I continue to find this whole “controversy” to be a category error. Hollywood is full of people with weird-ass ideas about medicine. The solution is not to take medical advice from them, not to deny them employment. nytimes.com/2021/10/11/art…
There are two pathologies here: (1) expert worship and (2) treating the host of Jeopardy! as being some sort of Queen of the Experts
It’s just a game show!
Have you ever discussed medicine with a successful actor? I don’t recommend it.

• • •

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10 Oct
London is back and wonderful, but there are few tourists. You can get marquee tourists sights almost to yourself. This is a great time to do big-city vacations, with good values and light crowds, and actually do the most touristy things. businessinsider.com/i-spent-a-week…
For example, we walked up to Buckingham Palace right as The Changing of the Guard was starting, and I was still able to get right up to the fence and snap this photo. You’ll never find crowds this light again. businessinsider.com/i-spent-a-week…
Also, city hotels remain cheap even while resorts have gotten outlandishly expensive. The average daily hotel rate on Maui in August was $592, up 52% from August 2019. In London, it was $153, DOWN 25% from August 2019. Time to look at city vacations! businessinsider.com/i-spent-a-week…
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30 Sep
The reconciliation plan has too many parts, often half-assed (like Medicare dental but not until 2028). Dems should pick three priorities -- I say child credit, Medicare & climate infrastructure -- do them well and SOON, and drop the rest. businessinsider.com/democrats-pelo…
The marketing of this bill has been just asinine because it is such a grab bag. Trying to claim it's "infrastructure" when it mostly isn't only further confuses the issue. If you want people to care if it passes, it has to be comprehensible what's in it. businessinsider.com/democrats-pelo…
I think liberals are greatly overstating the political stakes of passing this bill -- COVID and economy matter way more; this fight has been incomprehensible to voters, if noticed it at all -- but it is an *opportunity* to do a few things that get noticed. businessinsider.com/democrats-pelo…
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30 Sep
On my way back from Britain to the US, I would note: while the fuel shortage is obvious and a serious annoyance to the people I spoke with about it, it's not like a "Children of Men" situation or anything.
London feels normal, there are taxis, we went into the countryside and saw gas stations with long lines and gas stations with modest lines (and closed gas stations), people are going about their business.
There is a deep market for "I told you so" stories about Brexit. I think Remain had the better argument mostly because there's now no good solution for the Irish border. But much of the Remain case was premised on the wrong idea that sovereignty isn't worth bearing certain costs.
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26 Sep
If localities in California were allowed to tax real estate more intensively, they might be more inclined to allow more building
People don’t really think of it as a real estate book, but I think the last chapter of PJ O’Rourke’s “Parliament of Whores” is a really incisive look at why voters in localities make choices about land use that are both bad and against their purported ideological commitments.
It’s where O’Rourke, a self-described libertarian, describes how he and fellow residents in his New Hampshire town voted to kill an otherwise-legal townhouse development that wouldn’t have thrown off enough tax revenue to support the services its residents would consume.
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14 Sep
Congressional jobs are prestigious, and if you don’t like working there, find it too stressful, you can find a different job with a more congenial work style somewhere else. I don’t appreciate this whining. (Your boss doesn’t like errors? Poor thing.) buzzfeednews.com/amphtml/addyba…
Sometimes their work hours interfered with their personal lives!
Right, but also not all non-optimized personnel management is news. Are you kind of a bad boss and people quit because of it? Well, that’s too bad for your organization, and also how a labor market works, especially a tight one.
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11 Sep
So, Emma Raducanu. Pretty good!
I like when random people dominate things!
Try not to think about how you’re twice as old as her and have accomplished much less.
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