Yesterday was the 75th anniversary of the Noakhali carnage. In this forgotten corner of British India,starting 10th October 1946 (happened to be Kojagari Laxmi Puja Day),Muslim League mobs,led by one Golam Sarwar, began a campaign of murder,rape and forcible #EastBengalHindus
conversion of the 20% Hindu population of the district. Hindus were force-fed a meal of beef,usually by killing that very Hindu's cow. The Muslim League government then in power in Bengal Presidency supported it. Sir Frederick Burrows,the callous,heartless #EastBengalHindus
British Governor,quipped to Acharya J B Kripalani,"Rapes are natural since Hindu women are generally prettier than their Muslim sisters"!
Gandhiji visited Noakhali and stayed there for months. He tried to spread the message of love and goodwill and wanted #EastBengalHindus
the Hindus to come back to their devastated huts and the Muslims to welcome them. The result was exactly ZERO.
The tormented Hindus of East Bengal sought refuge in India,particularly in West Bengal. Here they met with neglect and derision from the #EastBengalHindus
government. Leftists exploited the situation and prevented their proper rehabilitation,as Leftists always do. Then the ultimate paradox-the refugees forgot about who persecuted them and how.
When I was just eight years old I saw many of them living in a state #EastBengalHindus
of indescribable squalor in the concourse of Sealdah railway station in Kolkata. Since then I have been troubled by their plight and also wondered how this horrendous Human Rights violation (HRV),involving 1.2 crores of Hindus,had been hidden from the world. #EastBengalHindus
Much later I got the answer. If the victims themselves choose to hide it and sing the song of 'Communal Harmony' then who would be bothered about by whom and how they were displaced?
Since then I had made it a mission of my life to bring this to the #EastBengalHindus
notice of the world. The result of it was my book "My People Uprooted: The Exodus of Hindus from East Pakistanand Bangladesh"(Synergy Books India,New Delhi) of which the 4th Ed. is due to come out any day now.
It is therefore a matter of great satisfaction #EastBengalHindus
that the world is slowly waking up to it. Yesterday @parantapah organised a series of talks on zoom on the Noakhali carnage. @Aabhas24 has run a long thread of tweets acquainting everyone with the HRV. PSSROY27 has tweeted on the subject with a photograph. #EastBengalHindus
Among books in English (there are several in Bengali): "Bengal's Hindu Holocaust" by Sachi G Dastidar; "A Quiet Case of Ethnic Cleansing" by Richard L. Benkin. And books by Bangladeshi Muslim authors,such as Abul Barkat,Muntassir Mamoon, #EastBengalHindus
Taslima Nasrin,Salam Azad,etc. There is only one lesson to be learnt from this: THE TRUTH WILL OUT. Despite the nefarious attempts of Left-Nehruvian-Liberals to hide it. #EastBengalHindus

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10 Oct
I don’t think you have not comprehended what double standards mean. You know it pretty well,but are just pretending ignorance. So I won’t bother to explain it to you. In order to obfuscate the issue you have brought in a smokescreen of irrelevancies,such as ”daubing
the teeming multitude with its spectacular assortment of differences with drab monochrome” blah blah blah. You have hidden your identity but I suspect you are a Bong,just like me. You know,or ought to know,that when Bengali Muslims drove 1.2 crores of Bengali Hindus out
of East Bengal,their scythe of rape,plunder and mass murder ran right across the gamut,from Brahmin to Sudra and from Shakta to Vaishnav. In fact Dalit leader Jogen Mandal (a Central Minister of Pakistan,1947-1950) who tried to project that the political interests of Dalits
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3 Oct
The Chief Minister of West Bengal,in a press conference:
“When I was the Railway Minister once at Farakka I saw a train suddenly fill with water. It had to be dragged out with ropes. The Railway officers told me,Madam,this is a man made flood…”
My 23 years of Railway service,
a lifetime as a Civil Engineer,all gone in vain!
Yesterday she called the extensive flooding of the Ghatal area of Pashchim Medinipur district a ‘man-made flood’. Because Damodar Valley Corporation had released water without consulting the state government. It is a ’crime’,
according to her.
I tweeted back (in Bengali) that if there is heavy rain in the catchment,neither Modiji nor Mamata didi can stop the release of water. If it is stopped the water will simply overtop the dam and come down the river following the laws of nature and cause
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2 Oct
Today is Mohandas Gandhiji’s birth anniversary. I had been re-reading his biography by Louis Fischer over the last few days. In the process I had posed myself a few questions which I have also tried to answer in my own way.
Q. Was Gandhiji a saint or a politician?
A. The two are
completely incompatible. No one can be both. Gandhiji was every inch a politician,though he did have some saintly thoughts (which don’t make him a saint). He made very skilful use of these thoughts,actions and pretensions in furthering his politics.

Q. What do I make of his
basic creed of non-violence?
A. His firm belief in non-violence was based on kindling of the conscience of his tormentors. It would not have worked on anyone who began the process with a CLEAR CONSCIENCE. Examples are Jihadi Islamists like Islamic State or Taliban; Hitler’s SS
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30 Sep
Yes,have guts and some more.

Injustice and oppression by the police are nothing new. Police are a law unto themselves. That does not excuse the act,but merely explains it. But their act becomes truly reprehensible when there is political intent behind it.
On 30 October and
2 November 1990 at Ayodhya the selfsame UP Police,under instructions of the Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav,fired live ammunition upon unarmed Kar Sevaks and killed 16, among them two Kothari brothers from my city of Kolkata.
There are many cases for police harassment in
West Bengal for just criticising the state government or Mamata Banerjee. Two very prominent cases were of Ambikesh Mahapatra and Sanmoy Banerjee. Slapping of false cases and pushing into custody are a dime a dozen in the state. I,then 66 and a retired university professor,was
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13 Sep
আজকে আমার প্রিয় দুজন বাংলা গদ্যলেখকের একজন সৈয়দ মুজতবা আলীর (১৯০৪-১৯৭৪) জন্মদিন। অন্যজন রাজশেখর বসু। এই অবিস্মরণীয় মানুষটির সঙ্গে কয়েকদিন কাটাবার সৌভাগ্য আমার হয়েছিল। তাঁর সম্বন্ধে কিছু লিখি।
সিলেটের মানুষ, কিন্তু সামান্য কিছুদিন পূর্ব পাকিস্তানে চাকরি করে
ভারতে চলে আসেন। কবিগুরুর পায়ের কাছে বসে লেখাপড়া শিখেছেন। এমন বিশ্বনাগরিক বাংলা সাহিত্যে আর জন্মাননি। ফ্রান্স থেকে বাংলাদেশ পর্যন্ত পটভূমি করে অসাধারণ রম্যরচনা লিখেছেন। আমার প্রিয়তম রচনা ‘দেশে বিদেশে’, ‘চাচা কাহিনী’, ‘ধূপছায়া‘, পঞ্চতন্ত্র।
ওঁর সম্বন্ধে একটি কিংবদন্তী
বলে শেষ করি, সত্যমিথ্যা জানি না। একবার ভোরবেলা সরস্বতী পুজোর দিন। কোনো একটা নদীর ধারে বসে আছেন, পরনে ধুতি, গায়ে কোঁচার খুঁট, টকটকে গৌরবর্ণ চেহারা। এক বৃদ্ধা এসে হঠাৎ বললেন “ঠাকুর, আমার বাড়ির পুজোটা একটু সেরে দেবে ? সকাল থেকে নাতনীটা না খেয়ে বসে আছে, এদিকে
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8 Sep
77 years back,in September 1944 Mohandas Gandhi did something upon the advice of Chakravarthy Rajagopalachari (CR) that enormously strengthened Jinnah’s hand and brought about partition of the country and untold suffering for millions.
As soon as the Quit India movement
was announced in August 1942,the British Government put all Congress leaders in jail. But CR was spared because he had opposed the movement. The British released Gandhi from jail in early 1944 because his health was failing. Now CR went to work on him and convinced
him that he should speak to Jinnah with a proposal called the ‘CR formula’ which more or less conceded Pakistan. Gandhi,without a chance to talk to his party colleagues,and purely on the advice of CR alone and guided by his so-called ‘inner voice’ asked Jinnah for talks
Read 6 tweets

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