Today's #quizzytime: What if I told you that there was a worldwide plague in 2005, spreading through contact? Some people banded together to quarantine and restrict the spread. Others willfully spread it. Where did this take place?

Quiz ends at 2 PM. Google if you like.
Ans: In 2005 players on 'World of Warcraft' found themselves besieged by a virulent virtual plague nobody knew how to cure or combat. The plague spread unchecked killing thousands of players’and experts have since used it as a research model for epidemics & bio-terrorism
Known as the Corrupted Blood Incident, the plague’s genesis can be traced to a September 13th update that introduced an ancient blood god called Hakkar the Soulflayer. Any player who got too close to Hakkar while he was in the throes of death would be afflicted.
A player who survived an initial infection could be re-infected by an ally and in turn, pass it on to others. The original intention of Blizzard (the makers of World of Warcraft) was for this disease to be limited to the encounter with Hakkar and the dungeon he resided in.
However, as with plagues, it turns out there was a very simple way to spread this to the wider world- animals. Players realised that a character’s pet could be infected and if they dismissed their pet within a few seconds, they could recall it later, in a populated city, say.
The cities throughout Archimonde were littered with skeletons and news of the virulent, deadly plague sweeping across the server caused quite the commotion in the spheres of gaming. Internally, however, Blizzard employees were baffled and it took some time to figured out that
Hakkar the Blood God was responsible. Frustrated with a lack of communication from Blizzard, without instruction players began setting up their own quarantines around major population centres to halt the spread of the plague. In addition, higher-level players who were capable of
surviving the effects of the Corrupted Blood began venturing into the cities to seek out clues as to what was going on, while lower levels players who couldn’t, would stand guard outside, warning approaching players not to enter the infected area.
Players with healing magic rushed to help, working in shifts to heal infected players. Unfortunately Bilzzard’s first attempts to put a stop to the plague failed spectacularly thanks to a small, but dedicated subsection of players who resisted attempts to eradicate the plague.
This began a game of cat and mouse between Blizzard and players who wanted to keep spreading the disease, apparently just for their own amusement-some people just like to watch the world burn. A shadowy cabal of players spent their time hiding in the mountains,
periodically returning to cities to break quarantines and ensure NPCs remained infected, as well as hopping between realms to avoid server purges. It took Blizzard a month to fully rid the game of the plague and they were forced to reset the entire world.

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11 Oct
Today's #quizzytime: What If I told you that there is a 3 letter word which you have been pronouncing wrong all your life? The inventor wrote the pronunciation in the report where he coined it...but we all ignored it. And yes you have certainly said it.

Quiz ends at 2.
we will be taking 'gif' off the table. Not the correct answer
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Today's #quizzytime : Who hatched a plan to stop the Earth from rotating?

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You have to aim for where the target WILL be, in say 30 minutes. PROJECT RETRO was a research effort into what it would take to pause the planet’s spinning so that the target would not move at all. The United States Air Force floated the idea of using rocket engines –
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Ans: Security for American Presidents was once quite a lax affair. Abraham Lincoln often roamed around without any bodyguards. On the night of April 14, 1865, he had just one - Washington Metropolitan Police Officer John Frederick Parker.
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Today's #quizzytime: In 2014, the US government unintentionally kick-started a man's modelling career. How?

quiz ends at 2 pm . google if you like.
Ans: In June 18, 2014, Stockton Police Department arrested Jeremy Meeks for felony weapon charges". They posted his mugshots on their Facebook page. Within 24 hours Meeks' photo had acquired more than 15,000 "likes" and 3,700 comments, mostly from women enamored with his looks.
The next day, news and entertainment site Buzzfeed recognized Meeks' mugshot as a "meme". Twitter fans created the hashtag "#feloncrushfriday" in honor of Meeks' mugshot. As of April 2021, the post has received 95,000 "likes", 24,000 comments, and 11,000 shares.
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Today's #quizzytime: What sound is highly effective in scaring away Somalian pirates?

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Ans: Britney Spear's hits, including Oops! I Did It Again and Baby One More Time, are employed by British naval officers to scare off pirates along the east coast of Africa.The thought is that Britney Spears is synonymous with Western culture, and Somali pirates hate
Western culture, so therefore, it deters them. And that's half the story. While Britney Spears might be the music that irritates Somali pirates most, Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) defense systems have been in use for a while.
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Today's #quizzytime : In movies, when setting off an explosion, the villain/hero walks away from the spilled gasoline and does something that looks really badass which simply doesn't work in real life. What?

Quiz ends at 2 PM. Google if you like.
Ans: Flicks his cigarette through the air, and the sparking tip ignites a trail of gasoline, flames race along the surface, and the payoff explosion is as glorious as we’d hope for. Researchers tried 2000 times to ignite gasoline with a cigarette; failed 100% of the time.
When a cigarette is not being “dragged”, the temperature drops considerably. Furthermore, gasoline is dangerous due to the flammability of the fumes, not the liquid itself. When it isn’t in a contained space, it would be nearly impossible for the lit cigarette to ignite fumes.
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