Humans are pretty incredible creatures.

Our bodies are made up of very complex processes and very unique attributes.

Here are 10 amazing fun facts about our bodies you probably didn’t know.

1. The human brain has more than 4 terabytes of storage capacity.

This means – everything that you have learned and experienced up to this point and until you die, will be stored inside your brain. Most people can’t remember much of anything.
Imagine being able to tap into your memory all the way since birth? Although remembering being birthed should be something no one would want to remember.

That shit must've been traumatizing.
2. Nerve impulses travel at a speed of 250 miles per hour, or more.

Now you know why you feel pain so instantly when you hurt yourself.

That’s even faster than the DeLorean’s speed of 88 mph to travel through time. Crazy right??
3. For one whole day, electrical impulses of the brain generate more energy than all the phones combined in the world.

Does this mean you could potentially power up an electrical grid by interconnecting a few dozen brains together?
The question is: Has it been tried before? There have been many crazy experiments done in the past. Many of them by mad scientists.

The Nazis came to mind. But i'll leave that for another thread.
4. The average person passes gas about 15 times a day.

Most people try to do it privately, but kids (of all ages) like to share them with friends and family.

We used to have competitions in my school of who had the longest and stinkiest fart. It was fun 🤣
And now that you know, remember this…

Even the hottest girl farts 15 times daily. That’s a fact.

And they're probably very smelly too.

Thank god for courtesy, am I right?
5. We forget 90% of what we dream.

I hate this one because it’s very true. I have crazy dreams all the time and even if I try to write them down the moment I wake up, the details are so muddled and vague that I always end up forgetting them. Very annoying.
6. A person’s skin changes about 1000 times throughout their entire life.

This explains the theory of human-reptilian hybrids living among us. They've lived for centuries and now they cover their bodies with pink tissue to mimic human skin.

Conspiracy theories are fun.
7. The tongue is the strongest muscle of the body.

This definitely explains the impact I make on the women I’ve dated. If you know, you know!

This might be a joke… or is it?? 😉
8. A man’s smallest cells are that of his sperm.

Semen contains about 1-8 billion sperm per fluid ounces (140-300 million sperm per millimeter).
Which means-- If your pullout game is not on point, I suggest you use protection ASAP if you want to lower the chances of impregnating that crazy-eyes you've been dating.

Sperm cells are so tiny that, well…

Just use protection.🙏
9. The same skin cells that make up a human vagina are the same type of cells that are in a human mouth.

I love women. That’s all I need to say about this one.
10. When you smile, you use 17-26 muscles at a time. When you frown, you use 43-62.

It explains why people who use Botox look so damn strange when they make face expressions. They are instead using 5 muscles when smiling, and 20 when frowning. It looks weird and creepy.
And that's all for today folks!

A lot of these facts are true, and some are questionable. But that wasn’t the point of this thread. It was made for some fun.

Hope you enjoyed it!

• • •

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