When me and frends inveigh against certain kinds of conspiracy-thinking we're not saying conspiracies don't exist. When I call people who look like this "corrupt" I'm saying they're conspiring for gain, etc.; what I say is that they make mistakes, their plans often FAIL...
The kind of conspiracythinking I attaq doesn't allow for failure: every venture is supposed to work out, someone is in control of every outcome, which was foreseen.

The KGB tried many times to "control opposition" but got rolled in case of Chechen mafia, Afreakan dictators...
The West has far less intelligence and subversion ability than KGB, which failed plenty. Their "projects" got out of their control, frequently. Their "controlled demolition" plans often not work: but the conspiracytard believes this is a RUSE and CIA control reality since 1940
Man in antiquity and before 1800, European man, had greater intelligence, more grand plans, more WILL and LOYALTY than anyone alive now. They were almost never able to carry out plans for very long, let alone for century+; you're asking people to believe modern half-huemans...

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12 Oct
My model for opposing them is 1980's East Bloc: people saw govt was bad, making their lives bad because full of dumb, corrupt people. They didn't also need to add: "they're also part of a century-old program that foresees all events and plans all outcomes; they're basically gods"
If you believe things like: "Trump was planned controlled opposition, planned decades in advance"; "they've been planning this for 100 yrs"; "this is an elite with 1000's yrs planning" (Alex Jones); "apparent losses to Russia or Taliban were PLANNED"...you stand NO CHANCE
And yes I can explain Klaus Klangon Schwab. He's an irrelevant man trying to make it in the world, like Brzezinski and many nobodys you think are important. They have an interest in pushing your buttons, presenting themselves as eminence grise. It's part of their career PR
Read 5 tweets
12 Oct
Electric eel is part of fisch family where others who don't yet have ability to STRIKE have sense perception through electric field. Electric eel is able not just to sense but to manipulate electric field to control BRAIN of other animool and to zapp. This bring many questions
While no huemans have full electric organs to electrocute the way Star War Fascist Emperor can do, why not some have SOME sensory cells capable of sensation through electric field. Ancestors of electric eel (still around) have this more developed, but no human has any at all?
I think is possible some do, and maybe through crossbreeding and embryo selection within a few generations we can have some MUTANTS fully able to sense through electric fields! And then...and then to use them to control brain of others (CIA thinks Putler already do this)
Read 5 tweets
11 Oct
Some think is grand plan: "great reset" talk, all planned out. I think there's no plan, it's simple hatred: occupational class driven by revenge: 2020 election, Baidan regime is PUNISHMENT for the American people for voting twice for Trump. These people act on emotion...
They will do great damage, but there's no plan and no 44D elite chess. These people were routinely outwitted and humiliated by a much smaller, weaker Russia with Italy-level GDP. They got jizz on face by the Taliban..there's no plan, just punish and steal as much as they can
I mention Russia and Taliban because in both those cases these people acted emotionally, with no plan, not seeing two moves ahead let alone "3 dimensional chess." That's also happening with this crisis, the measures, etc.: fear, the desire to dig in, to punish, revenge...
Read 5 tweets
2 Oct
Utopia poasting can be just wish dreams, but can also clarify many priorities: Zionism starts as utopia poasting but lead to a state. They debated many things, like whether homeland should be in Palestine or Patagonia...many priorities, order of action can be revealed.....(thred)
I dream of a state stretching from southeast Brazool--roughly north of Rio state, to north Argentina, at least Buenos Aires province, but possibly incorporating Patagonia and Chile. When I lived in area and proposed such union response was shocked disbelief and anger. Normal BUT:
Start from physical advantages. I know of nowhere else in world that is as blessed as this land. Perfect weather year-round. No natural disasters of any kind: no hurricanes, earthquakes, nothing. Not even extensive tropical diseases. Land is fruitful, fertile, full of resources!
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22 Sep
Lomez has good thread on new Anton interview. This is important part. I have tried in whatever way I can to tell relevant parties--all the talent is on the "right," and it was in frogtwitter. There were people doing amazing funny thing, like Chair, who had to stop...
The right lost at least temporarily some good artists, some capable of becoming great maybe. Some were fragile and won't ever come back. Others maybe will later, but much time will have been lost. It's a failure to nurture and cultivate great talent. Problem is miserly ideology.
Right wing ultrarich are quite few. In part they are intimidated; maybe they are right to be afraid. But the worst part of it is not this fear, because there are ways around it; but a libertarian faith in principle: that only what makes money is worth supporting
Read 4 tweets
18 Sep
Simple statement of true leadership from Lee Kuan Yew: but simple truths need always to be repeated!

This may sound like "antidemocratic authoritarianism," and may be unwelcome now when we face the tyranny of a cruel and rapacious oligarchy. But it is its opposite--short thred:
An avowed dictator like Lee Kuan Yew or Putler takes responsibility, owns his position: he is forced to declare his plan and intention. The salus populi, or the well-being, prosperity of the people in both cases. They will be judged by concrete results. There is also transparency
In postdemocracies like America and west Europe, no one knows who is responsible. It's supposed that a vague "system" rules, or fashionable opinion. Nobody knows who: increasingly absurd puppets (Bush, Oboma, Hillary, Rubio, Pelosi etc.) are paraded as a form humiliating theater
Read 11 tweets

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