It is necessary because even though voting discrimination is now widespread, it is much more prevalent in some places than others.[Read more at by Wendy R. Weiser @WendyRWeiser via @BrennanCenter]
According to our count, there were over 120 voting rights violations over the past 25 years in the 7 states likely to be covered under this bill,[Read more at by Wendy R. Weiser @WendyRWeiser via @BrennanCenter]
and fewer than 50 in the 39 states that are not close to coverage. Without preclearance, discrimination has been impossible to root out in those places.
[Read more at by Wendy R. Weiser @WendyRWeiser via @BrennanCenter]
States have piled voting restriction upon voting restriction, passing new ones as soon as old ones are struck down, in what amounts to legal whack-a-mole.[Read more at by Wendy R. Weiser @WendyRWeiser via @BrennanCenter]
For instance, the new Georgia and Texas vote suppression laws, the worst in the country, come after years of earlier voting hurdles in those states.
[Read more at by Wendy R. Weiser @WendyRWeiser via @BrennanCenter]

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