Back in the ‘hood. Image
Call the Uber guy and he just starts talking at me in rapid fire Spanish.

This place is incorrigible.
Step 2 is talking about the rest of the US like it’s some distant foreign country.

Yes, I moved ‘al norte’ after my childhood here. There be dragons there.
I’m so old I want to call this the Centrust tower. Who’s with me? Image

• • •

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27 Sep
My latest for Pull Request!

@realchrisrufo on Critical Race Theory and what drives him in the one-man media war that's pissing off everybody.…
@realchrisrufo When I did my due diligence on someone that the entire NYT/WaPo/NYer media empyrean is lining up to trash, I was surprised to discover his background as a mainstream PBS/Netflix blue-state filmmaker.

But then something flipped....
@realchrisrufo The @realchrisrufo I spoke to no longer cares about the elite media sphere; he cares about winning anti-CRT measures across the United States, one school district at a time.
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8 Sep
The reason why the Left loses its mind on the topic of genetics is twofold:

1. It undercuts blank-slatism, which presupposes humans are infinitely malleable (to not say perfectable) by society. This is one of the core beliefs of contemporary liberalism.…
2. Among the horrifying implications of abandoning blank-slatism is that in our technological society which prizes mental agility beyond all other virtues, it may be the case that some, when measured against this very one-dimensional metric, may do less well than others...
...and since this liberal society (for all its appearances of cuddly progressivism) accepts status and power as the only sources of moral dignity (and rejects other virtues such as kindness, loyalty, humility, steadfastness, etc.), to even go here is unthinkable.
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6 Sep
My last PR post for the Jewish year 5781!

We're already at the point that autonomous vehicle technology is life-changing, it's just not evenly-distributed yet. Here's why:…
Like a good PMC worker bee, I bought a Tesla 3 for my (brief) Apple job, and it ended up changing everything about my life. Now I can't imagine living without it. Neither will you, after you've tried it. The world won't be the same after wide adoption.

Driving goes from a miserable task where your entire attention is squandered on a menial task, to a question of what to do sitting in a leather chair in an internet-connected lounge. It’s more like taking a business-class flight than anything else.

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6 Sep
You tell yourself that when you hit 'fuck you' money you're going to really put yourself out there and tweet what you think. Then you have conversations with people well beyond that level, and they're generally much bigger wusses than you.

Capitalism, how does it work?
If pressed, they'll say that now they bear an *even greater* responsibility to entities like portfolio companies or investment partners, meaning they must be even more cautious of what they say.
Another reality is probably the 'coercion of the brunch invite', and being part of a certain social cohort whose membership isn't based only on wealth.

But that implies bestowing that circle with a blinding, preponderant importance. That circle must seem the navel of the world.
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1 Sep
My new exercise as I doomscroll Twitter in my official job of Very Online Person is identifying the underlying issue--the abstract class, to use a programming analogy-- that people are *really* angry about.

My latest for Pull Request:…
To quote Willa Cather: "There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before."

If you peer hard enough at all the sundry issues of the day, you'll note there are really only a few foundational ones....
Corporations are the last functional organizations that most Americans experience. To them has the government forfeited responsibility for many of the functions—some involving our most deeply-held values—that typically would have been legitimized by democratic governance.
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27 Aug
"Apple’s newly launched CSAM policing effort has been a reassuring fulfillment of two recent Pull Request takes."

I revisit the Apple news about snooping on your iPhone photos, and review just how quickly the system got hacked.…
The first 'told you so' is about how all of mobile computation will be going on device. First with ads, and then everything else.

Indeed, the biggest pushback around the Apple CSAM machinery is how it happens *on your phone* on your data.…
The second, in this initial review of the content policing scheme, is that the core weakness lies in the 'perceptual hashing' used to discern fuzzy image equality. That's very false-alarm prone, and potentially easily hackable.…
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