Given the story about teachers in Texas being told to remove books about the Holocaust if they can't find pro-Holocaust texts, re-upping this overview about how the anti-CRT moral panic is making teaching an impossible job.…
Southlake already stood out. After a viral video of students laughing while shouting the N word at a party, students pushed for diversity training. The backlash was so strong that the school board was voted out.
(200K was spent by their opponents).…
A teacher at Southlake was reprimanded after she gave an anti-racist book to a student. The school district cleared her of wrongdoing, but the school board punished her anyway. The parents who made the complaint had donated to school board members.
The punishment of the teacher sharing an anti-racist book provides the direct context where administrators are telling teachers: “And make sure that if you have a book on the Holocaust, that you have one that has an opposing, that has other perspectives.”…
You are going to see those who pushed anti-CRT laws saying "that's not what we mean" or "thats not what is in the law." But such laws are intended to make teachers vulnerable to exactly to the sort of policing of their job that occurred in Southlake. Their response is rational.
Attacking the individual school administrators trying to implement the new Texas anti-CRT laws only serves to draw attention away from the fact that the law is absurd. Outrage would be better directed at the fact that school officials are being put in this situation.

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14 Oct
Bit of a gap here between what Ted Cruz said and what happened.
The effort to make this a lightening rod illustrates both a) the bad faith use of free speech to claim conservative victimhood, and b) the indifference to public health.…
YAF, the group organizers are claiming discrimination based on ideology. Evidence of double standard: two events on *other campuses*, an event at the Tommy Thompson center where a visiting speaker ignored the rules, and one where GOP students ignored the rules.
Madison has had real problems with surges of COVID because of students not following health guidelines. After Cruz moved his event off campus, his audience made a point of going maskless and ignoring local government health guidelines.
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13 Oct
Tenure is the bedrock of academic freedom, the basic structural protection that makes speech freer on campus than almost anywhere else. The people more focused on a single cancelled talk than the plan to erode tenure protections in GA are telling on themselves.
As @TheFIREorg notes here, the structure of post-tenure review in Georgia invites the potential for political control of process…
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12 Oct
Something very on brand about a conservative policy center writing about the dangers of discussions of systemic racism in schools and universities, using a prop photo of MLK, while the actual organization is, uh, less than diverse.…
Not a critical race theorist, but if I was, I would write a paper about the use of MLK's image and selective use of his quotes. Symbolic representation is not a substitute for action, but its especially hypocritical from those opposing MLK's goals.…
Per this report, alerting students to the well-established fact that Blacks and Latinos systematically face greater discrimination in labor markets is CRT, and must be suppressed. Never mind whether its true or not.…
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10 Oct
Pet rat, eating strudel, the day after he managed to climb into the air vents and it took us a couple of hours to extricate him.
Said rat is very old, and one leg doesn’t work, so we sometimes let him putter about in the kitchen. After having some friends over for dinner and cocktails we have him some leftovers. Then he was gone. No panic, how far could he go?
Looked in the usual places, no dice. But we discover there is an air vent under the island in our kitchen. Sure enough, we hear the sound of little paws scraping.
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10 Oct
I do research on public sector performance. Here I explain why the anti-CRT movement will undermine the effectiveness of public schools…
We are going to see more stories of school officials wondering if their job is worth the harassment that comes with it…
While I wrote about schools, the same pattern holds in election administration and public health: officials being forced to respond to conspiracy theorists and pushed out of jobs.
If you care about the quality of public services, this is a big problem.…
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9 Oct
The expanded child tax credit is working to reduce poverty and is popular. Work requirements would make it less effective. There is not much debate about that, but its amazing how Manchin and a handful of right-leaning think thanks have contrived to make it a debate.
See this thread by @HilaryHoynes on why a new paper fueling this debate is very much an outlier making assumptions most researchers think are unrealistic.
See this thread by @besttrousers about why the Meyer paper, even if you take the findings as reasonable, doesn't offer quite the clear evidence to push for means-testing its proponents say it does
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