Are You A Programmer, Freelancer, Founder, Graduate?

Here are 10 non-technical skills to learn if you want that big payday in 2022.

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1. Copywriting


ā€¢ Copywriting is one of the most powerful and oldest marketing tools.

ā€¢ It is a part of the marketing and communication process for thousands of years.

And it will not be different in 2022.
2. No-code


ā€¢ Time is everything, No-code helps you spend less and ship faster

ā€¢ No programming knowledge is required to build landing pages, websites, mobile apps

ā€¢ Not coding everything from scratch will be new normal
3. Affiliate Marketing


ā€¢ Great way to get started in internet marketing

ā€¢ Great way to build an online business around something you love.

ā€¢ Affiliate Marketing is a growing and maturing business model.

ā€¢ Best source to generate side income
4. Leadership


ā€¢ Leadership skills can help you build a good reputation for yourself.

ā€¢ This will help you stand out from the rest if you have the ability to lead the team and achieve goals together.
5. Storytelling


ā€¢ It will help you attract people

ā€¢ Develops your writing skills

ā€¢ Your content will be more interesting

ā€¢ It can drive sales and referrals to your products and services

ā€¢ Stories are entertaining and addictive
6. Marketing


ā€¢ It's the art of creating demand for a product or service, through persuasive techniques that stimulate people to purchase it.

ā€¢ Without marketing people won't know about the products or services that are being offered

ā€¢ Learn to promote your work
7. Delegation


ā€¢ If you don't delegate, you spend time and energy working on tasks you shouldnā€™t be working

ā€¢ You can focus on what matters the most if you get work done by someone else
8. Critical Problem Solving


ā€¢ These people are high achievers

ā€¢ The ability to think critically and solve problems is highly valued
9. Content Creation


ā€¢ With content creation you can build your personal brand

ā€¢ It forces you to learn and think
10. Effective communication


ā€¢ No matter what field you are in, this is the best skill have to convey your thoughts effectively

ā€¢ It helps to better understand yourself, to improve relationships you have with others

ā€¢ Apart from technical skills, focus on the soft skills, it will matter the most as you keep climbing the ladder.

ā€¢ Technical and Soft Skills combo is the deadliest combo that can do wonders
ā€¢ Above skills could be learned in your free time, you can focus on your priority goals.

ā€¢ Things take time, you don't need to master all the skill but it's always good to know about it.
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15 Oct
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But then I grew to a 12,000+ audience.

Here are 8 Mistakes I made which you shouldn't repeat.

THREAD šŸ§µ ā†“
1/ Not Engaging

ā€¢ Twitter is a platform where you give and take.

ā€¢ But give give give give and then take.

ā€¢ Engage with other accounts, add more value to them.
ā€¢ If you regularly engage with at least 10-15 accounts I'm sure that account will start noticing you.

ā€¢ I wasted my initial days just focusing on MY tweets, MY likes, MY comments.

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YouTube has over 2,000,000,000 monthly active users.

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1/ Create links that start at specific times

Share a link to a video that starts at a specific time, try this YouTube hack.


1. Click Share on any video
2. Check the Start at the box
3. Adjust the time
4. Copy the link
2/ YouTube Ad blocker

ā€¢ AdBlock is the best ad blocker with over 60 million users.

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The no-code / low-code market size is $ 13- $ 17 Billion today.

It is expected to skyrocket to $ 58.8 - $ 125.4 Billion by 2027.

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1/ @carrd - Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.

āœ… Widgets + Embeds
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āœ… Free for 3 sites
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āœ… Pre-defined templates
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11 Oct
I turned 28 today!

Here are 15 lessons I wish I had known when I was 18.

THREAD šŸ§µ ā†“
#1 Invest in writing skills

ā€¢ This is the No. 1 Soft skill that matters the most as you climb up the ladder.

ā€¢ Writing is the best way to communicate.

ā€¢ It will force you to keep thinking and keep your brain active.
#2 Invest in building a personal brand

ā€¢ It helps you to build a reputation.

ā€¢ You double down the opportunities and trust factor.

ā€¢ Signals credibility to search engines.

ā€¢ You will be surprised to see the impact of it as people start noticing you.
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10 Oct
NFT trading value surged to $10.67 billion in the 3rd quarter of 2021.

The world's most expensive NFT got sold at $69 million.

Here is how I would explain NFT to 5 years old

šŸ§µ ā†“
NFT means non-fungible-token.

But first, let's find out the difference between fungible and non-fungible.

Fungible goods are items that are interchangeable because they are identical to each other for practical purposes.
For example, If I take a $100 note from my friend and later while returning I give him 10 notes of $10 it's the same.

1 $100 note = 10 x $10 notes

US dollar is fungible ā€” which means it can be exchanged for other currencies

I can give INR 7500 instead of $100

It's the same.
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7 Oct
Are you working with a JavaScript library ReactJS?

These are 11 must-use tools for development.

THREAD šŸ§µ ā†“
1. useHooks

Easy to understand React Hook recipes.

There are tons of customized hooks that you can use right out of the box to save your time.
2. React Sight

Visualize your React application in minutes.

āžµ No Setup Required
āžµ Works with all libraries
āžµ Support to Hide/Show components
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