From @KatyaSedgwick, on how The Many Saints of Newark basically replaced the entire mafia genre with the Black Lives Matter narrative. This is excellent, just as I told @robkhenderson when we discussed the film.…
"The 1619 idea is a jealous one. Not having much to offer aside from mass-produced silhouettes of a raised fist... The Godfather trilogy could not be conceived today, and neither could The Sopranos original series"
Our discussion here
Important to note the old mob movies were truly multicultural, and morally relativist, as was American culture. Wokeness is homogenizing and morally absolutist. This is opposite of how many think of these things, where conservatives are moral absolutists and liberals relativists.

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12 Oct
Wokeness as Saddam Statues. How civil rights law leads to wokeness, and forces the working class to adopt the paranoid approach to race relations favored by elites, as demonstrated by the case of the Tesla elevator operator.…
Many of us grew up like this. The gap between elite and working class culture in the US on race issues is vast. Even conservative elites are still elites, and most wouldn't dare to publicly defend what goes on in a normal American high school.
"I would guess many personality cults are created like this... Similarly, few regulators and lawmakers responsible for the state of civil rights law intended to create a world where schools are teaching that punctuality and hard work are racist."
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10 Oct
A story on how schools inculcate a “people of color” identity, with media encouragement. Amazing how little racial violence there is given how bad elites want to make whites into kulaks, although modern liberalism might be too feminine for that.… ImageImageImage
Fascinating how anyone can write this paragraph. If you’re gay, trans or non-white you’re pretty much the same thing, the only two kinds of humans are straight white Trump supporters and “other.” Image
Again, liberals, if you want whites to truly suffer commensurate with how much you hate them, you’re going to have to find a way to make your movement less female and gay. ImageImage
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10 Oct
“China is the anti-Christ. Also some Middle East countries are the anti-Christ.”

<host nods along>
I mean there’s always been a branch of the Republican Party that’s been into this apocalyptic stuff. But they used to be literate enough to know that there can be only one antichrist, and he’s a person, not a country. Lesson in how it can always get more stupid.
Affirmative action for Pat Robertson types seems like a new thing.
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10 Oct
Believing in genetics plus “social justice” means believing in an order in which the productive, smart and useful serve those who can’t and won’t contribute much to humanity, not to mention the naturally criminal, etc. A vision that is obviously not very appealing to many.
I mean there’s a reason that the far left has always been blank slatists and the far right has believed in genetics. It’s not an accident, “X is objectively useless and damaging to society, let’s organize society to serve X!” has never been a good rallying cry.
So much of the justification for redistribution is stuff like the Heckman Curve, we’ll all be better off if we invest in the poor, etc. Accept that genetics is what’s most important, and that all disappears. It’s not an “investment,” it’s permanent tribute to the least productive
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9 Oct
Taiwan’s “military preparedness has withered, even as its people become increasingly resistant to unification.” Taiwan knows America is its only hope for survival, so it makes sense it’s investing in gay marriage and PC to win US support instead of weapons…
NYT speculates Xi wants to conquer Taiwan for political reasons. They never do this with the US, ask for example who has an interest in telling Americans that Taiwan matters, and why we’re hearing so much about it now that global war on terror no longer sells. Image
This is true! Why militarism is woke. Conservatives will always support war, make the military and all its allies trans friendly and you get liberals too.
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5 Oct
Contributions by Apple employees to Republicans and Democrats. Ratio D:R was 2:1 in 1998, 7:1 in 2012, 5:1 in 2014, and 13:1 in 2020. Smart people became repulsed by GOP when they started going with Bush, Palin, Trump. Why not try being smart?
When Romney was leading the GOP, the country wasn't nearly as woke or left wing on any dimension. By Republicans going out of their way to signal how much they hate intelligence and competence, they've driven elites to the left.
I think what's going on at the top matters a lot more than people think. Many people never think about politics except for presidential elections and feelings on the current admin. You can trace major changes to individual candidates like Obama and Trump.
Read 4 tweets

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