I knew Res life was fucked when my friend made me watch him sleep with my ex,who was currently dating our friend,who happened to be on holiday at that time

Just a few rules when you live in res:
1.Dont catch feelings,don't be that guy.
2. Everyone there has a serious relationship back at home. You're an entanglement,nothing more.
3. Keep your entanglements private, only reveal one
4. If he/she makes you really happy,that's a red flag. Refer back to rule 1. Run!
5. If it happens that you ignored all the rules and find your self catching feelings, use the emergency exit.
Let me tell you something, my friend ignored all signs. First of all reason why I say she's my ex,its because we might've went out for 6 days. Now I know this sounds ridiculous but I have my reasons.
Can you imagine my trauma, as a person who can go years in a relationship I get reduced to 6 days,ndiya last.a bruhs.I was one day away from making it a week. 1 day nyana😭
So as I was saying, for some reason March holidays are a huge thing for black families,
It's that time of the year where people travel 18hrs by bus to go eat Easter eggs at home. Mna you can miss me with that✋
What I did is I decided to stay behind while other students left. My roommates also took off so I was home alone in a way. Now for legal reasons I'm renaming the characters🌚
My two friends Jerry and Svij from different rooms also decided to stay behind. Now Svij was dating at that time so most of the time he'd hang out with his girlfriend. Mna I'd be left with this bastard uJerry.
So since at that time I was sharing meals with Jerry,I invited him to move in with me to make matters easy when we cook. It was cool and all that until we realised something...
It was one afternoon we just bought bread from spaza shop,to my surprise on our way back to res we bump into this "ex" of mine. Now yena she's really not my cup of tea but since she was with this other girl who was crushing on me,I was nice to them.
Now my Res name was mastermind,dont ask why, just don't, go with the flow🌚 so they're like "aibo Mastermind ukhona nawe kanti" so I'm like yeah,I've been around.
For some reason my male instincts kicked, I really don't know why I said this but I did,I go on to add " wassup,you wanted to come over" and that's when everything took a turn.
They were like we should come visit them later on as they have nothing to do. Personally, I only agreed just for the sake of agreeing. My friend on the other hand had other plans in mind,I could tell by the smug on his face.
We all entered res and went straight to our rooms. Now fast forward it's late,I'm in bed I'm watching wildnout, fucking wildnout, I love wildnout guys.
This guy approaches me with the idea that we should go down to their room. Again as a guy I agreed only because he asked(sweeper)
So we get there, and the girls are happy. Theres like 4 girls in the room. One is the ex,2nd is the crusher,3rd is a previous crazy entanglement and 4th was just a random.
We take a sit and a conversation starts. Not long in the convo the ex decides that we should play spin the bottle. Before we could agree we get a knock on the door. Since that bastard Jerry was already in between blankets and I was closer to the door, I get up to open.
And there they were,more guys invited. Now I'm laughing because I'm always in the same room with these guys. So they're like "hela Mastermind sowulapha". Now j can't help but laught because I'm only here because of Jerry. The situation is just messed up😅
They enter and they're approached with the idea of spin the bottle, of course they said yes. Now we play the game and it happens that we making noise so the security comes knocking. I was glad because I was in the process of being shirtless 😭. Dangerous la game.
In few words the security gate crashed our party,so we left the room and went back to our rooms. Remember its night time so I take of my clothes and prepare for bed. Do I not get a knock in my room,I ask Jerry to go answer whoever it is.
Soon as he opens all I hear is "the security says we can continue as long as there's no loud noises". As head of my room I made a decision to host the derby home,in other words I was lazy to go downstairs I told them we can play in my room. "Mastermind"
Fast forward everyone is present in my room,the ladies are having a good time,the gents as well,its good vibes. Later in the night a few people ended up half naked.
Jerry was having the time of his life, all I'm saying is if he hadn't worn those boxers we would be playing with Adam.
We might've played till 2am and that's when CPUT students decided to call it a night as they had class. Moments after that everyone started leaving. Now honestly at this point we both thought it the end of the night.
We switched off the lights and went straight to bed. Not longer than 5minutes in bed Jerry gets a text "hey can we come over?". First thing he does is he notifies me. Now firstly I knew where this was heading.
This ex of mine who was dating our friend was kinda vibing with Jerry throughout the game,so when she sent a text wanting to come over I knew what was up, I also hinted she wasn't coming alone.
Before I could say abort mission there was a knock on the door. With a very manly voice I said "come in". I dont know if my ears were clear at the time but first words that came out of this girls mouth when she stepped in is "whatever happens here stays here".
As I looked behind her It was this other "crazy ex entanglement" of mine. Theres a time she gave me a hot clap in front of my friends,dark times but that's a story for another day😫.
Anyway this girl jumps on my bed and my ex jumps on Jerry's bed. At this point I have no control over the situation,so I'm like okay so 4 people are gonna have sex tonight,cool. Now here comes the twist.
Your boy didn't get some 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Soon as she hopped in my bed I tried touching her,the most hurtful words I've ever heard "I don't want to have sex,I just wanna lay next to you"😭
Me not being a beggar I turned my back on her and faced the direction of Jerry's bed with his companion. I tried to have morals about the situation, for example I closed my eyes to avoid seeing whatever is about to happen.
Now me being curious I said hell no,I wanna see this. My room was on the side of the main road so the street lights reflect through window,making my room not dark too dark. In other words I saw everything😫
As I lay there with a frown on my face I watched this guy get up,open a pack of condoms and watched the entire process of him inserting a condom. He then threw away the cover on the floor and jumped back in bed.
At that moment I had choices to make.
One was I could either watch and let everything happen or two, I go join this guy and help where I'm needed or maybe number three stop this entire madness and chase out everyone.
It was at this moment I knew I'm an asshole. My biggest fear is watching a friend have sex infront of me and mna I don't get some. I could already imagine the Campus headlines "Mastermind watches porn in 3D". An entire Mastermind.
I watched everything he did😭 the movement, the pace,everything. I couldn't believe this guy is really banging his friends girl.
All I knew is if any of this gets out, someone is meeting abo Moses soon cause that guy played rugby.
Anyway to cut the story here, your boy(me) was given round 2😫 and that was the end of it. I hope that guy never sees this thread
Goodnight. The end💚

• • •

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