I got the vaccine in May and in theory support vaccine mandates. But what matters is that at least some share of the American working class — the size of the movement is as yet unclear — has *had it* with the medico-corporate regime. theamericanconservative.com/articles/take-…
This is the same medico-corporate regime that shut down houses of worship and strictly proscribed anti-lockdown protests—only to turn around and treat the 2020 race riots as perfectly salutary from a public-health standpoint. theamericanconservative.com/articles/take-…
This is the same medico-corporate regime that lay waste to some 40 percent of small businesses, while allowing big-box stores and, of course, Amazon to rake in megaprofits. theamericanconservative.com/articles/take-…
This is the same medico-corporate regime that demands that service workers mask permanently, even after the advent of vaccines, while blue politicians and celebs get to show their pretty faces. theamericanconservative.com/articles/take-…

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3 Sep
Sigh. Another half-baked, underdeveloped critique of the "postliberals," including yours truly.

Why do people give themselves permission to weigh in on things without having done the reading? Or even thought things through?


The big tell is the absence, for the most part, of any quotations from any of the postliberals. He chides us for failing to attend to various 19th- and 20th-century critics (Lasch, Marx, Matthew Arnold, Tocqueville). Excuse me, but do the f--ing read.
I've constantly drawn on Arnold (never mind having *been* a Marxist --- do the reading, argh!). Deneen is deeply, deeply engaged with Lasch and Marx and Tocqueville. Hazony's ideas owe a huge debt to Burke.
Read 13 tweets
7 Aug
“A light fog hovering above a bleak landscape.”

Hofstadter on Herbert Hoover’s prose and oratory — DYING 😂!
In a way, Hofstadter is kinder to Calhoun than he is to Hoover. Calhoun he interprets as an evil genius; Hoover comes across as this naive, bumbling, inarticulate believer in the mythology of economic individualism.
The more it became apparent that his free-market fundamentalism wasn’t solving the problems of the Depression, the more ardent and defiant Hoover became in telling a starving nation that everything was fundamentally “sound,” prosperity just around the corner. Sounds familiar.
Read 4 tweets
6 Aug
I can't tell you how proud I am to work with my news-side colleagues (@bern_hogan, @postsloane, etc.), who broke the biggest Cuomo stories of the last year.

And I'm extremely proud to work for a punchy *tabloid*. As someone like Christopher Lasch would tell us, 1/x
An opinionated tabloid with a definite worldview, like The Post, is much more attuned to the democratic function and spirit of the earliest American journalism. Pretend-objective, highbrow journalism came much later, with men like Walter Lippman creating its ideology.
And of course, the pretense of total objectivity has been shattered in the digital age. The faux-objective newsrooms are the ones most beholden to ideological orthodoxies. Meanwhile, The Post carries on doing what it's done since the early days of the republic; Hamilton smiles.
Read 4 tweets
15 May
Facebook LAST YEAR banned/flagged a New York Post column by @StevenWMosher thoughtfully laying out why a lab leak was a plausible COVID origin.

Now 20 elite scientists have signed a letter in the journal Science arguing the manmade origin must be “taken seriously.”

In justifying its ban, Facebook cited as a “fact-checker” a researcher with a clear conflict of interest: Danielle E. Anderson, assistant prof at the Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore, personally attested to the lab’s “strict control and containment measures.”
But Anderson has regularly worked with Wuhan’s researchers, and even done her own experiments at the suspect virology facility.

Read 7 tweets
10 Apr
The right liberal’s one reflex besides tone-policing is to suggest that adopting any but liberal principles risks bringing about intolerable oppression: You have to start by disclaiming all sorts of past and potential future horrors that liberalism supposedly guards against. 1/x
It’s a form of intellectual blackmail, and we shouldn’t stand for it. And the best defense is to go on offense: to turn the tactic around: “No, you, Professor Christian Right Lib, have to account for your compromises and to own all the horrors of our actually existing dystopia.”
“What would happen to religious liberty and pluralism? We don’t all agree about the good!”

“What’s happening to those things now? Look around you. The Church feels more politically squeezed by the day. The ideology of pluralism in practice means the liberalism’s coercive reign.”
Read 4 tweets

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