The vaccines don’t stop the transmission or the spread.

With other vaccines that took years to develop and had long term safety trials, the end result was actually stopping an initial infection and not having the capacity to transmit.

This vaccine does neither
If children still got mumps, rubella, chicken pox, small pox, or any number of illnesses & at times still died from these sickness after being heavily inoculated as babies, we’d question why even vaccinate.
As with ALL other meds, there is always an availability of fine print side effects. The side effects for this vaccine are being purposely repressed.

If you don’t know folks who died after getting the vaccine, you might be out of touch
If you don’t know folks who still got sick and still ended up in the hospital and/or still died after being fully vaccinated, you might be out of touch

Those two facts alone should give one caution in believing these vaccines are the “cure” and solution to all this mess
And if u can say those statistics are small in number, you are saying to the family members who lost their loved ones after getting vaccinated or the ones who still got sick after being vaccinated, that their loved ones death or sickness is collateral damage to the “greater good”
And if you assume those who oppose these mandates are only irresponsible right wingers who care more about rights than safety, integrity, transparency & honest assessments

repent and check your heart cuz it ain’t exhibiting Christ in those gross assumptions
For those who want answers on why some of us don’t want to be vaccinated, even if it comes at the expense of job security….

Conviction is hard to explain.

It’s not measurable nor is it scientifically or sociologically describable
and for those who claim Christ, they should not be demeaned, ridiculed or have their ethics or responsibility compass questioned

If you don’t understand why they are choosing to not be vaccinated…..just stay quiet 🤐

It’s not your business 😒

• • •

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13 Oct
Asking if a church would be affirming or welcoming towards a particular expression of sexual sin is like asking

“will this church welcome or affirm my adultery?”

“Will this church welcome or affirm my thievery?”

“Will this church welcome or affirm my desire to consume porn?”
“Will this church welcome or affirm my pedophile inclinations?”

Why don’t we ask that frame of questions about other sins?

It seems the question people REALLY want to ask…..

“Will this church ACCEPT my homosexual behavior?”
Maybe those in a particular church who want to be affirming or welcoming should be asking THEM

“Will you be open to heeding Scripture in regards to your sin?”

“Are you open to the Holy Spirit confronting you in this area of sexual behavior, even if its emotionally difficult?”
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12 Oct
If you’re a Christian & u got the vaccine & had zero side effects or complications, praise God

Just don’t assume every body is like your body

Some just don’t want to play Russian roulette with their health for an illness that is recoverable

If you did, that was YOUR choice
And don’t assume it’s 100% safe for everyone just cuz it was safe for you

Yes, we are all made in God’s image but the fall effects all of our bodies differently

We all, positively or negatively, take care of our bodies differently

Your care of your body is not the standard
If people have the protected choice to be a glutton, an alcoholic, a drug addict, a cigarette smoker or any number of daily choices people make with their bodies that impact their health & well being, why can’t people have the protected choice to NOT put something in their body?
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6 May
CRT says: Racism is embedded in our institutions, systems, and culture.

The Bible says: Sin is embedded in our institutions, systems, and culture
CRT says: retell stories of hardships & disparities, aka “lived experiences” in order to humanize the lives of BIPOC

The Bible says: retell the story of God’s faithfulness despite ALL being sinned against by others; retell testimonies of the lives of regenerated saints
CRT: the interests of BIPOC are inferior to the interests of the majority “white”, whose interests dominate society & culture

The Bible: be in the world but not of it cuz the interests of the world contracts the interests of the saints; God sets apart a people for His glory
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14 Apr
If we look upon those who think differently than us concerning social justice as unconverted, in a state of enmity against God and his grace, they are a more proper object of our compassion than of our anger. Remember: “He knows not what he does.”
But you know who has made you to think differently, if God, in his sovereignty, had not given you clarity, you might have been as they are now; and they instead of you be the one trying to defend the gospel.
You were both equally blind by nature. If you attend to this, you will not reproach or hate them, because the Lord has been pleased to open your eyes, and not theirs.
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12 Apr
Our generational history tell us where we’ve come from but it does not dictate where we are going

Domestic violence was in my early childhood home. After they divorced, frequent physical abuse part of my elementary & Jr high years. Being bullied was part of my Jr/Sr high years
Sexual violence was part of my late teens. Homelessness w/ two toddlers of my own was my early twenties.

Domestic violence in my first marriage was my late twenties.

And that’s just the “pretty parts”
If it were not for the LORD’s intervention, the generational cycle of family dysfunction would have continued.

I was not saved by a ministry, a person or a church, but by God himself by showing me His Son.

That alone not only gave me a new identity, but changed my trajectory
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23 Oct 20
Those of us familiar with the term coyote since CHILDHOOD know that those who pretend to care about illegal immigration really don’t & are using this issue to bash THIS administration but blatantly ignore that most of the harmful exploitative evil acts come from across the border
To assume that all the various Latin American cultures operate on the same human dignity value system is immature at best & grossly naive, even by those who claim to be educated. The fix isn’t to bring them all to the US, as a “Christian missionary charity” effort to win souls.
If Christians really cared about the souls of L. Americans why not go to them & live amongst them: in poverty. Many won’t do that cuz that will cost too much (security/freedom). Its easier to encourage L. Americans to come here & break laws so they don’t have to give up anything.
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