1/ Now, let me take a moment to note something for the 1/6 committee.

Each one of these Trump mooks will resist the subpoenas. Each one of them will demand to testify in private. Each one with make spurious claims of executive privilege. Each one of them will lie and lie.
2/ Now...and this is the tricky part, but do try to pay attention.

Fuck. These. Guys.

Don't let them or their lawyers wedge you into the phony courtesies and hollow formalities of the Old Washington.

These are people who would have gladly burned down our nation.
3/ They TRIED. 1/6 for them wasn't a failed coup. It was training exercise. Bannon -- an avowed Leninist who wants to destroy every institutions to rebuild them in his own alt-reich vision. Meadows, an apparatchik who would carry out any excess. Patel, dirty from the jump.
4/ They are all the most hostile of witnesses. Hostile to the truth. Hostile to the country. Hostile to democracy and the Republic.

They'll be playing for the Fox camera. Your task isn't simply to investigate but to humiliate.
5/ Keep in mind the power of spectacle, which is too often underappreciated in politics. Keep in mind that the Trump acolytes and anal leeches will plan and execute this same outrage, at scale.

These are enemies of the American people and should treated as such.
6/ I'm a sterner sort than anyone on the committee, but for ONCE, get the taste of blood in your mouth. For ONCE, act like you fucking mean it. Enforce subpoenas. DOJ will back it. Jail obstructionists. Demand candor.
7/ Follow the phones. Follow the money. Follow the email trail. The Venn diagram of White House/Trump World conspirators and the angry mob is filled with some truly degenerate and vile human filth like Roger Stone and Ali Alexander.
8/ Live hearings. Fill the media void with the Trump mutant parade. Bring in the spawn of Trump. Make it hurt.

Enough for now. More to come.

• • •

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Aug 29
1/ The slow drumbeat of Authoritarian Classic Hits is increasing in tempo as the DC elites and the media fall into the trap.

Variations of "Well, if Trump is indicted and prosecuted we'll have blood in the streets" is an increasingly common trope.
2/ This accepts the predicates of the authoritarian side; the Dear Leader is above justice.

It acknowledges the advantage of a party/movement willing and proven to use political violence to achieve electoral ends.

This is poison for the Republic and for democracy.
3/ It accepts the false assertion than any arm of government that seeks to hold Trump not to political but *legal* account is inherently corrupt, political, and malevolent.

The DOJ isn't being "tested"...it's doing its job.

America, however, is being tested.
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Jul 29
1/ @TimRyan’s up on @JDVance1 in Ohio by 2-4 points. JD’s going to try to stealth this one out, because have you HEARD what he says when he opens his mouth and talks about women?

It’s so bad it’s scared even Mitch and his people. It’s dark. It’s weird. It’s sick.
2/ If only a national movement with millions of committed supporters could drop the hammer on how completely f’ing insane he is…
3/ You wanted a hammer? Allow us:


The entire team at @ProjectLincoln knew we had to step up. The women at TLP led this project and put JD on their FAFO list. (And you do NOT want to be on that list.)
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Jul 24
1/ I find it amusing how few Republicans understand that Trump is a fundamentally vengeful and petty person.

They think shanking him now by stacking the deck for President Ron DeSantis and VP Stefanik will make him go away.
2/ Make no mistake, that is what is happening.

The titanic forces inside the gentry GOP, the money crowd, Fox, and the consultant class are have set their hearts on DeSantis and are telling all the other aspirants to "wait their turn."

It's not just that Trump...
3/ ...will run in the GOP primary and cause endless torture and chaos.

No, Trump's real vergeltungswaffen has the benefits of extending the grift, allowing him to play by no rules at all, and to keep the lidless eye of every camera on him.
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Jul 20
1/ Since the Secret Service "surprisingly" "lost" and "can't recover" and "let the dog eat" all of its text messages for a totally coincidental window of time on the days around the single most calamitous threat to our constitutional republic and long tradition of...
2/ ...the peaceful transition of power after free and fair democratic elections, the 1/6 committee, DOH, and the Department of Homeland Security must absolutely step the hell up.

This isn't whether Steve Bannon is a scabrous scrapegallow or Mook Meadows...
3/ ...was deeply involved in facilitating the legal and organizational lunacy or that Trump's team both desired frothed the violent elements of his cadre of Orange Shirts.

It matters that a Federal agency given sweeping powers of action and discretion has...
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Jul 6
1/ You'll notice "sources close to DeSantis" (Pushaw, cough cough. Cox, cough cough) are becoming bolder in their framing of the 2024 race.

They're confident that've got the mojo to raise both the large $ corporate money (the do) and the small-dollar grassroots $.
2/ They've gotten so much love from the Fox world (and yes, Donald, the decision is made...they're just going to ignore you and give Ron sloppy blowjobs 24/7), from the gentry GOP media (National Review's 39th "Ron is God" article is coming any time now)...
3/ ...and from the DC consultant class ("Ron, you're the future. You're the cure. You're inevitable. You're the tallest, handsomest, smartest man in the room. Your farts smell like rainbows and flowers spring from your footprints.") that he feels inevitable.
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Jun 14
1/ When the gentry Republicans (Mitch, Kevin, Elise, NRO, et al) tell you the party is past Trump and that the glittering future of the GOP is Youngkin or DeSantis or McCormick (ha!), they're either lying to themselves or lying to you.

2/ Particularly at the state level, this is the future; rigid adherence to a lie not because the candidates believe it (though some certainly do), but because one man controls the GOP from top to bottom.

The demand that leaders embrace and promise to act...
3/ ...to overturn 2020 (even now) and to restrict voting rights across the board (but mostly for Those People) will fundamentally reshape the country.

Parties lead, mobs demand.

The 1/6 mob *is* the GOP, it's just not evenly distributed yet. They demand adherence to the lie.
Read 7 tweets

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