There's something for everyone in the "Seems like good news.... wait a minute" crowd in the new Twitch announcements about partnering with the music industry.

My accounts got this letter from Twitch last week. You can hear Professor Farnsworth's GOOD NEWS EVERYONE
In summary, Twitch (Amazon) negotiated with one of the music industry groups to make it that there's now a special shim in between usual DMCA takedowns and anarchy; Twitch gets to Mall-Cop-Level issue a ticket saying "hey, you left Hootie and the Blowfish on in the background."
Since this is all made-up arrangement, it's hard to say how it'll be in practice, but basically it'll theoretically cause less situations where streamers (some of whom depend on the income) don't get knocked out for a DMCA strike.

I mean, if you're generous.
Of course, this sets aside the fact that the robots get false positives all the time, that fair use is absolutely crumpled and thrown into the trash, and that this sort of "sweetheart deal" comes only when someone like Amazon is backing up the negotiations, an asset few have.
Gets better, though.

Left alone, this new shim gets a B-. Typical "we have a special deal worked out".

But a few days later, this arrived in the mail.
Oh, you didn't just negotiate with the fox about being in your henhouse. You have decided to add a "fox section" to your henhouse. You're going to add for-pay music programming.

So, the thing about this genius move.
How long before Warner comes by, blackjack gently slapping in open palm, noting that numbers are down for people viewing the premium Warner content on Twitch. How long before they start demanding VERY intrusive ads and banners to throw people into the Warner Section.
Little known fact (I find) is that those "Science Behind The TV Shows" exhibits at science museums and similar venues come with huge restrictions on what else can be at those museums, displayed, etc.

These deals, always, ALWAYS come with a price. One that shows up over time.
No action items at the moment for the world, but I'd be the opposite of surprised when the music companies start indicating musicians on Twitch have new "rules" on them, and get demonetized for covers, etc. And a bouquet of other surprises.

Good luck.

• • •

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