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Listening to insane House Democrats hector Big Oil CEOs on climate.

Really something.

Republicans doing a surprisingly good job defending the oil & gas industry at the House #BigOilShowTrial.

Democrats looking stupid, as expected, trying to play gotcha.

CEOs, playing both sides.... mouthing climate concern but emphasizing reality -- society needs oil & gas.
Stark raving mad @RashidaTlaib accuses Chevron CEO of making $29 million for 'poisoning the planet.'

Also raves Chevron owes $51 billion to indigenous people in Latin America.

Puzzled CEO responds he has no idea what she is talking about.

Rave on, crazy person. Image
Ex-waitress now quizzing Big Oil CEOs. Image
.@AOC to ExxonMobil CEO:

'Some of us have to live the future that you are setting on fire.' 😜

Very unimpressive questions and comments. Image
Kudos to @RepAndyBiggsAZ for lecturing Big Oil CEOs on their appeasement of climate idiocy. Image
Georgia Congressman Hank Will-the-Navy-Capsize-Guam Johnson quizzes Big Oil CEOs at the #HouseBigOilShowTrial.

Hard to believe this is what democracy has come to after 2,500 years. Image
Crazy @CoriBush accuses Big Oil CEOs of white supremacy for making tear gas, causing violent crime and killing millions of people.

The clear leader in today's Most Lunatic Congressman Sweepstakes.

#HouseBigOilShowTrial. Image

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More from @JunkScience

Oct 21
Norwegian statistics bureau throws cold water on emissions-driven global warming hysteria.

"We find that the effect of man-made CO2 emissions does not appear to be strong enough to cause systematic changes in the temperature fluctuations during the last 200 years."

More from the Norwegian statistics bureau:

All four previous interglacial periods were warmer than today, while CO2 at pre-industrial levels.

More from the Norwegian statistics bureau:

- Current Greenland temperatures have not exceeded natural variability of the past 4,000 years.

- Long periods over the past 10,000 years were warmer than today.

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Oct 4
The Red Pope swings and misses at the origin of warming and emissions:

1. The current warming trend began at the bottom of the Little Ice Age in the late 1600s.

2. Recent warming began with the series of El Ninos that began in 1980.

3. We are in an El Nino year now.

4. As to emissions, warming precedes emissions. It gooses the natural carbon cycle. See Vostok ice cores and this -

5. Only 12% or so of atmospheric CO2 is manmade. 8/
The Red Pope just makes it up:

1. There is no way to say that the temperature rise since the 1970s is the fastest in 2,000 years.

2. There was little if any urban heat island effect 2,000 years ago and no satellites.

3. Then there's this: "Dansgaard-Oeschger events are rapid N. Hemisphere temp jumps of up to 15°C in Greenland that repeatedly occurred w/i a few decades during the last ice age."

4. Climategate revealed that temperature targets like 1.5°C are just 'plucked out of thin air' and are not science.

5. No one knows what the global temperature in 1850 was.

6. 'Ocean acidification' is a myth. The oceans may have become slightly less basic, but that is not more acidic. Two is not more negative than three.'

7. There is no evidence of any effects from any ocean pH change.

8. Norther Hemisphere snow cover is trending up. 9/
The Red Pope imagines the fake 97% 'climate consensus' is science and attacks capitalism.

1. Recent warming correlates with El Ninos, not emissions.

2. Consensus is not science. And the 97% consensus is bogus.

3. Capitalism and emissions have taken humanity from less than 1 billion to over 8 billion people. You'd think the Pope would be praising both. 10/……

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Aug 8
USA Today doesn't like my tweet from last month👇and tries to 'fact check' it.

Let's walk through USA Today fact-checker Kate Petersen's effort. 1/…
USA Today's 'fact check' is dishonest from the start.

Although the 'fact check' presents several images, the tweet being attacked is not one of them. The tweet is merely linked and quoted.

The tweet's graph, of course, is what made it 1.9 million views-compelling. 2/
The USA Today 'fact check' reports that the satellite data among NOAA and NASA program vary.

First, all satellite temps are processed estimates and not direct measurements. So different processing ill produce different estimates.

I like the NASA data processed by the University……
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Jul 25
Climate deception exposed in a short thread:

@USAToday recently ran this opinion piece raving about deaths from heat waves.

Note the cite to the Lancet Planetary Health🙄 study. 1/
Here's a chart from the Lancet Planetary Health🙄 study.

Note how the chart is made to look as if heat deaths are as big or even a bigger problem than deaths from cold in some countries.

Can you spot the deception? Even I initially missed it. 2/ Image
Now here's the Lancet Planetary Health🙄chart (A) vs. the chart re-made by the @CO2Coalition (B) with the same death rate (X-axis) scale for cold and hot.

Look at how the Lancet chart misleads viewers by barring out cold deaths in units of 50 vs. only 10 for heat deaths...……
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Jul 19
USA Today's @eweise:

"Summers are always hot. Here's how we know climate change is making summer 2023 hotter."

Let's take this BS apart. 1/

Sorry USA Today @eweise, but:

1. Record temperatures hit multiple cities every summer.

2. Phoenix had 18 consecutive days of 110°F heat in 1974... much CO2 and urban heat island effect ago.

3. Death Valley hit 134°F in 1934... much CO2 ago. 2/ Image
USA Today @eweise invokes the all-purpose and mystical "human-caused climate change," without explaining what she means.

Weather and climate are driven by "natural variation," which doesn't bother to explain other than to mention El Nino.

If she did explain "natural variation,"……
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Jul 13
WaPo @SarahKaplan48:

"Warming's link to extreme events is clear."

Let's' go through Sarah's ridiculous and utter BS. 1/ Image
WaPo @sarahkaplan48 starts off with last week's 'hottest day' nonsense.

I debunked this for the Wall Street Journal last weekend.

Even @NOAA ran away from that claim.

When NOAA and I agree, Sarah is on shaky ground. 2/……

WaPo @sarahkaplan48 next goes to heavy rain as proof that warming is causing extreme weather.

Past the fact that three rain events this year prove nothing about trends, a recent study in the Journal of Hydrology makes mincemeat of her claim. 3/…

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