NFTs are the most effective distribution channel for IP, as a result, the category will redefine e-commerce
The current state:

- IP is created, managed, and distributed with a top-down approach

- Digital content is static, with limited financial or economic utility

- the Internet is effectively permissioned
NFTs are a tool for e-commerce

1. They remove the need for intermediaries
2. Provide programmability of value
3. Redefine customer acquisition costs
Without the reliance on intermediaries, every interaction supersedes any one platform

virtual goods will organize themselves outside the boundaries of any one intermediary
NFTs are programmable

We've seen this with
- royalties
- secondary sale splits
- NFT gated access

NFTs are virtual goods but they are also contracts.
Customer acquisition costs are driven down

@cdixon discusses this in NFTs + 1000 True Fans

when users become owners, every NFT is fueled by community and peer-to-peer marketing
NFTs will increasingly be used as a distribution tool

- airdrops to existing NFT holders
- incentivized access
- NFTs that morph over time
- NFT "referral programs"
bottoms up IP will unlock the creative commons

we've seen this exemplified by @nounsdao @BoredApeYC

the power of the IP is fueled by the community (who are also creators) and distributed via the NFTs
we've already seen a flurry of business model innovation

some may look similar to the past (e.g., membership/access)

others fundamentally change how creators get paid
(e.g., play-to-earn or secondary royalties)
brands that succeed will seed their community with NFT experiments and educate users along the way

to shoutout a few that I believe embraced NFTs authentically

@bobbyhundreds @AdamBombSquad

• • •

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Blockchains unlock is trust and coordination at scale

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The nature of open source projects is that they 🤪 What does this mean:

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How to do research in crypto:

1. Identify the scope of what you’re trying to learn
2. Write out a list of questions
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This includes scouring @theblock @coindesk @theblockworks @thedefiant @bankless @unchained @forefront and many others
4. Utilized advanced search or lists to better understand crypto twitter’s commentary

5. Take notes while you read, but make sure you are identifying the key q’s and a, as well as any gaps
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I'm a believer in the long-term potential of NFTs.

but I also know there are many open questions and grandiose claims today

vision is important, but the devil is in the details.

Here are 20 Q's about NFTs I'm thinking about:

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2. If the original media is destroyed (e.g., tweet deleted) what does that mean for the NFT holder?

3. What will standard metadata and best practices look like?

4. Should metadata always be on-chain?
Rights Management

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Coinbase is listing tokens faster than ever (aka $UNI) and has a rumored upcoming token listing product.

More to come
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