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=Psychology Thread
Specifically, you will learn about the psychological mechanism behind procrastination.
And see a comprehensive list of the reasons why people procrastinate, based on decades of research on the topic.
The main psychological mechanism behind our procrastination is as follows:
1. When we need to get something done, we rely primarily on our self-control in order to bring ourself to do it.
2. Our self-control often receives support from our motivation, which helps us get things done in a timely manner.
3. In some cases, we experience certain demotivating factors, such as anxiety or fear of failure, which have an opposite effect than our motivation.
4. In addition, we sometimes experience certain hindering factors, such as exhaustion or rewards that are far in the future, which interfere with our self-control and motivation.
5. When demotivating and hindering factors outweigh our self-control and motivation, we end up procrastinating, either indefinitely, or until we reach a point in time when the balance between them shifts in our favour.
Why do people procrastinate?

15 Most important reasons
1. Abstract goals.
2. Rewards that are far in the future.
3. A disconnect from our future self.
4. Feeling overwhelmed.
5. Anxiety.
6. Task aversion.
7. Perfectionism.
8. Fear of evaluation or negative feedback.
9. Fear of failure.
10. A perceived lack of control.
11. ADHD.
12. Depression.
13. Lack of motivation.
14. Lack of energy.
15. Sensation seeking
Specifically, if you want to successfully overcome your procrastination, here are the main steps that you should follow:
When doing this, make sure to define your goals as clearly as possible, and make sure that these goals are significant enough that they’ll allow you to make meaningful progress, while also being possible for you to accomplish in reality.
You can do this by thinking about cases where you procrastinated, and then identifying when, how, and why you did so.
This plan should involve a combination of relevant anti-procrastination techniques, that will allow you to deal with situations where your procrastination problem is preventing you from achieving your goals.
As time goes by, make sure to monitor your progress and refine this plan, by modifying or dropping anti-procrastination techniques based on how well they work for you, and by adding new ones if you think they could help.
1. Prioritise tasks based on how important they are.
2. Break large and overwhelming tasks into small and actionable pieces.
3. Get started on tasks by committing to only work on them for a few minutes.
4. Remove distractions from your work environment.
5. Set intermediate deadlines for yourself on your way to your final goals.
6. Create a daily goal and mark streaks of days on which you’ve successfully achieved it.
7. Reward yourself when you successfully implement your plan of action.
8. Focus on your goals instead of on the tasks that you have to complete.
9. Visualize your future self experiencing the outcomes of your work.
10. Count to ten before you indulge the impulse to procrastinate.
11. Avoid a perfectionist mindset by accepting that your work will have some flaws.
12. Develop a belief in your ability to successfully overcome your procrastination.
Build a strong mindset.

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