BAP & Nietzsche 🧵

This is Nietzsche's birthday week

BAP loves Nietzsche and once tweeted: "There isn't any competition spiritually to Nietzsche mission"

Many interesting Nietzschean ideas from Bronze Age Mindset (and BAP's lost tweets)👇
Some say Nietzsche is compatible with socialism

But BAP notes Nietzsche called socialism a "a tyranny of the least and the dumbest."

Nietzsche wanted real-life experiments that show how in a "socialist society life negates life, cuts off its own roots."
BAP writes that according to Nietzsche "you should distrust any thoughts you’ve had indoors."

The location matters

Even most contemporary cities with their noise, heartless architecture, and petty ambitions are hostile to "real thoughts."
BAP writes there are "some nice words on friendship in Nietzsche in Zarathustra."

Here's a line from Zarathustra:

"If one wants a friend, then one must also want to wage war for him: and in order to wage war, one must be able to be an enemy."
Zarathustra asks: "Are you pure air and solitude and bread and medicine to your friend?"

This is a friendship that is refreshing as pure air

Relaxing as solitude

Almost mundane like bread

And yet timely like medicine.
BAP notes how Nietzsche was aware of "stateless international finance" 150 years ago

Nietzsche described a "money aristocracy" that uses "state and society as an apparatus for their own enrichment"

Nietzsche hated socialism but didn't put the free markets on a pedestal either
Nietzsche said, "Whoever does not have two-thirds of his day for himself, is a slave."

BAP hates working too.

He writes "leisure is the source of all great things."

One must be free from life's tedious demands for "all high science, all beautiful living, all adventures."
Quoting Nietzsche, BAP writes the Roman aristocracy had a motto "otium et bellum, leisure and war."

Both are missing from the modern world.

We are incessantly busy with a thousand minor things, and yet not one of them presents the challenge or excitement of war.
Some interpret Nietzsche's phrase Beyond Good And Evil to mean there's "no possibility to evaluate men or events."

But BAP writes the phrase rather means this:

Different standards apply to ordinary men and great men who are ready to make "a great gamble for great gains."
The lower classes quickly changed personas in precarious settings to survive - this may be the *origin* of the actor

But some upper class professions - diplomacy - also spur the development of acting.

To act is to simulate a different reality - this is also the basis for art.
Lost BAP twet on Nietzsche
Twets referenced in this thread
If you enjoy this thread

Check out my summary of Ep 27 of Caribbean Rhythms

A special ep on Nietzsche

Topics covered:

- Difference between Male and female genius
- Art vs architecture
- And moar…
In another piece

I share some interesting ideas from The Gay Science

- Common vs Noble
- How philosophy emerges from the body
- How utilitarians misunderstand pain and pleasure…
Shoutout to @J0HNSMITHx and his Chadnet archive of lost BAP tweets!

The searchable function helped me find the Nietzsche tweets
Tomorrow I will post more Nietzsche threads

As it's his birthday tomorrow

Perhaps one on Ecce Homo, recommended by BAP!

Follow @oldbooksguy to see the threads
New - and much bigger - Nietzsche thread is up!

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15 Oct
Big Nietzsche Thread🧵

Nietzsche has given me jolts of clarity more often than any other thinker

23 ideas from Nietzsche that are as useful as they're interesting👇
Nietzsche writes: "It requires more genius to spend than to acquire."

To acquire money, you learn what's profitable & repeat it

But to spend, you must answer hard questions:

- What's *worth* spending on?
- What makes me *content*?

Spending well is tougher than acquiring a lot
Philosophers say life is worthless

But Nietzsche says "the value of life cannot be estimated."

A living person can't judge the value of life as "he's party to the dispute."

Those who think life is worthless are themselves sick - "decadents" on shaky legs
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23 Sep
Paganism is decentralized religion.
Paganism promotes religiosity on the whole.

The average Joe has a range of deities to pick from.

He can choose according to his disposition and needs.
Monotheism smells a bit like the McD burger that you can buy anywhere in the world.

It won, yes, but what did it become in the process?

Stale but above all uninteresting.
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9 Sep
Tolstoy was a torn man

In a now classic essay, Isaiah Berlin proposes two types of humans: The Hedgehog and the Fox

He then digs into the case of Tolstoy, a genius stranded in the middle

A thread👇 Image
A Greek saying: “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.”

For hedgehogs, the one big thing is a “single central vision” that connects different experiences and varied facts.

Hedgehogs arrange what they know in a holistic framework.
Foxes, on the other hand, believe “no theories can possibly fit the immense variety of possible human behavior.”

The mind of a fox is scattered, and capable of pursuing many different ends that may be “unrelated and even contradictory.”
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27 Apr
Discover an old but brilliant book today: Beyond Good And Evil (1886)

A recommendation from my favorite Twitter account: @0x49fa98

In this thread, find out:

- The problem with thinking in absolutes
- Nietzsche's writing tips
- Why we need enemies

And more👇👇👇
Nietzsche's central question:

What are the "ideas by which one could live better, that is to say more vigorously and joyfully, than by ‘modern ideas’?"

Let's look at 19 ideas from the book that fit the bill!
#1: There is great danger in going your own way

He who truly walks on an unbeaten track is "cut off from others" physically *and* psychologically.

If he fails, he gets no sympathy.

He's so far off that "he can no longer go back even to the pity of men!"
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31 Mar
Discover an old but brilliant book today: Finite And Infinite Games (1986)

This book comes with high praise from some of my favorite accounts

In this thread, I explore:

- The meaning of finite & infinite games
- Their 9 main differences
- Why this framework is useful

1/ What are finite games?

Finite games are played with the intention to win.

All finite games strive towards a conclusion.

You can win a finite game, or lose it.

Example: Sports.
2/ What are infinite games?

Infinite games are played with the sole intention to *keep playing*

Example: Relationships

Infinite players sidestep endings.

If the current trajectory points at an end, they change the trajectory.
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21 Feb
Discover an old but brilliant book today: Systemantics by John Gall (1975)

The book asks big questions: How Do Systems Work? How Do They Fail?

This book comes with a recommendation from no less than @jordanbpeterson.

A thread with top insights and examples 👇👇👇 Image
First: What is a system?

A family is a system of human parts.

A machine is a system of mechanical parts.

A factory has both human and mechanical parts.

Understanding systems is crucial because "Everything Is A System."

Let's look at 8 major reasons systems fail.
#1: Communication Breaks Down.

Information "decays" inside systems.

The boss's orders are misunderstood by his managers.

Their orders are then misheard by the employees, who then misunderstand each other.

This game of Chinese whispers happens at all levels, all the time. Image
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