A THREAD on most insightful tweets on web3, creator/ownership/crypto economy++ shared by @ljin18:


Web3 is the era of the internet in which users can own a part of the services & networks they contribute to.

Extracting from those who are in positions of less leverage is the OLD form of capitalism; web3 gives us new primitives that align participants w/ platforms.

Platforms—left unchecked and with winner-take-all dynamics—yield a 21st century version of serfdom.

What comes after neo-feudal capitalism?


Creators are internet-native workers.

They are using tools to produce something of value for an end user.

The reason why the creator economy is now intersecting with the crypto economy is because cryptonetworks provide a way to distribute that value more fairly.

The biggest opportunity of our time is to reconfigure the relationship between capital and labor i.e. to make them one and the same.

To solve creators' economic precarity, the fundamental issue to fix is OWNERSHIP.

Today, it seems inconceivable that for much of human history, people accepted the 'divine right' of monarchs as a legitimate source of power.

Years from now, we may look back on this era and wonder why we were accepting of autocratic companies led by 'enlightened dictators.'

As demonstrated throughout history — from the French Revolution to the growth of Wikipedia — the power of the distributed many can sometimes greatly outperform the power of the hierarchical few.

Hundreds of years from now, it will seem inconceivable that people didn't have ownership--economically or governance-wise--in the structures that occupy most of our waking hours and that we pour so much of our energy into.

The passion economy is the what; the ownership economy is the how.

New DAO coordination and governance tools, and the ability for tokens to attract outside capital, give us a shot at building internet communities that can rival the competitiveness of any centrally-controlled org.

Experimentation around internet-native governance endeavors enable diverse member bases to coordinate decision-making at scale.

Eg: - The digital art marketplace @SuperRare recently launched a token to decentralize curation and oversee a treasury that is collected...
...from platform commissions and fees.

Within our lifetimes, DAOs will disrupt countries.

Cryptonetworks lower the barriers to owning capital. 

- Accredited investor requirements lock out many from accessing better investment opps

In contrast, crypto tokens reward the people who built a network

these are modern experiments in Universal Basic Capital:

- daos
- play-to-earn
- airdrops
- staking

If women are other marginalized groups are under-rewarded for the work they do, the anon culture of crypto presents a massive opportunity for bias reduction and blind recruitment

Who is building a marketplace for productive NFT assets?

E.g. to compare different Zed horses or plots of metaverse land by stats, earnings, etc.

Feels like a big opp'y given the verticalized feature set & education needed.

"Yield Guild Games can be seen as the crypto-native version of a workers’ union; its large contingent of gamers allows it to negotiate for better platform policies and design."

Recipe for success in consumer social: satisfy users' desire for love, fame, or riches better than everything else. It's as simple and as complicated as that.

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13 Oct
A THREAD on most insightful tweets on DAOs, web3, NFT++ by @ianIDEO:


DAOs are a tech, financial, organizational, governance, process, legal & social innovation wrapped in one.

The degree of disruption DAOs is already having on the future of work, organizations, venture, capital, social networks is mind bending.

2023 is already here, it's just not evenly distributed yet.

DAOs represent humanity’s best hope to more fairly distribute power, wealth, and work across the internet.
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11 Oct
A THREAD on most thought provoking ideas on crypto, NFTs, DeFi++ shared by @ASvanevik:


Open source.

Open data.

Open finance.

Since 2021, crypto is no longer 1 market.

Previously everything moved in tandem - now we have:
- Bitcoin
- NFTs
- DeFi
- Ethereum
- Other L1's

Crypto is growing up.

This is the biggest revolution since the internet.

And you're on the frontier.
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10 Oct
A THREAD on most thought provoking ideas on Web3, internet communities, NFTs, DAOs++ shared by @gregisenberg:


web2: use products to make companies wealthy

web3: use products to make communities wealthy

The future is community owned:

The future of gaming: community owned

The future of finance: community owned

The future of creators: community owned

The future of startups: community owned


$0 = learning about web3

$0 = starting an internet community

$0 = designing an NFT


Ignoring crypto and web3 all together
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9 Oct
A THREAD on most thought provoking ideas on creator economy, NFTs, DAOs++ shared by @Cooopahtroopa:


Culture drives adoption in a way that finance never will.

NFTs are the funnel.

DeFi is the backbone.

DAOs are the future.

Allocate time to mastering them all.

Learning crypto is like learning a new language.

Incredibly difficult to start, but once it clicks it will stick with you forever.

We need better crypto onboarding.

The current state of Metamask, Ledger, contract addresses and seed phrases is terrible.

This will be solved, but in its existing form it is nowhere near ready for prime time.
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8 Oct
A THREAD on most thought provoking tweets on ownership economy, Web 3, DAOs, NFTs++ shared by @jessewldn:


The internet built Wikipedia, with no economic incentive.

Don't underestimate what the internet can build as DAOs.

The Ownership Economy is here.

Last summer, it happened in DeFi.

This summer, NFTs took it mainstream.

Now ownership is beginning to be a keystone of all consumer internet products and services.

In Web2, networks are owned by a select group of people who invest or work for the company.

In Web 3, the opportunity is to build networks owned by those that contribute—be it with code, machines, content or community building.

The users own the networks.
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7 Oct
A THREAD on most thought provoking ideas on crypto, DeFi, NFTs, DAO++ by @FEhrsam:


Pseudonymity online allows anyone to be judged solely on merits.

Crypto, as with many things, is a window into this future.

Crypto is just getting started.

We are ~1% into the most important technology of the coming decades.

Crypto will redefine money and information, the two fundamental ways the world coordinates.

Crypto is the testing ground for the future of governance: by algorithm, not by politician.
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