We're wrongly told an UCLA lecturer's canceled for refusing to pause during lynching videos. We're told a climate scientist was canceled for DEI views. He wasn't; he was given a more prestigious lecture than one for high schoolers. We're falsely told the Othello Prof was canceled
My question is why people just amplify these false stories being churned out by a well-funded right wing machine. We know who is being canceled: black principals, faculty who stand up to right-wing donors, BDS supporters, etc. Conservative ideas aren't being canceled.
For example, Zuboff's wildly influential critique of surveillance capitalism is partly based on how it undermines a Hayekian economy of decentralized information and the spontaneous organization to which that gives rise. There is no war on good right-wing, pro-market ideas.
Or take right-wing populist criticism of trade. There's been considerable research on its downside effects and explicit normative argument for discounting global welfare improvements compared to national losses and prioritizing foreign rather than domestic causes of job loss.
I'm ending a course on capitalism with Schumpeter's defense of it via the idea of creative destruction. There is a Fox News caricature, repeated by people who should know better, of universities as left-wing cauldrons. They are not.

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18 Sep
Look at what National Merit still allows. Does anyone know if the test prep companies recommend that their customers cancel their PSAT scores and submit SAT scores instead? Does anyone know if the school is ever explicitly told that the Selection Index number came from a SAT?
I get that the school can infer from the PSAT score list whether a student must have submitted an alternate entry. But I am wondering whether when the school receives the National Merit list, it is explicitly told whether the number came from a PSAT or SAT?
I am burnt about this because I think the January PSAT was graded harshly to make sure there were enough spots left for all the people who would be submitting alternate entry SAT scores which make it *much* easier to get above the threshold. Our daughter's SAT is a perfect 228.
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17 Sep
Don't be a sucker and administer the PSAT if you are an administrator or not cancel your PSAT if you're a student. This was my daughter's situation. National Merit competition is usually via a PSAT, but you can submit a SAT score (via Alternate Entry). Just cancel your PSAT. Image
The overwhelming majority of National Merit Semi-Finalists in CA entered via SAT scores even when their schools did give a PSAT test. They just had the score canceled. There are those who didn't know this trick that did better on the PSAT & SAT, but didn't cancel their PSAT score
Sociologically speaking, it's interesting how tricks to game the system seem to be reserved for those who can afford the expensive testing companies. There is an article waiting to be written on how the ballyhooed National Merit Competition has and will increasingly be gamed.
Read 11 tweets
17 Sep
.@shoshanazuboff's story is of Google using data to improve its search engine & then appropriating data surplus to that for the purpose of generating predictions about consumers to sell to advertisers who can then manipulate or nudge us. It has 2 other features:
1. Google went from improving a service its users knew they were using to appropriating raw behavioral data without users' consent or knowledge. This is likened to forcible extraction of raw material from a colonial possession as if Google were a new King Leopold in the Congo.
2. But this isn't the only overwrought aspect of the argument. The dotcom crisis is likened to a Schmittian state of emergency in which the law can be suspended: so Google turns a crisis of profitability into a reason to suspend any ethical constraint on its relation to its users
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8 Jun
Critical race theory:
1. not thinking only THROUGH the categories of race but ABOUT them: how did they ARISE; how did their INTENSION change, e.g from marking language to pseudo-biological groups; how did their EXTENSION change--some becoming white, others excluded from Aryan;
how do racial classifications VARY across time & place; how do racial categories become SUBSTANTIALIZED, i.e. groups imagined to stand out of society and can thus be expelled or eliminated from it ("exterminate all the brutes")
2. deconstruction of the biological reality of race while specification of the conditions under which it becomes REAL in its SOCIAL effects.
3. PROCEDURES to show that putatively race-neutral tests test for arbitrary attributes meant to reproduce racial advantage & inequality.
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14 Mar 19
Tweeting Shoshana Zuboff lecture at @UCBerkeley Privacy Must Fall: The World According to #SurveillanceCapitalism
Title homage to Wm Morris, a Romantic. Had a yearning nostalgia in face of Industrialism, but focused on beauty in textiles and buildings. Sought self-regulation, made moralistic appeals
But then read Marx's Capital. Was riveted, and became a disciplined thinker. Destruction of beauty not an unfortunate byproduct but a necessary consequence of industrial logic. New situation: "a river of fire", alive and devouring. The river of fire not industrialism
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23 Jun 18
When he wasn't tightening the border to try to get immigration reform passed, Obama used it as an alibi, i.e. not as wall but as an excuse to deport those whose unauthorized crossing would not be tolerated.
#toleratedillegality in border crossings is just one of many cases where the balance of forces & the state conspire to have the law serve mostly symbolic purposes. While Obama did the right thing to try to create a path to citizenship for MILLIONS,
even his approach externalized the costs of our own drug war by deporting those caught up in it & refused the costs of the way we fought the Cold War that destabilized societies people try to escape.
Read 4 tweets

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