Remember that part in the Bible where Jesus says you are supposed to just live a comfortable life with lots of leisure time and never say or do anything that contradicts the world and the powers that rule it so you can quietly get by with the fam?

Me neither.
The sad truth is Christianity has been coopted by the state religion of the west—and mostly just goes along with it. This is more than a scandal. If the salt loses its saltiness…

Revival/renaissance will eventually come. But 1st, our shameful situation must be soundly condemned
If you see that millions of children are dying at the hands of abortionists & on account of their lies—if you see that children are being mutilated, chemically castrated, & unprotected from waves of predatory sexualization—stop pretending you can just vote R & go watch Netflix.
Eventually everyone will have to make a choice. The state religion of the west will have no other gods before it. And the longer Christians remain complacent in the face of this, the worse their inevitable persecution will be.
Unlike so many of our pastors and priests, who feed the people a whole raft of excuses about how “living the gospel” is simply going along and excusing inaction, we need to start telling the truth to each other.

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May 17
I don't think it is "mysticism" in the modern sense that is needed now but an actual glimpse of the divine. You have been trained not to see the order beyond comprehension in nature and to mock super-nature. But it's all there, just under the surface and habitual distractions.
New discoveries of the last century make this more and not less poignant. You were taught that physical things can explain themselves and the natural world has no real order or purpose within it that we can glimpse but do not fully understand. But this is an absurd lie.
Which is why it's not holding up well and people are going insane. Teleology (purpose in nature) is supposedly a superstition but now the idea that we are living in a simulation created by some superior mind is totally logical…yes, yes. Let's think about what that means.
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May 16
Blatant rhetorical tactic in our sub-literate age is the retarded EXTREME-Blame game, over & over again:

“Their words are violence. Their words cause people to die. They are like unto murderers.”

No attempt to even pretend to argue a position in many years from these quarters.
Facts obviously don’t matter to them. But what’s more troubling is that we’ve long since passed the point where the audience and the highly miseducated “elites” don’t even know what an argument is or even what it looks like. It’s a functionally illiterate society, of course.
Further, our regime form is going to radically change b/c we are a civically illiterate society. No one knows anything about how our government works, what form of government it is, or what a form of gov is. No one knows even the basic history of what’s occurred in living memory
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May 15
If hearing that *white Americans are decreasing as a proportion of total pop. due to influx of millions of illegal immigrants* + *elites routinely celebrate & welcome it* = true cause of deranged people going on murderous rampages…the media & Democrats hAvE BlOoD oN ThEIr hAnDs!
Of course, I deny the premise. I deny the “If”. This is all disgusting. The response to demonic tragedy is disgusting. The immediately use of the same to attack specific individuals & entities is disgusting. We have entered the late stage republic. We’re a declining civilization—
And as it disintegrates each chunk of the ceiling and walls that fall off will be used as a weapon to further divide and inflame the nation.
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Apr 28
What I can’t remember the feel of anymore is taking any of the system’s credentialing apparatus & supposed elites seriously. I partly never did—was always coming at it as outsider due to upbringing, political-religious beliefs, & trad education all the way thru. But I remember:
Say, shaking Ed Meese’s hand in the halls of DOJ as a kid, awed thinking how he was in charge of this whole huge hallowed place. Reagan Revolution had already won and gone mainstream. But DOJ stood for something real and vital and noble.

Almost impossible to recall that feel now
An incredibly embarrassing app to a fancy grad school I sent out in a moment of weakness. Don’t worry, even then I still really thought wrongthink about the institution. Dimly recall but I think there was still some small measure of comfort in the market value of their degree.
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Apr 16
Sad how many otherwise capable people in our philosophically & theologically ignorant, primitive age have been so miseducated they’ve no idea what so many of best minds over 1000s of yrs have even said about Christianity & (at best) know a cartoon history. Psy-op works like this:
For all the talk/worship of reason in our time, or science, note that part of its redefinition in last few centuries was claim: reason & science can’t prove or resolve anything related to morality or how human beings should act. Idea is that all philosophy/theology is bullshit.
The new reason/science claimed that we might choose whatever we wanted when it came to all that spooky stuff, b/c it didn’t exist. Most of the billions of human beings & their religious ideas throughout the ages were just too dumb or miseducated & didn’t know about reason/science
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