Humans are naturally persuaded by consensus. But this leaves us vulnerable to manipulation based on phony agreements established through corruption, coercion and the censorship of contrary voices. If you want to know what’s really going on, read the books they wish to burn.
This paper passed "peer review" and was then mysteriously removed from the web--without notice to the authors. What is clear is that someone or some thing doesn't want it read and discussed in public. We beat censorship by making it backfire:
The censoring publisher is Elsevier. That's the (family) name of Galileo's publishing house. The modern Elsevier (founded 1880) proclaims this heretical heritage proudly, along with its support of Jewish scholars being persecuted by the Nazis.
Their logo, says Elsevier, is Socrates beneath a tree of knowledge, climbed by a vine--the connectedness symbolizing the interdependence of scholar and publisher. There is a beautiful irony in their misunderstanding of the parasitic nature of vines. Makes the logo all the better.
They argue the scholar is the vine, in need of the tree for support, the tree (publisher) needing the vine to produce fruit--a tortured, rotten apple of a metaphor if I've ever heard one.
The final irony, in light of their abandonment of courageous, heterodox authors facing coercive orthodoxy, is "Non Solus", Elsevier's motto, which is supposed to be about standing together. It must be like "Don't Be Evil" for publishers or something.
.@HeatherEHeying and I discussed the removal of this paper, an example of the demolition-of-dissent, on yesterday's DarkHorse Livestream #100. The specific matter comes up somewhere around 34 minutes in.

• • •

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11 Aug
This has always been about life and death. I’ve been clear about that. Covid is a dangerous disease. I’ve said so often. But lethal as SARS-CoV2 is, the capture of public health, drug safety + academic medicine by an industry that’s fueled by disease makes it even more dangerous.
I take Mr. Lawrenson’s death seriously, but no more seriously than those of Jacob Clynick and Simone Scott.

I've repeatedly defended my critic’s good faith. I assumed they were trying to do the right thing, just as I am. I’m disgusted now by the selective weaponizing of tragedy.
.@EricRWeinstein has been telling me for months that I structured my point incorrectly, so that what I intend is not what is heard. He’s clearly right about that. He was also right that "snap-to-grid intellectualism" (his term) has taken over the public sense-making sphere.
Read 4 tweets
19 Jul
Assume for the moment that Covid-vaccine hesitancy is unfounded: Now imagine there is a safe, cheap and effective alternative that actually could quickly reach and protect the world (including from breakthrough cases) but it is aggressively portrayed as dangerous and ineffective.
This isn’t a challenge @clairlemon. I’m hoping that she too will see the bigger picture.

Big Pharma plays dirty under normal circumstances. Given a crisis, immunity from liability and a major new (possibly permanent) market for novel products, we should anticipate deception.
Emergency Use Authorization requires no safe and effective alternative. And we are aggressively told none exists, and that the large body of evidence that suggests otherwise is all flawed.

Given the concentration of conflicts of interest on the Pharma side, proceed with caution.
Read 4 tweets
2 Jul
The Oxford study looks designed to return weak, positive results allowing the ridiculous current narrative to move to higher ground while killing public interest in Ivermectin and preserving the EUAs on which Big Pharma’s Covid portfolio depends. Everyone wins, except the public.
Collecting more evidence is great. But current evidence is more than strong enough to administer this very safe drug to patients for whom no useful alternative exists. Awaiting more evidence is a delaying tactic. And testing on patients late in disease makes no sense. Obviously.
If you want to know how well the drug works to treat Covid, administer it on exposure or first symptoms.

Of course the elephant in the closet is the failure to use Ivermectin to PREVENT Covid. Want to save lives across the globe and drive SARS2 to extinction? #IvermectinWorks
Read 5 tweets
25 Jun
Much of the anger in the replies to my tweet--some of it from friends and others I respect--is due to the sense that COVID-vaccination is a life and death issue. I don’t disagree. I too am motivated by that sense.
I don’t, however, think the matter is simple, though I’d agree that the vaccines appear to have saved many more lives than they have cost so far--by a lot. I’ve explored the question with nuance on my podcast and elsewhere, but on Thurs. my nuance gave way, to very bad effect.
Much of the problem surrounds my claim that my informal sample was disturbingly full of “scary” vaccine reactions. But ‘scary’ is a conclusion resting on a stack of priors that, without saying what they are, can’t help but sound alarmist. Here's the problem tweet:
Read 16 tweets
18 Jun
The DarkHorse Podcast has been hit with a strike by @YouTube. It prevents us from livestreaming in the usual spot, Sat. at 12:30pm Pacific. They'll be surprised to discover that their censoring us has activated an army. We won't be intimidated or deterred. #FollowTheSilence
Steps you can take:

+ Subscribe to our channel…
+ Follow @HeatherEHeying and me
+ Keep an eye out for announcements throughout the the day
+Retweet the anti-censorship hashtag #FollowTheSilence ('Silence' not 'science')
+ Spread the word!
One more thing: note the failure of the hashtag to autocomplete or trend. @Twitter appears to regulate this, making our point about censorship. Perhaps well deserved embarrassment will cause them to relent.

Read 7 tweets
6 Jun
Incredible. An economist delights in mocking the possibility that a cheap and all but harmless drug is responsible for *spectacular* reductions in Covid-deaths everywhere it has been tried. Why? Because other measures were also applied.

At worst: (drug+measures) = rapid success
This is true, even if the drug is ineffective.

If there was no *other* evidence the drug worked, you would indeed have to wonder if it was a real contributor to the effect. But, in this case, there is LOTS of other evidence that the drug works, and a clear mechanism of action.
And there is LOTS of evidence that the other measures are inadequate on their own.

Consider this: lock-downs without this drug are likely to have multiple effects, some negative, decreasing spread BETWEEN homes and increasing it WITHIN--unless you add the drug as prophylaxis.
Read 4 tweets

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