Duty, Honor, Country | Douglas MacArthur | May 12, 1962 | West Point via @YouTube. This speech by MacArthur at West Point is an amazing piece of oratory. Anyone interested in great oratory, linguistics or wanting to understand the magnitude of the
disgrace of Trump appointing prolific public liars who debased themselves and abused the American people with their gaslighting should listen to this. I have always found it interesting for a couple of other reasons. First, I think I am right in describing this as the last major
address from a man steeped in the aesthetics and linguistics of the 19th century. I’ve always thought of it as the last words of a passed era. Second, it was delivered in 1962, in the middle of JFK’s New Frontier. The freshman class, present to hear those words would go on
to graduate in 1966 and become the highest casualty class in West Point History. Their active service would end in 1971. The changes that occurred from their witness of that speech until their discharges were seismic. The appointment of Conway to the USAF Academy Board and
Spicer to the Naval Academy Board are grotesque acts. Understanding why is important because these institutions play a profoundly important role in our American Society. They are essential for the security of the nation and represent a continuum of not just service but the
Integrity, values, honor, loyalty and tradition that produces the moral authority to lead this nations volunteer force into harms way. Just disgusting. The speech is worth a watch

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22 Sep
The cynicism of this moment is profound. Do not underestimate the ability of Trump, @LeaderMcConnell @GOPLeader to simultaneously create chaos, suffering, instability, recession and a worsening pandemic while campaigning to restore order.
What an appalling spectacle. @LeaderMcConnell and his caucus are some of the greatest spenders in history. Drunken sailors are awe struck by their profligacy. Their hypocrisy around this issue beggars the imagination, yet here we are, careening towards another calamity caused
by the perfidy of the GQP’s senior most political leadership. Radical? Certainly. But that doesn’t begin to describe it. The staggering National vandalism on display is a beacon of weakness, rot, decay and collapse. Let’s not pretend the Chinese, Russians and others who cheer
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The Trump-McConnell war is at its beginning. I think much of the CW is wrong about @LeaderMcConnell being safe. The comments by @SenTuberville and other Trump Senators about the situation seem more like evasions of reality and a display of the natural human emotion of avoidance
over unpleasantness. What are Trump’s intentions? How aggressive will he be? Trump could force the hand of GOP Senators by depressing turnout the way he did in Georgia. The question, it seems to me is around how much Trump hates McConnell and how much energy he is willing to
spend in pursuit of vengeance. Republican Senators by the bushel have turned against democracy in the name of Trump. Why not McConnell? Right now GOP Senators will stay in the foxhole and evade the question. Right now they are weighing risk around their self interest and in the
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21 Sep
I completely missed the story around KellyAnne Conway, the most prolific liar in the history of White House staffers being appointed by the great liar himself to the Board of the USAF Academy a school with an honor code that reads “We will not lie, steal or cheat, nor tolerate
among us those that do. Furthermore I resolve to do my duty and live honorably”. What a tragic farce we are living through. Her unworthiness to serve on that Board is immeasurable, her appointment a mockery and desecration of the values of the service academies which produce
the Officers and future leaders of the Armed Forces of the United States. @POTUS should get a medal for removing her. Her response to the dismissal was released on letter head emblazoned with words that will never fit together, “The Honorable KellyAnne Conway.” It will stand up
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15 Sep
I’m all for cigarette taxes and believe as a general proposition that the more you tax something, the less you get of it. Yet, cigarette taxes aren’t a panacea and can have terrible consequences as laws are enforced on the streets of America. Eric Garner was killed because he
was selling loose cigarettes, out of packs without Tax Stamps. NYPD officers approached Garner and enforced the law. Garner was suffocated to death. What is the reality of the events that brought police officers into enforcement contact with a man selling loose cigarettes in
21st Century America. Black markets are created when products are scarce, prohibited or excessively taxed. All drive organized crime activity. When government takes actions that will drive smuggling and black market activity it is worth a minute to think about the Eric Garners
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15 Sep
During the last 20 years, starting with CIA Officer, Johnny Micheal Spann, the first American killed in combat in Afghanistan and including General Mark Milley’s fellow Green Berets who charged the Taliban on horseback, the United States has placed hundreds of thousands of young
Americans into impossible, treacherous and lethal circumstances. Mark Milley, a Princeton graduate who volunteered to serve his country in uniform has risen to the highest possible position in his chosen profession. He has commanded soldiers at every conceivable level, served 2/
in combat with valor and has never done one thing in 41 years of uniformed service that would lead any person of good faith and good will to question his honor, commitment to duty, probity, rectitude and loyalty to the United States. Yet, the General finds himself in an 3/
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14 Sep
During my political career I have had occasion to think a great deal about the elements that combine to create conventional wisdom, tribal responses and the type of media sorting around the dispositions and character of secondary actors like Pence. Since Trump is so odious, there
was always a ready audience to believe that Pence was better. Trump was an amoral stumblebum who found his way through instinct and the freedom that comes from being unmoored from any sense of common good, noble purpose, sense of ethics or weight of shame. His ignorance was
combined with a type of performative nihilism, neo fascist posing and combative idiocy that formed a cult of personality strong enough for 35 percent of the country to abandon faithfulness to the Republic. Pence is one of them. His cynicism exceeds even his extremism and
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