This piece by @IanHaneyLopez is a very nuanced, insightful, and productive response to David Shor's assessment of the Democratic Party's situation. Worth a read.
I think the most insightful point here is that the problem isn't that the Democratic Party is calling out racism; it's that the Democratic Party is asking the average white voter to vote against their identity and *not offering an alternative identity to them*.
By this I mean: Republicans have spent years convincing white non-college voters that anti-racism is an attack on their way of life. And Democrats don't really make any attempt to explain that it's not, or how dismantling racist power structures would help *them* too.
Basically, Dems don't need to drop anti-racism — they need to find an anti-racism message that is *unifying*. That gives voters a reason to see fighting racism as *defending* their way of life.

Most voters vote their identity, so give them an identity reason for vote for you.
What that message looks like exactly, I don't know.

Lopez suggests painting racism as a tool of the elites to divide us and get rich at our expense. Which might not work on every voter, but it seems better than the message we have now, which is nothing.

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10 Oct
You'll never hear me defend the USSR. But first of all, the Tsarist government was also shit, and second of all, the Communists were not solely responsible for its destruction — learn the difference between the February Revolution and the October Revolution.
You can say "Communism is bad" without defending the absolute trashfire that was Imperial Russia.
I've made this point before, but communists have never successfully overthrown a democracy. Not once in history.

They pretty much are only able to overthrow governments as bad as they are.
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10 Oct
Hot take: one of the biggest reasons our politics has gotten so nasty is because the U.S. government is *designed* to be run by a permanent governing majority and this is the first time since the Civil War that it's impossible for either side to create one.
In previous eras, each party would go decades controlling the government, with dominant coalitions lasting a while and shifting slowly. The opposition party had to compromise and be sparing with obstruction because it was the only way they had any kind of political relevance.
Now, we are at a unique point in American history where demographics and coalitions give each party basically balanced power, and both parties always have just enough power to actually stop the other's agenda at basically any time.

Our system wasn't designed for that.
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10 Oct
Unbelievable. The Dripping Springs Pumpkin Fest barred my wife from entry because of Wall-E.

Pets aren't allowed, but he is a service dog who is trained to aid her hearing loss. Nothing on the site or at the fairground said service animals were excluded.…
He was very clearly wearing a vest indicating he was a service animal and the entry attendants did not listen to us when we explained he was for a disability.
Before we left, I told them that they lost our business anyway for treating my wife like that, but warned them that turning away service animals from their property is against federal law.
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8 Oct
Hogwarts houses of the U.S. presidents.

My personal view:

Gryffindor: JFK, Reagan, both Bushes, Clinton
Hufflepuff: Carter, Biden
Ravenclaw: Ford, Obama
Slytherin: LBJ, Nixon, Trump
Elections since 1960, as Hogwarts houses:

1960: Gryffindor beat Slytherin
1964: Slytherin beat Gryffindor
1968: Slytherin beat Ravenclaw
1972: Slytherin beat Gryffindor
1976: Hufflepuff beat Ravenclaw
1980/84: Gryffindor beat Hufflepuff
1988: Gryffindor beat Ravenclaw
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3 Oct
I think all the people claiming that protests and criticism of the Supreme Court won't do anything are wrong.

There's a reason the justices are on a press offensive right now. They know that their power depends to a large degree on their legitimacy.
The chance of impeaching a justice is next to none. Expanding the court isn't very likely either.

But what actually IS likely is that the Court becomes so unpopular that Congress and the White House start basically ignoring orders directing them to take actions.
We actually saw this happen in a lower court recently.

A Trump-appointed district judge, Drew Tipton, ordered Biden to restore Remain in Mexico, but his order was so nonsensical that both the Biden admin and Mexico pretty much said, "LOL no, cope."…
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1 Oct
You know, this right here is the reason why Kyrsten Sinema will never be John McCain.

John McCain bucked his party *because he listened to constituents and experts begging him to do it*. He didn't go run and hide and then say, I'm doing whatever the shit I feel like, cope.
Being a maverick doesn't mean opposing your party for shits and giggles. It means having a solid moral core and putting your constituents over your party bosses.

That's the opposite of what Sinema is doing when she refuses to hold town halls or ignores voters calling her office.
McCain's thumbs-down moment on the Senate floor that tanked the Obamacare repeal bill was the product of months of him *listening* to low-income and disabled Arizonans, begging him to stop this, to stop Congress from ruining their lives.
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