If you DON’T want to REGRET in your 50’s,

I highly recommend you READ THIS THREAD👇🏻
1. Focus on Mental Health

Your mental stability in the early part of your life will ensure the quality of your life in the later part.

Far too many people ignore this factor & then regret for the rest of their lives.

Start meditating, reading books & controlling your anger.
2. Build Physical Health

A healthy body will automatically uplift the quality of your life.

You don’t wanna end up in the hospital with multiple diseases. Trust me.

Eat clean & workout.

Your mind will thank you for this.

Improved productivity is also a byproduct of this.
3. Build your network

I cannot even describe how important a network is. People who genuinely trust you. People who’ll help you anytime. People who respect you. People who love you.

Humans are social beings & you don’t wanna spend your old age in loneliness.
4. Build good habits

Good habits are the solid foundation of a good quality life. Sleeping early, waking up early, building systems for life count in this.

The ROI of doing this is infinite. The mental peace you’ll get by doing this is 🔥.
5. Self love yourself

A majority of youngsters today are just depressed. Why?

It’s just a lack of self-love. If you just start appreciating the things happening around you & start loving yourself for the type of person you are, your life will change for good.
6. Learn communication skills

Communication skill comes under soft skill but your mastery in this defines your success in life.

Communication is important everywhere whether it is business or relationships or daily life.

If you can communicate clearly, you’re a WINNER.
7. Travel as much as you can

I cannot stress the importance of travelling enough. The pros are huge.

You cannot learn about life by staying at one place. This whole world is so huge it’ll blow your mind.

Traveling is the only thing that can expose you to that.
8. Be open to learning

The people who het redundant are those who stop learning after a certain age. Never make this mistake.

Life is the biggest school you will go to. Never stop learning from it.
9. Don’t be afraid to fail

Failing is the best thing that can happen to you.

Having the regret of not trying is far worse than having the regret of failing after trying.

“If you cannot fail, you cannot learn” - Eric Ries.
You need to train your brain to face the world. Mental models are the best way to do so. Those are like exercises for your brain.
Check them out👇🏻…
Which point out of all these do you want me to elaborate on? Tell me below in the comments.

Also, follow me (@ThePsychofLifes) for more such threads.

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29 Sep

1. Master your mind

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By mastering your mind, you’ll find a power greater than anything else inside you.
2. Be present

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1. Life is not the same for all

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10 FUNDAMENTAL life lessons for Young Adults

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Be physically healthy to enjoy your life long-term.
2. Love yourself. Respect yourself.

You were born to do something & it’s okay if you haven’t found your purpose yet. Don’t be hard on yourself.
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Unsexy Business Idea That Can Make You Damn Rich


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Although you need to be diligent & will have to struggle initially but all in all, is a good one.

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First of all, let’s start with the basics

1. What’s scrap?
Any material which has been discarded after use is called scrap.

2. What are different types of scraps?
- Metal scrap
- Paper scrap
- Electronic scrap
- Plastic scrap

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Unsexy Business Idea That Can Make You Damn Rich


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• Time Investment: At least 3 years

• Profit Margins: Minimum 15%

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