Good to know a state's policies can make its "victims" go around carrying guns, enter a school where teachers were having staff meeting, round them up, check their ID cards, select non Muslims& kill them point blank while sparing Muslims! And the state is responsible for this!
I've huge pain in my heart right now. And it's not about the security forces not killing those terrorists, but people like this whitewasher pulliwal living without fear and doing this whitewashing. At least terrorists aren't hiding anything. But ppl like him pinning d blame on..
us, for someone else brutally killing non Muslims, it's unbearable. The fact that people like him are living freely without fear is making me nauseate
No I don't want ordinary Muslims in Kashmir to suffer even though they're the base of this so called radicalism. But I want whitewashers of terrorism suffer. Like this one here

• • •

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7 Oct
Is terrorism& targeted killings in Kashmir going to stop? Absolutely not. Whatever you do, until zz lam is there, it's not going to stop. State can't do much if people are ready to kill and get killed. State can only react once the crime is committed. Right now, the intention..
is to terrorize non Muslims. Terrorize them so that they'll never come to Kashmir & the upper hand of kashmiri Muslims will never go. Will it succeed? Of course it'll. Non zz lims are not out of their minds to live in fear. So it means terrorists will get what they...
want. Right? Not necessarily. Government should bring large number of non zz lims into Kashmir, make them residents but that doesn't mean they should live there taking all the risk. They can go back to the place they came from, but they should vote in Kashmir. And a nationalist..
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6 Oct
You know what's the best method to k!ll and bury an important incident and stop discussing it or stop people from discussing it? It's by finding another topic and trending it, even if the topic isn't important. Pretend that it is. Indian RW is a complete failure in this
The main reason for this is that the Indian RW isn't just one group. They're many. Their priorities are different. They've no central command which can make them stick to a particular topic. Even though Congress party's high command system is a complete failure with in the party,
their social media high command system is awesome. I think just one WhatsApp group is controlling all this. Like a hive mind. And there's great social media synergy between opponents of BJP/RW

Or, is it because they're not finding too many topics to attack BJP, but RW is? If..
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6 Oct
Ali Manikfan, a padmashree awardee from Kerala (awarded by modi government) under pressure from Islamists apologizing for performing some Hindu ritual during an event organized by some Hindu outfits! He then called RSS communal to satisfy Islamists!…
I don't understand the full story, but from what I've gathered from my contacts in Kerala, in that Facebook book, he said something like "I understand my mistake, I understand it's not permissible in Islam to do rituals of others, it's against one true God Allah, so I Apologize"
Chabka chaatth chabka bikaas chabka bishwas my @$$ 😂

The more this modern Gandhi @narendramodi try to please followers of religion of peace, the more they'll insult Hindus, Hinduism and organizations like RSS. These modern Gandhis will never learn
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15 Sep
And what'll you do if your existence is threatened ?

"And fight against them until there is no fitnah and [until] the religion [i.e., worship], all of it, is for Allah. And if they cease - then indeed, Allah is Seeing of what they do"

Quran : 8:39
— Saheeh International
You can preach non violence, but if your non violence is letting others unleash violence against you & it's threatening your existence, that's when you defend yourself through violence. Accommodation of diversities, including multiple expressions of the divine is valid only if..
such diversities r not threatening your own faith, through that ur existence. There's no point in accommodating diversities if they want to destroy u&impose uniformity. So the acceptance of diversity should b based on whether that diversity is threatening diversity itself or not
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10 Sep
@AbhishBanerj @harshmadhusudan Abrahamic monotheism is extremely weak for the simple reason that it's saying its all powerful God can't or won't take another form, will only work through so called messenger! If the God is really powerful, why can't it simply take another form or reincarnate itself in a..
@AbhishBanerj @harshmadhusudan human form rather than sitting up there dialing its so called connection here on earth? Why should select an individual to be messenger? Why not select all human beings? Poor connectivity? No 5G? Or, is it because it can't take another form or reincarnate itself? It...
@AbhishBanerj @harshmadhusudan can't exist in different places simultaneously? I mean, in a universe that it created? Looks like a powerless god!

Secondly, the biggest weak point of such religions is its perfectionism. For example Muhammad. Muslims can't accept that their so called prophet did anything...
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9 Sep
No. America's future is extremely dark. And it isn't about defeat in Afghanistan. Militarily it isn't even a defeat. But the real danger for America is from within. The woke virus that's spreading in America. All this time the threat was external, this time it's internal
Wokes are sh!tting all over America, destroying the American institutions. Today you can't even express your opinion without the fear of getting canceled. And it isn't just internal sabotage that wokes are doing. Look at what they're doing to antagonize America's allies, for..
example Hindus in India. While America gave a nation back to the medieval mullahs, American woke zombies& woke universities & so called protestors & intellectuals are busy spreading hatred against Hindus! This will definitely spread anti American sentiment among Hindus in..
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