"Let's review the history of inaction and obfuscation since 1/6:
1) Pelosi did not want to impeach Trump. She was dragged to it by Raskin and others.
2) Pelosi banned witnesses midway through hearings after GOP suggested she be called as one
-@gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/running-…
3) The impeachment hearings relied on public domain evidence but omitted vital evidence from Bannon, Stone, Flynn, Wood and others
4) They refused to discuss that these elite players were the link between Trump admin and Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, QAnon etc
5) They cut the impeachment hearings short under the pretext of getting started on Biden's agenda. They did not pass the agenda.
6) They claimed it didn't matter that the hearings were short because they would do a bigger investigation. They did not do it.
7) Dems used the excuse of "bipartisanship" to stall the 1/6 investigation knowing that the GOP abetted the attack and bipartisanship was an unreasonable goal
8) They did not form a Jan 6 committee until July, then held one hearing and went on vacation.
9) The Dems did nothing until September when they finally subpoenaed operatives like Bannon. They did nothing to punish defiance of the subpoena.

In sum, they stripped the immediacy of the crisis and made it harder to prosecute. They ran out the clock.

• • •

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13 Oct
"You may be wondering, 'What the hell is wrong with Merrick Garland? Why is he enabling all these elite criminals? Who is he trying to protect?'"

Here is the Merrick Garland Villain Origin Story:
"Garland was mentored by operative Jamie Gorelick. Gorelick is Garland’s Roy Cohn. She's an exemplar of Big Law corruption: where state crime, organized crime, and corporate crime meet under the protection of a shady network of lawyers and lobbyists." patreon.com/posts/running-…
"Gorelick is a very close friend of Garland’s since college who is in large part responsible for his career. She hired Garland when she was the Deputy Attorney General of the Clinton admin. Merrick Garland was her right-hand man." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/running-…
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13 Oct
"Merrick Garland is a mafia state enabler. He is an anti-American attorney general, not only because he fails to take action on attacks against America, but because he goes out of his way to protect the attackers." -- @gaslitnation

"Joe Biden should fire Merrick Garland and replace him with someone who will actually protect America."

"Let's review what Garland has done as AG:
1) Defended Trump in a personal lawsuit against E Jean Carroll, a woman who Trump raped
2) Defended Trump and Barr when they ordered the beating and gassing of protesters in Lafayette Square
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13 Oct
"What the Democrats are showing is that you cannot fight hate speech with weasel words and you cannot fight accelerationism with inertia." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/running-…
"They are running out the clock, all of them. The GOP. The transnational criminal operatives backing them. The Vichy Democrat enablers. That is the strategy of everyone involved -- run out the clock until accountability is impossible." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/running-…
"We've heard these empty promises of accountability before: from Mueller, from the House. But officials did not take real action, so what did we get? The same criminal operatives running around with utter impunity plotting new coups." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/running-…
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29 Sep
"Even though @gaslitnation is only three years old, we may now be covering our third government shutdown! The US government did not used to shut down this often. Prior to the 2013 shutdown, the last one was in 1995." patreon.com/posts/56731562
"The previous shutdown was part of a broader goal of oligarchs and plutocrats to strip the US down and sell it for parts. This is both a foreign and domestic goal. The GOP has been pursuing it since 1980s and is backed by transnational organized crime." patreon.com/posts/56731562
"The 2013 shutdown was the first Tea Party shutdown, the first 'Yeah, we're an apocalyptic death cult' shutdown. It was a brazen test of how much hardship Americans would put up with and how many resources they would do without." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/56731562
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22 Sep
"Through AUKUS, Biden is aligning with the hard-right governments of Australia and the UK. He's favoring Boris Johnson -- a Brexiteer serial liar, an utterly untrustworthy actor -- and Scott Morrison over our EU allies." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/parliame…
"Trump spent his years in power carrying out Putin's wish list, which included weakening NATO and the EU. Much of this was achieved through Brexit and Trump's alienation of European democracies. Biden was supposed to rectify this, not continue it." patreon.com/posts/parliame…
"Biden's pandering to Boris Johnson goes beyond reestablishing the 'special relationship' between the US and the UK. First of all, Ted Lasso already reestablished the special relationship! Partnering with a hard-right sociopath PM is really unnecessary." patreon.com/posts/parliame…
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22 Sep
"Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth Macdonough is either a heartless bureaucrat, the type who likes to make the trains run on time, or she's a straight-up Republican plant." -- @AndreaChalupa on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/parliame…
"In 2001, the GOP fired the Senate Parliamentarian to get tax cuts after Bush lost the popular vote in a contested election. In 2021, the Dems could fire the Senate Parliamentarian while the majority is on their side, but they refuse." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/parliame…
"VP Harris can and should overrule the Senate Parliamentarian. She can and, morally, she must. People are hungry for strength and leadership and it is far past time for the Dems to show some strength and leadership." -- @AndreaChalupa on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/parliame…
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