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12 Oct, 27 tweets, 10 min read
OK and we're back live with #OpWatts at IBAC. And interestingly, it's a (Continued) cross examination of Byrne by Somyurek's council.

And we're back into the text messages, with a perjury warning to spice things up.

Here we go......
We're getting into text messages regarding the evidence given yesterday about Somyurek's assistance/non interference in the Dandy council mayoral race.

"The dipstick Jen" 😂😂😂😂

"To remind him who runs the show" 😬

Council suggesting Byrne is the chief, not Somyurek
"Where we cut Michaelson's throat" - spicy texts.
Council pushing hard that Byrne is the master, Somyurek the apprentice.

"Was Michaelson a potential threat to you?" - clever question to push that angle, but Byrne not delivering the ideal response.
Byrne - "You would have to be on the dark side of the moon not to know Somyurek was in charge"

Council - Yeah, I live there 😂😂😂

This is rather entertaining today.

Council arguing that Loy Truang being advanced by Byrne.
Council assisting intervenes to ask that Somyurek's council refrains from asking new questions, reminds him that his brief is limited to challenging statements already given by Byrne, Commissioner agrees, asks SC to move on.
SC is pushing the angle that Byrne wanted to destroy Michaelson, all Byrne will give him is that Somyurek wanted to destroy Michaelson, and wanted his assistance.

It's moving a little slowly today, SC is stopping on certain issues and trying to push for a change of testimony from Byrne. Really keen to make out from Byrne's texts that Byrne was in charge, assisted by Somyurek.

Byrne claims texts lack context of phone calls made
Council assisting intervening again to pull up SC.
Commissioner directs SC to stick to reading texts and asking Byrne to explain

Ok then. Here's one: "If she mucks up, I will make sure she appears in a 4 corners hatchet job on China."
What's that mean?

Now we're on to ethnic groups. SC clearly has a mission, but it's not quite aligned with IBACs mission, and I think he's going to get pulled up quite a few times by the commissioner.

Byrne objecting that a subject is over 25 years old, Commissioner intervenes to state that IBAC has a prevention mission, and given the endemic nature of branch stacking, it's allowable for SC to investigate.

Going for the master/apprentice angle again it seems.
SC now pushing that Byrne tried to ingratiate himself with the Turkish community by donating to a Turkish newspaper. Byrne arguing it was Somyurek's idea, SC arguing Byrne did it independently.

And now we're on to the Albanian community.

And moving right along to the Vietnamese community. Sounds like Byrne should have been made minister for multiculturalism.
SC now arguing that Byrne got Truang a job in the migrant research centre to he could recruit members.
Byrne arguing meritocracy. Irony.....
And moving right along, Cambodians now.
SC arguing that they did the bidding of Byrne, but it's being denied.

And in the middle of talk about improperly paid memberships, the feed has been cut again.

I'll leave it there for now, work calls.
LOL, just an addendum, SC has been warned that Somyurek's stage whispers are audible, and he should be aware of that, and probably would prefer they weren't.

Seems Adem can't be quiet, so they've gone on mute to confer. SC comes back to announce no further questions.
Council assisting is now entering the fray again to ask about some additional text messages regarding "an indian kid" who deserved a job.

Byrne can't remember their name, or whether they got a job, but can remember they didn't work for him at any stage.
Now council assist is going over the early 90's evidence introduced by SC, regarding ethnic community's identified for recruiting.
CA asks if these kind of recruiting activities continued right up until next year, despite rule changes. Byrne confirms they did.
CA asks if it was limited to Byrne and Somyurek, or party wide, Byrne confirms it was party wide.
CA asks about Byrnes knowledge of other factions using these methods? Specifically Socialist left?
Byrne confirms, and CA wants to know how.
South East region? 💣
CA asks Byrne if he understands the corruption risks arising from this activity, Byrne.

SC interrupts with a noise, commissioner intervenes to confirm, discovers it was an "involuntary expression of horror"

I'm seriously dying here.
CA revisiting stuff covered yesterday now, and Commissioner is bringing up the Dreyfuss report again.
"All memberships must be paid for by members, all candidates for pre-selection must confirm they have not participated in organised purchase of memberships"

#RedShirts gets another mention from the commissioner, and the recommendations made from that.

But "the ink had barely dried upon the page when the conduct resumed, and that conduct apparently horrifies you" - a rather cynical analysis of Byrne's character
Commissioner goes on to state that there seems to be a complete lack of will to change the culture of the party by Byrne or anybody.
Commissioner asks Byrne for any evidence he has that branch stacking was attempted to be eliminated. Byrne disappoints...
Commissioner acknowledges Byrne has given a great deal of evidence "against his interests" and says he should be commended for his open evidence, and he has enhanced the work of the commission. Announces Byrne's examination is concluded, and releases him from summons.
Livestream will now cease until the next witness is ready. I'll return later on, hopefully it's not over.
OK I'm back, might as well finish the day off. Let's see if Elle has anything interesting to say
"My understanding is Adem controlled it all"
And negotiating via Bill Shorten's office, that could get interesting.
Everything was calculated in advance, we knew who was "getting up."
Sounds like Elle was involved in collectively filling in ballots, and it wasn't hidden.
CA asks if all factions were doing this, Elle can only confirm that moderate Labor were doing this.
Now we're having an adjournment as Somyurek's council has made a request to corss examine Elle on some matters. Back offline again.
I think that might be it for the day, screen just updated from "this part of the hearing is closed to the public" to "hearing adjourned" and as I type, IBAC has just confirmed so by tweet.

See you tomorrow folks. Or maybe later with a video from the bunker 😉

• • •

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12 Oct
I'll start the #OpWatts thread here, although still waiting for the stream to start. I'll be using abbreviations today to make things easier and cram more in.
W - Witness
CR - Commissioner Redlich
CA - Council Assisting
SC - Somyurek's Council

And with that, stream's up!
Today's witness (W) is Adam Sullivan, a former staffer of Adem Somyurek. CR is now running through the formalities of the day.
Witness to be asked about employment, duties, party political work, factional activity, processes/manipulations, ALP membership
(cont) falsification of documents, ballot papers, public funds used for party activities.
Very much the same stuff Byrne was questioned about, and quite a thorough list.
Witness now being sworn/affirmed, then we're away!
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11 Oct
Somyurek thread. Here's some grabs from the presser where Dan announced he had sacked him for branch stacking, then took questions. It's one of the most brutal pressers he's ever had to face, and some interesting questions got asked.
#OpWatts #IBACDan
Here Dan gets asked about whether Scott and Khairouz will be stood aside pending investigations, but apparently no, different rules for them.
Sumeyya really picks up her stride here, and pushes Dan to justify why Kairouz in particular should keep her job, given her commentary trashing her own portfolio. But Dan holds out and says he's been personally reassured by her that her behaviour was above board.

Scorn ensues 😂
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11 Oct
Questions to Byrne are starting now, going over his history with the ALP, and the positions he's held.

I'll thread these now that the examination proper is starting
Recounting the timeline of events following the revelations from the Age and 60 Minutes, including the handing over of party admin to the federal branch of the party. Byrne confirming comments he made at the time that he hoped there would finally be a clean up
"I thought the party was completely out of control"
"Referring to branch stacking, coercion of staff, referring to a party basically being taken over by one person"
Council - "Which person"
Byrne - "Adam Somyurek"
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