With their constant threat of defaulting on the federal debt, the GOP has been unknowingly (?) providing aid and comfort to Russia and China, which have been engaged in a quiet financial war against the USA since the last two years of the Trump Administration. If it happens.../1
...in December, the world we know now could forever be changed; America's financial supremacy will end in a brutal crash. China and Russia have been engaged in a massive buildup of gold in the last few years. Banking experts say this is a transparent preparation for an attack../2
...on the long-term supremacy of the dollar. Chinese officials is in position for the yuan to take over the dollar in China’s trade and has the gold to back it up. If Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling, the damage to the dollar would be ruinous, permanently marring it.../3
...at that moment, all China has to do is link the yuan to its gold reserves, creating a sound money policy out of a country with healthy government finances. The US will be unable to do a thing to counter it. We will fly into a credit crisis unlike any we have experienced.../4
...and China will have its thumb on us, because it is the largest holder of our debt. Hell, it could invade Taiwan at that moment, and if we object, just wreck us some more financially. We have surrendered with our recklessness. We are led by people who are too stupid, too.../5
...caught up in being king, to see theyre driving toward the cliff because of their constant flexing about an American "exceptionalism" that died long ago. America will be killed for a political stunt. And then we will do what we do best: Play the blame game over the corpse.

• • •

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12 Oct
Clinton brought deficit to $0. GW Bush ran it up, pushing debt up trillions through tax cuts & spending. Required raising debt limit in early Obama but GOP pushed toward economic collapse, lying that the debt was Obama's. Then Obama cut deficit by 50%. Trump pushed deficit up../1
...*in a strong economy* & grew the debt by $7 trillion. Once again, because the GOP massively grew the debt, the debt limit must be raised *to pay for all the old debts.* And once again, the GOP is pretending the debt is Biden's (even though we've been under Trumpo's budge.../2
...for all of Biden's presidency.) The GOP gets out the credit card, runs up the debt, loses the white house, flops on the couch, hands the bill to the dems, says "We're not paying that, we're not letting you do it either. But if our credit rating gets hurt, it's your fault"../3
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11 Sep
I wasn't going to tweet today, but... @dallasnews had stories on vaccine/testing mandates, and then the Texas fights against masks under a big headline, "HEALTH OR CIVIL LIBERTIES?"

Goddamit! "I do what I want" is NOT civil liberties. Public health measures in a pandemic...1
...is not "health." As the National Constitution Center says, civil liberties are “basic rights and freedoms guaranteed to individuals as protection from any arbitrary actions or other interference of the government without due process of law.” Simply put, they're the basic...2
...rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. Again, "I don' wanna" doesn't fall into that category. Children are required to get vaccinated to go to school. we are required to get vaccinated to go overseas, people are required to get mega-vaccinated to join the....3
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10 Sep
Let's get fucking real. If you want to die, go ahead. Unfortunately, with COVID, just like when you drive drunk, you're likely to take others with you, which is why you don't have the "freedom" to drive drunk.

So here is your "freedom" to go without a mask or get vaccinated...1
...and here is your freedom....
...and here....
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10 Sep
This is the one that got to me of people attacking vaccines and then getting touched by COVID. Don’t blame Terena. She doesn’t know Fox and GOP are inexplicably lying. Yes, they should have taken extra precautions for the little girl but it’s the GOP liars who killed her…/1
….(sometimes you have to hit the picture to see the whole thing. Each one is a Retweet or comment by a woman named Terena.)….2
….this is another joke sent out by Terena….
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8 Sep
I wrote an article on abortion for Newsweek in 2015. There was a lot to it, but this story in this thread tore me up - and enraged me at the arrogance of some "pro-life" stranger who thought she had the right to determine what was best for someone else's child.../1
..."A pregnant woman is opposed to abortion and wants the child. But her water breaks at 22 weeks, meaning there wont be enough amniotic fluid for the fetus's lungs to develop. This innocent would have no possibility of living and would be in agony for as much as 15 minutes.../2
..."before dying. Which do you choose—an abortion or a newborn's excruciating death? This is not a hypothetical. It happened in 2010 to Danielle Deaver Grand Island, Nebraska. Unfortunately for her, Nebraska had passed a law declaring all abortions after 20 weeks illegal, so.../3
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20 Aug
Ok, since no one seems to know any of the history of Afghanistan before this week, a refresher:
2/29/20: There are 13,000 US troops there. Trump reaches deal with Taliban. Agrees Afghanistan Gov, which is not part of deal, will release 5,000 Taliban fighters. Requires Taliban...1
...to take action against al Qaeda, not to attack US troops or coalition forces, or launch high-profile attacks.
3/1/20: Afghan president freaks out, says US has no authority to commit to release prisoners held by Afghanistan. (Trump Admin forces it to happen anyway.)
Despite there agreement not to attack any provincial capitals, Taliban unilaterally attacks Afghan forces in Helmand province.
3/19/2020: DOD IG says U.S. cut troop levels by more than 4,000, even though “Taliban escalated violence further after signing the agreement"...3
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