1. The muqawama is so desperate that tries to bring Ammar al-Hakim on board to undermine the legitimacy of the elections. Abu Ali al-Askari addressed Hakim [among others] in his statement and asked him to demand for his 'stolen rights'.
2. Then Sabereen news posted a message describing how big is Hakim's base and asking: "Who stole Hikma [Kakim's party] votes in Baghdad and Iraq?"
3. After Muqtada al-Sadr's speech and the statements by Abu Ali al-Askari and the Shia coordination framework, the muqawama social media space was flooded by 'evidence' of fraud in the elections. This one blames UAE and asks Ansar Allah to bomb Dubai!

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11 Oct
1. Muqtada speech tonight contained 3 points that alarmed the muqawama. The most important one was when he mentioned them: "The arms must be controlled by the state only, and use of arms must be banned outside this scope, even if [it's used] by those who claim they are muqawama".
2. The other one when he alluded to a possible good working relations with @USEmbBaghdad: "All embassies are welcome, as long as they don't interfere in the internal Iraqi affairs... and the formation of the government".
3. He's basically saying to the United States, we could work together as long as you allow me to have the upper hand in the government. This surely alarms the muqawama and the IRGC.
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6 Oct
1. As expected the struggle over the appropriation of the brand Hashd is intensifying between the pro-Sistani forces (who call themselves Hashd al-Atabat (HA)) and the pro-Khamenei factions. The Shia holy cities and Shia rites are now at the center of this struggle.
2. During the Arbaeen pilgrimage, Maytham al-Zaidi, leader of Abbass Combat Division (ACD), the most important force in HA, took the podium in the Imam Hussein shrine in Karbala to promote HA. “This name [HA] which is used officially for the first time in the Arbaeen pilgrimage…
3. ...this name and this slogan and this cover is a religiously sanctioned and legal cover… it’s religiously sanctioned as it’s clear for you [to which institutions they are] linked and how their religious position is…
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20 Sep
1. Sabereen news threatens to attack @UNIraq. The muqawama social media have been posting a barrage of messages about one official in the Baghdad office of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) whom they accuse of being a Mossad agent.
2. Then Sabereen news posted CCTV footage of an IED attack on a U.N. convoy around Mosul which happened on August 26, 2020. Sabereen added the logo and music of the facade group Saraya Awliya al-Dam which at the time claimed responsibility for the hit.
3. Sabereen added the following caption to the clip: “The liar of the Netherlands [@JeanineHennis] must know this: Iraq will never become a base for Mossad”.
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18 Sep
1. On Thursday, Sistani-affiliated Atabat Hashd (AH) held a conference in Karbala to launch their plans to provide security for the Arbaeen pilgrimage. This is another attempt to popularize and promote their brand & slogan: “The AH: the incubators of the fatwa & state builders”.
2. This is the first such conference, regarding the pilgrimages to further consolidate the formation of AH. It's also to increasingly set AH apart from the pro-Iran Hashd. Officers from ISF attended the conference. No one from the Iran-dominated Hashd commission was invited. ImageImage
3. In this conference, missions of each of the 4 AH units were assigned. The language used in statements pushed out by units of AH is very telling. They emphasize on the government’s support, and coordination with the ISF.
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6 Sep
1. The Sadrists are stepping up their election campaign. A few days ago they launched their mobile app, al-Tayar on both android and IOS. The app provides a few services for supporters of the Sadrist movement. It gives them details of their constituency.
2. A GPS service to find the correct polling stations, name of the Sadrist candidate in their constituency, instructions on needed documents and how to vote, etc.
3. This is very important, as according to the new Iraqi election law, each governorate has been divided into a few electoral districts, meaning that voters must find the right polling station within their area or they’re not allowed to vote.
Read 13 tweets
5 Sep
1. The death of Sayyed Mohammad Saeed al-Hakim has evoked animosity between the followers of Muqtada al-Sadr and the muqawama. Hakim is on record describing Muqtada al-Sadr “an unruly, lowborn child”. After Hakim passed some Sadr followers celebrated which angered the muqawama.
2. Ahmad al-Thawwaq, an influential muqawama social media character who is increasingly getting closer to Kataib Hezbollah tweeted: “two [characters/movements] are not going to be able to change two [people]....
3. ...the Sadrist movement after yesterday's posts on the marja [Hakim] will no longer be able to persuade any Shia to elect the Sadrist bloc”.
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