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4 May
Haunting thread.

Future historians, not current ones, will retrieve and dig up the layers of the last century.…
Listen to it...

Then listen to the best female version:

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23 Apr
In the "advice no one should give their kids" category, I've often noticed in life that there really is no telling what brazen lying can accomplish for people, nor any limit to the heights it can take them.
There are ever more complicated downsides as they progress, and clearly it causes internal damage to the liar throughout, but, practically speaking, brazen lying no matter how outrageous often seems to work pretty well.
One doesn't want to acknowledge it for much the same reasons that one doesn't want to acknowledge that, in the moment, drinking and driving can be a hell of a lot of fun...but nonetheless it never ceases to amaze me how well outrageously lies often work.
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23 Apr
Hope is that which Christianity gave the world, even if you think it bunk.

European primitives before conversion struggled w/just this: a dark vision of a doomed world. The monsters would encircle them eventually, they thought. In the end, the dragon would come & slay them all.
The therapeutic and distractive use of technology in our time are designed to keep such visions at bay.
Such myths would inevitably return except for the fact that our masters today have isolated us, and told us a different lie: like Sisyphus in reverse we must keep entertaining and pleasuring ourselves, over and over, with small delights, ultimately alone.
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22 Apr
The claim, made over and over, is that somehow the Right/all the opponents of Ds (bizarrely, this now seem to explicitly all poor white males) are racist fomenters of violence and fear. Meanwhile, media/D elites work to demonize, fear-monger, and cause unrest and violence daily.
If Republicans are afraid to combat this with offense as well as defense, they will lose. But half the nation + is increasingly aware and willing to take action. We must give the pols a spine: punish those who fail to speak out and reward bravery and signs of life.
Here’s one way to take action: first, read @realchrisrufo at @theammind and realize we need to draw a line in the sand:…
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20 Apr
The mob will not be appeased. The underlying drive of the instigators is not justice, but unending revenge and destruction of the American system of justice. The problem is "systemic", remember? Their goal is to smash the system, and appeasement will never sate them.
All this is just to say that no one should expect the rioting to end because of the verdict.
I don’t relate to trials & verdicts as symbols (it’s a big country, so one needs to look at stats in general), but this is a normal consequence of the system of justice we have, which is in principle pretty good. It’s wild how people swoop & stretch this thread to fit a narrative
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20 Apr
Jan 6 Protest

*no guns
*no cops dying from protest related causes
*Trump asked for thousands of cops, Mayor/Ds refuse & tell cops to stand down
*no master plan uncovered
*even zip tie guy exonerated
*they don’t even bother to explain what happened to dead unarmed protestor
Meanwhile, Rs run scared while a few Ds are willing to say: “Uh, solitary confinement for these people even before conviction is...a bit much.”
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18 Apr
Vast majority of the -ism debates and the history talk today is moronic and grasping at straws at best because we are so ignorant we often don’t even know what they don’t know. Not anyone’s “fault”. The living traditions of thought have died and it’s hard to resurrect them.
Few understand traditions of thought they grasp at & play w/. Complex thrown around as simple & simple made complex. People read & toss out concepts as readymade weapons. Distinction/focus/zoom levels lost in shuffle. All=funhouse mirrors even for those tryna find firmer ground.
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17 Apr
The study of what it is to be human is in one sense the most practical thing one could study, for it answers the question "How should I live, and why?"

If true, in respect to the most vital questions technical learning is rather impractical:
Technical education is in one sense the mere changing of the deck chairs of career on the surface of one's life, which ought to be dictated from the interior if possible by what you learn from the so-called Human-ities, properly understood as the serious thing they are, or were.
Of course, if you have no career & wanna sit around & ponder life's deepest questions while adopting a disinterested pose there's a deserved asskicking a-coming, brought to you by life. I’m talking about actual liberal arts or humanities—questions every human must answer anyhow.
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16 Apr
The amount of replies on the socials to anyone appalled at our UN ambassador’s claim about our founding that = “But the 3/5ths clause!” reveals the profound ignorance of our fellow citizens. For decades, our education system has taught what the best Chinese propagandists now say.
Slavery is mentioned three times in the Constitution. The 3/5ths clause and the limit on slave importation are both measures taken against slavery in the compromise that was made. The slave owners wanted slaves to count as 5/5ths to give themselves more power.
The worst of the Constitution is the fugitive slave clause. The other two mentions are anti-slavery, and reveal that the document was a compromise between those opposed to slavery and those for it—and was intended by all those opposed to put slavery on a path to extinction.
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16 Apr
Not a single person has proposed anything unconstitutional. What kind of blinkered moron in America, 2021 can’t see the corrupt landscape of govt + biz collusion? These sorts of contextless jabs can no longer be seen as anything but disingenuous.
Their job now is to attack the right from the right and paint the targets behind the frontlines for the left.
Do these clowns think these businesses are acting out of the goodness of their heart? It’s also unconstitutional in some way for biz to have to speak a certain way under the threat of government punishment, I suppose. But this is neither here nor there re political action.
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10 Apr
Underlying elite western premise = if you have any objections to allowing as many of whoever wants to live in your country to do so you are a racist/Nazi. Not insane. Natural thought for the powerful when ignorant + arrogant. They see the rest of humanity as their Lego bricks.
Their ignorance of politics cannot be understated. They are deeply miseducated & they way they understand human / political life misshapen. Their arrogance is such that they think they can control any group of people. They can't imagine it otherwise.
They have no idea what founding or maintaining a political regime takes. They don't even know what "regime" means. They don't know what "citizenship" means. They don't understand what "human nature" means. They aren't even aware of the fundamental questions & challenges in play.
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8 Apr
“Feminism” has “normalized” concubinage, mainstreamed prostitution, & is seemingly proud of creating world in which millions of women now have to work & take care of the kids, alone. Nvm proudly, ceaselessly pushing practices to terminate life in the womb. It’s unconscionable.
I’d like to see an ounce of intellectual honesty or a shred of bravery from these gaunt cougars. Are you pro-OnlyFans? Sugar daddies? 40% of kids born out of wedlock? Yah think things aren’t far worse now than when you started? What’s your response to all this needless suffering?
You realize that for decades Clown World ceaselessly argued (with all its haughty authority and "science") for pushing birth control & abortion b/c, they said, it would reduce births out of wedlock. We now have record, civilization-threatening #s of kids born outside of marriage.
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7 Apr
Every R voter needs to evaluate whether or not their state/local public officials are as weak & clueless as this one. Many red state pols are like this or worse. But you don’t have time anymore for talking heads who don’t know what time it is. Test ‘em. Find your DeSantis, ASAP.
Stop assuming that b/c you live in a red state and have Republican pols representing you...complacency is no longer forgivable. The only institution in America that Rs can lay claim to is red states. The only way out of this mess is for you to elect leaders worthy of the name.
You need to assume instead that your state/local Republican electeds are pretend losers trying to fool you until proven otherwise. The burden of proof is on them to act boldly and lead. There are no longer any excuses. There is no longer any time for squishes and cuckery.
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6 Apr
Left wins b/c they demand things as organized groups & fearlessly leverage their power for sake of their political objectives, which are tied rhetorically to deep moral imperatives like justice & common good. This isn’t complicated.

The Right just needs to stop transing itself.
“We can’t use moral language like justice and tie our policies to higher purposes—we must speak of efficiencies and speak as moral neutrals.”

False. This is why you lose.
“We can’t organize and protest and fearlessly demand things.”

True, they get nasty if you try. But if you want to let them make this impossible, you are a loser who’s admitted he’s lost.
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5 Apr
Thread. Technology has opened up a portal to an older world even as Big Corporate has revealed itself as necessarily political entities. Talent wants the freedom to be excellent & work with talent. People are increasingly willing to trade off some stability to escape the Borg.
The trailblazing that lies before us matters, but regardless of particular path we forge, future = a kind of *economic*/politico-cultural war. Piratical. But also & mainly new warlords --> feudal lords marshaling wandering talents seeking to exercise their own excellence again.
In the world we are sailing into, post WWII notions of "neutral" economics/finance, or the way people learned to mentally separate economics/finance from ways of life or political interest and direction (in some ways this is still what elite ed is about) are unhelpful blinders.
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4 Apr
The idiotic conceit of the Left and useful idiot moderates is that those who want "America" and "American"—not to mention "citizenship"—to mean something real and distinct are...Nazis? This is borderline insanity, but it is now the near universal thought of wannabe elite minds.
Americans of all kinds disagree w/this madness, of course. We want equality under the law & oppose a legalized racial caste system. Americans of all backgrounds want citizenship to correspond w/honor, duty, and a prioritized commitment to one's fellow citizens—not just bennies.
A country is a country. To be an American, or a citizen of any country, must mean more than changing out papers and putting an address on a form. Globalized elites who treat countries as a hotel chain w/o loyalty to their own are reprehensible to everyone across the board.
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2 Apr
Red states need to band together to punish corporations who want to bully them. We need a Red State Alliance that agrees to take measures en masse against these corporations that aggressively seek to arrogantly thwart the will of red state Americans.
When a company spews out an outrageously false narrative that clearly serves the Left (“laws to secure your elections are racist”) and tries to force it on a red state, a bloc of red states should put ‘em on a list for punishment. First, remove any state/local benefits or breaks.
Second, consider proactive corrective actions as a group. There are many options.

Third, above all, we need Governors/Republican leaders to loudly tell these corporations to knock it off or else—& start defending their residents from Big Corporate fascist advocacy for the Left.
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22 Mar
Who's gonna be the next President of the Heritage Foundation?
Bracket 2:
Bracket 3:
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18 Mar
There is a way in which "cancel culture" is simply one more aspect of general corruption: when harmless or small stuff most everyone has done or said is technically illegal or cancellable, the powerful can use it against whoever they want for whatever purpose they want.
In other words, the dynamic of "cancel culture" is to render everyone suspect and everyone potentially cancellable, much like our legal regime right now. The effect is to make it so the powerful can prosecute or cancel whoever they need to with cultural or legal pretext & cover.
& this is why looking for some kind of method to this madness is pointless. There is no hypocrisy in all this because there are no principles in all this: most of the time it is simply a cover for power to do what it wants for reasons that have nothing to do with public justice.
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9 Mar
1971 college kids: Summer of Love was the way. Down with courtship and dating strictures of the past! Free love in a free-for-all!

2021 college kids: Can someone teach me like in a class about how to date and make friends?
1971 college kids: These established ways of meeting/dating people are arbitrary! Screw your hypocrisy we will just do wut we want. I'm a grown ass man bro.

2021 college kids: Can we please establish some damn cultural rules/habits here? We will all stay lost children w/o 'em.
1971 college kids: A formal dance is fake—we'll get in touch w/our inner selves & freestyle for brief sexual encounters.

2021: Events like a formal dance requiring w/partners w/no freestyle & no pressure for near immediate sex all ordered towards finding spouse would be amazing.
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9 Mar
It’s not just that it’s all propaganda all the time, but also that even putting that aside—those now writing articles or producing videos are incapable of interpreting the world. They’re incapable of identifying and drawing true or meaningful stories out of the mess of reality.
People have been addicted to screens now for 70 years, so they have a deep effect—& Socrates wanted the lying poets booted out for a reason. But note also that they must keep the “market” unfree as much as possible to maintain their hold. Which is why they rabidly cancel/attack.
This too is an old and human problem. Those who make art, much like in education, are corralled and channeled and distributed by those who understand their power and want to abuse it. And practitioners themselves often get in on the act, if only to keep their bread buttered.
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