie. They ask him to attack Biden and never mention that Mast lied about the election, because they want you to forget he did. @CNN did this yesterday and the @washingtonpost last week
CBS News is currently run by Republicans. One of them is their political director who worked for six Republican senators through 2016 when she was abruptly made the CBS political director with no news experience, because CBS wants you to believe Republicans’ talking points
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25 Aug
Politico @playbookdc says Biden can’t be trusted on Afghanistan because for 20 years the government lied about Afghanistan

Yesterday Playbook gave a 25-minute platform to Dan Crenshaw who spread the Big Lie and tried to overturn the election. He didn’t get one question about it
Politico’s pattern of framing Democrats as dishonest but Republicans as trustworthy—in the middle of a misinformation campaign carried out by the GOP—is a remarkably under-covered media story given that when Politico started it was heavily and warmly profiled by big news outlets
Politico, which has no memory of being lied to by Donald Trump for four years:
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19 Aug
One month ago this cicada skin of a newsletter led with ecclesiastical praise for Sean Hannity, falsely claiming he changed his tone on the vaccine based on a viral out-of-context clip on twitter

Last night Hannity said the vaccine doesn’t work. Not one mention of it here today
This is what they wrote about the clip they saw without watching Hannity’s actual episode in which he (multiple times) doubted if vaccines work and talked about someone who had bad side effects from a vaccine one time

Wouldn’t last night also be a “new tone” then @politico?
CNN went kind of nuts heralding Hannity as a vaccine daddy without doing a bare minimum research job to see what he was really saying — surely these responsible journalists will see last night’s Hannity and report on this sudden new change in tone back to anti-vaxxing, yes?
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