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8 Sep

Midday in the Midwest and solar is providing 1% of the electricity. Image

Midday in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and the Dakotas... solar providing a rip-roaring 0.6% of the electricity. Image

Midday in Mid-Atlantic states... solar providing 1.7% of the electricity. Image
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9 Aug
New IPCC report shows climate scientists struggling with failed predictions:

1. Catastrophic outcomes (e.g., ice sheet collapse) deemphasized.

2. But ramped up hysteria over slight (1.5C-2C) warming.

Translation from climate bedwetting-ese of the key points of the new IPPC report:

1. Natural variability drives climate.

2. Never mind those wild temperature model projections.

3. Forget about catastrophic events. 2/
Failed climate predictions force IPCC to dial back hysteria in new report. For example:

1987 - James Hansen predicts global temp 3-4C higher by 2020

2020 - Global Temps only 0.44C higher.

New IPCC:…

Wrong Again:…
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26 Jul
This is straight up unethical, if not illegal.

Children (who cannot provide consent) as guinea pigs... and not to prevent disease but test for side effects.

Mengele would be proud.
Moderna plans to test its COVID-19 vaccine study in younger children to better detect rare side effects.

Unethical, if not illegal.
There is virtually no benefit to be had by vaccinating young children.

For @Moderna to then try to cause adverse effects in children to see what's possible fails every test of bioethics.

Like the Nuremberg Code never happened.
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26 Jul
.@MichaelEMann (comically) points out that climate model failure to predict extreme weather bolsters their credibility. 1/…
Here is @MichaelEMann's statement to Reuters. 2/
As to Mann's claims that climate model temperature predictions are in line with reality:

1987: NASA’s James Hansen predicts world 3C warmer by 2020.

2020 Reality: Average temp only 0.44C higher. 3/…
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13 Jun
G-7 agrees to stop financing coal in poor countries... even though the the US, Germany, Japan still burn coal and aren't stopping any time soon.

Pointlessly condemning the poor to life without electricity and poverty.

G-7 Communique ending international financing for coal plants and condemning the poor to no electricity.

Poor countries will now get to choose between no electricity or mortgaging their sovereignty to Communist China's Belt and Road Initiative..…
G-7 commits to zero emissions technologies... but NOT to ending Communist China's dominance in production of the necessary raw materials.

Communique says G-7 will only 'consider' the issue of dependence on Communist China.…
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22 Apr
Only 200 YouTube viewers for Joe Biden's #LeadersClimateSummit.
Down to 160 YouTube viewers for Joe Biden's #LeadersClimateSummit.

The public is not interested in climate BS.
Down to 123 YouTube viewers for Joe Biden's #LeadersClimateSummit.

The public is not interested in climate BS.
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21 Apr
John Kerry on WaPo Live:

"Without China is there is simply no way to resolve the climate crisis."…
John Kerry open WaPo Live:

Pledges to be carbon neutral by 2050 aren't good enough.…
John Kerry says that even if BOTH China and the US went to zero emissions, the climate crisis would NOT be solved.
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21 Apr
Of course climate totalitarians welcome the participation of the 21st century's Adolf Hitler.…
From today's WaPo... note that China now makes Hong Kong police goose step.…
"April 15 wasn't a normal day. [It was] the first 'National Security Education Day' since China imposed a tough security law... a visible display of Hong Kong’s fall from a relatively free territory to an ­Orwellian place like the repressive mainland."…
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1 Apr
The Biden EPA reversed a key anti-corruption policy adopted by the Trump EPA.

EPA research grantees can now review and rubber-stamp their own EPA-funded work while posing as 'independent outside science advisers.'

Batting away some BS:

1. 'Too heavily' means 'any.' Before Trump, industry had essentially zero representation on EPA science advisory boards.

2. There is no such thing as 'consensus' in science.
Batting away more BS.

1. The Biden EPA move is a reversal of a Trump EPA anti-corruption policy. The Biden EPA is returning to science fraud, not scientific integrity.

2. EPA does no climate research. The policy change was implemented 2 years before coronavirus.
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12 Jan
"After Adolf Hitler came to power, instituting the Third Reich, Deutsche Bank dismissed its three Jewish board members in 1933."…
Oh look.... @DeutscheBank funded Auschwitz & financed the Gestapo... & hid this information for 45 years.…

And let's not forget Deutsche Bank's role in the 2008 housing bubble & financial crisis.

But all is forgiven now that it won't fund Donald Trump.
This is looks like an interesting read about @DeutscheBank.

Don't you think @EricLiptonNYT?

Now Deutsche Bank is carrying on a financial war against the politically disfavored Donald Trump.
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11 Jan
A most vital complaint:

Free Speech vs. Jeff Bezos.… Image
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11 Jan
BTW, don't bother looking for Parler today.

Jeff Bezos has killed it.
Welcome to 1984.
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21 Dec 20
Swamp sticks climate language and cash in COVID relief bill.

Bill will pointlessly raise the price of air conditioning and shovel $35 billion in taxpayer subsidies at wind/solar fraudsters.

Please veto this, @realDonaldTrump.…
The Swamp is trying to force @realDonaldTrump into signing UN climate policy into law.

Please veto, Mr. President.

COVID relief okay. Climate communism is not.
.@realDonaldTrump... the Swamp is mocking you by including climate provisions in the COVID relief bill.

Please veto this nonsense.
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9 Dec 20
If you kill yourself, you'll be really green!…
"If the 7% drop in emissions caused by the pandemic proves an isolated event rather than the beginning of a major trend, the episode will prevent only .01C (0.018F) of warming by the year 2050, the UN report found."
"Last year’s UN 'emissions gap' report found humans need to cut emissions by pandemic amounts (7.6%) every year to meet the Paris climate goals. That is nowhere near to becoming a reality."

“Are we on track to bridging the gap? Absolutely not,” the new report bluntly states.
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11 Nov 20
The rush to judgment about the election reminds me a lot of Climategate.

The stolen Climategate emails revealed gross and embarrassing misconduct by 'scientists.'

But the subsequent investigations never examined the content of the emails (the point of Climategate). (1/ )
Instead, the Climategate investigations oddly focused on whether the e-mails were the result of hack.

They were and no one disputed this.

As a result, the Climate investigations resulted in a whitewash of significant scientific misconduct. (2/)
Similarly with the election, Democrats and the media want to rush to judgment by just looking at ballot counts and not looking at the ballots themselves.

There is little doubt that Biden is ahead just accepting the raw ballot counts at face value. (3/)
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11 Nov 20
My dad at Arlington. Personally given B-24 bomber by FDR. Made a U.S. citizen by act of Congress for war service. POW. CIA spymaster. FBI Counterintel. UChicago MBA. Lawyer. Volunteered to fly F-105 combat missions in Vietnam at age 56. #VeteransDay2020
August 1943 AP photo of FDR at Bolling Air Field (Wash DC) awarding four B-24s to four crews of former Yugoslav Royal Air Force fliers adopted by the US Army Air Corps.

My dad, a lieutenant, was the navigator/bombardier on one of the planes. (2/)
Photo of one of the actual B-24s in my dad's squadron taking off from San Pacrazio in Italy in late 1943 -- likely headed for Ploesti oilfields or Bulgarian rail yards.

Only one of the four B-24s survived the war. (3/)
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4 Nov 20
Only 9% of Colorado voters said climate was their priority.

Senate loser @CoryGardner went climate bedwetter for that.
Only 3% of Michigan voters said climate was their priority.…
Only 4% of Virgina voters said climate was their priority.…
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2 Nov 20
Anti-fracking activist Lady Gaga to campaign with @JoeBiden in Pennsylvania.

Wake up, Pennsylvania.… #FoxNews
Biden campaigning today in Pennsylvania with Lady Gaga, a member of "Artists Against Fracking."… Image
Lady Gaga promoted Yoko Ono’s anti-fracking group to 80 million fans in social media.

@JoeBiden is campaigning with her in Pennsylvania today.…
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26 Oct 20
.@JoeBiden was front and center for the Solyndra fraud.…
Biden claimed Solyndra would create jobs and long-term growth.

It was a $535 million fraud on taxpayers.…
Biden forced quick approval of the Solyndra loan preventing OMB from preventing the $535 million fraud.…
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