The Fakest "Whistleblower" Ever…
Part of the “Facebook Whistleblower” PR strategy is to insist that her prescriptions are steadfastly non-political, but in a Zoom forum she cited the rabidly pro-Democrat group “Pantsuit Nation” as an example of a Facebook-enabled social movement that she wants to preserve
Another part of the PR strategy is for Frances Haugen to speak in nonsense "natsec" jargon to demonstrate how very Serious she is. This, along with phony appeals to children's safety, is a smart tactic for duping gullible Republicans who are otherwise hostile to online censorship
Doing a stream on this shortly! (10:30pm EST)


Have any high-profile Republican elected officials criticized Frances Haugen and her choreographed PR campaign? Because I watched the full Senate hearing last week and every GOP Senator joined with Dems in heaping praise on her amazing "courage"
I strongly recommend ditching the term "whistleblower" as a descriptor for Haugen -- because she's fake -- and replacing it with "functionary," which is much more apt
Haugen has been breathlessly portrayed as some kind of noble subversive, but she admits she has no inherent problem with the mammoth power wielded by Facebook. She is AGAINST breaking up Facebook! All she wants is for FB's power to be wielded in a way that accords with her values
Despite the skepticism of Haugen in certain quarters of Twitter, Substack, and alternative media, I don't think it's penetrated very much into mainstream consciousness, which has been dominated by brainless coverage heralding her as one of the 21st Century's great heroes
You'd think the fact that Haugen is running around claiming to be a figure of great authority on the grounds that she was a member of Facebook's "counter-espionage information operations and counter-terrorism teams" would raise more questions, such as "WTF does that even mean"
Well wouldn’t you know it. The heightened censorship demanded by Haugen has already begun, with new restrictions on criticism of activists and journalists

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