1/ MCon+Mainnet takeaway #2: The whole DAO contributor funnel needs work:

- Discovery: no Glassdoor of DAOs for beginners 2 browse
- Onboarding: Discords lack process for ppl 2 gain context
- Contribution: DAOs disproportionately benefits self-starters who create their own scope
2/ The most common question I get is 'what DAO should I join'

Usually the best answer I can give is 2-3 ones that I really like, but no one exhaustively knows all the DAOs

Would be great for there to be a Glassdoor for DAOs w/ verified member reviews

3/ Here are some great lists to get a sense of what DAOs are out there, but it's definitely not exhaustive

Until we solve discoverability, we're going to continually have a top-of-funnel awareness issue for DAOs

4/ Onboarding is also insanely hectic

Many DAOs don't have clear organization of their documents so knowledge transfer and context building is fragmented and ramp-up is so and painful

5/ If we don't address onboarding, we're going to have a leaky funnel where people join Discords but get confused and dissuaded from participating

DAOs need to hire project managers and operations leads that can really spearhead documentation + onboarding
6/ Best practice is an onboarding process like @indexcoop that documents everything on their docs site + has a hands-on cohort-based onboarding process

Read more about it from @kermankohli's post: defiweekly.substack.com/p/understandin…
7/ But that process isn't fit for every DAO -- it's a labor-intensive process w/ a cadence of meetings and manual review of completion of assignments

Bare minimum is a clear docs site (like @banklessDAO's notion) & a task sheet for minimum viable participation from newcomers
8/ IMO the biggest problem is turning DAO 'members' into active contributors

The fluid nature of DAOs makes it hard to retain consistent talent that drive a disproportionate amount of impact at the DAO

@decryptmedia sums up the issue perfectly:
9/ The talent gap is preventing many DAOs from rapidly growing and achieving their full potential

1% of DAO members constitute 90% of the work being done

And these members are simply too busy to hire & retain more people

10/ Even when you have a consistent team of contributors, paying them fairly has been an issue

@coordinape and @layer3xyz will help

But most notably is the Sushi team only holding 1% of all SUSHI

We must protect and reward the builders that give us so many value

11/ Sorry - bonus tweet! DAOs also so chaotic that they mainly only reward self-starters who can jump into ambiguity and create their own scope

That's obviously not the majority of ppl in the world, so that adds to the talent gap that we see in DAOs

• • •

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More from @0xJim

Sep 29, 2021
1/ I get this question a LOT, so I’m making a mega-thread on how to contribute to DAOs

3 easy steps
1⃣ Discover the right DAO for you
2⃣ Onboard as quickly & seamlessly as possible
3⃣ Find your niche + value-add and begin contributing Image
2/ 1⃣Discover the right DAO for you

Saying you want to join a DAO is like saying you want to join a company or a club

You’ll need to think more specifically about what kind of DAO you want to join:
- DeFi protocol
- NFT collection
- Public goods

h/t @Cooopahtroopa for the pic Image
3/ Also helpful to think about what you want to get out of joining a DAO

Is it to just see what all the buzz is about?
Is it to find a community?
Is it to be more deeply involved in building in crypto?
Is it a jumping off point to working full time in crypto?
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Sep 9, 2021
1/ Pretty disappointed at defi innovation right now

Maybe that's why CT has been so encapsulated with NFTs - it's where the new ideas are

We need to stop copy pasta'ing the same degen playbook and reinvent new primitives that people will actually use after LM rewards dry up
2/ Here's some shit that I want to see:
- Composable primitives that aren’t possible in tradfi
- Structured products with real-world use
- Reputation-based primitives

Here's shit I don't want to see:
- leveraged pools
- same primitive, different L1
- ponzinomics yield farming
3/ Innovation means reimagining financial products from first principles, leveraging what blockchain can do that is impossible in tradfi

@AlchemixFi combined yield on Yearn w/ upfront loans
@RariCapital created isolated lending pools
@OlympusDAO created protocol-owned liquidity
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Sep 9, 2021
1/ Summarizing “Algorithmic Insurance” by @0xtuba for @scribedao

TLDR; Smart contract insurance has PMF due to user need (from degens) and deterministic payout from on-chain events, but also has drawbacks due to subjectivity in the claims process
2/ Link btw: tuba.mirror.xyz/72Oo_gd-e_XxyX…

Context: Insurance is an intuitive use case for defi bc (1) immediate payout, (2) objective claims information, and (3) transparency for the claimant

But adoption is hampered by the trustworthy oracle problem for off-chain data
3/ Smart contract insurance has found PMF with @NexusMutual leading the way; @cozyfinance @AnteFinance @riskharbor newer entrants

Each has a different implementation on Payouts and Pricing: from human actuaries to supply-demand interest rate matching against a bonding curve
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Aug 26, 2021
1/ It's here: a megathread on how to get a job in Web3

We'll cover must-dos & 3 scenarios
1) working in CeFi/a big company
2) working in a smaller startup
3) working at a DAO

TLDR; it's all about investing time & energy to showcase your interest before you even apply for a role
2/ First thing before getting a new job is reflecting on ur what ur solving for

Ask yourself
- Why do I want to work in web3?
- What do I want to get out of that experience?

This will help you better prioritize ur search based on sub-industry, mission, size, etc.
3/ When I was looking for a web3 job, I did that exercise & stack-ranked my priorities

- Mission: build smtg transformational
- Industry: i wanted to work in payments
- People: I want to work with crypto natives

U can read more this exercise on my blog: bit.ly/3jibaQI
Read 18 tweets
Aug 25, 2021
1/ I'm not an art guy - I mainly collect based on provenance and mimetic desire, but I instantly resonated with @ArtbyNafay's Light Streaks collection

So happy to be a holder of one of his pieces
2/ I feel so much emotion when I look at his work. It reminds me of the sleepy sunsets of my travels

Combined with the fantastical nature of my favorite movie Your Name
3/ The fact that this collection is going for an order of magnitude less than his SuperRare pieces made it a must buy for me

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Aug 23, 2021
Crypto has changed my life.
And not from a money standpoint, I’ve met the smartest, most passionate people EVER who are my friends that I respect and care about very much

I wake up everything day knowing that I’m contributing to a greater vision for the internet and for our futures
I get to work at a job that I love with an insane vision: we're letting people OWN their usernames

My job is to build cool shit for devs and hang out with developers in the community

Read 7 tweets

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