See. Another state, same story. The British increase the taxes drastically and it's the king of Nilagiri who takes the beating because of that. Image
Let me try to make this a thread. Whenever I come across my old stuff, I will plug it here.
Vishwanath Shahdeo, the Zamindar of Barkagarh joined the War of Independence in 1857 because the missionaries converted tribals and instigated them to forcibly take over his lands. Image
The role of land settlement in fomenting unrest. Did this alienation between the ruler and the ruled paved way for missionary activity?
But, what is not told here is, there is no king in Keonjhar in 1915. Image
Guess Keonjhar needs to be looked more closely - not just Keonjhar but every kingdom where there was a regency. Image
On Ravenshaw of Ravenshaw College fame. Guess the college should be named Ratna Naik College or Rani Bishnupriya College? Image
Further more on Keonjhar settlement Image
How consistently the British used the minority of kings to increase their profits!! Bamra this time. ImageImage
Land Settlement in Nayagarh Image
Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity - Hanlon's Razor
On Sambalpur Fort Image
Can the same reason be attributed to Bamanghati mess? Image
Baud Kandhamal rebellion Image
Well, Ravenshaw doesn't turn out to be as great as he is projected to be...he was the one who presided over the 1866 famine which forced the British not to plan for a repeat. Image
"embodied a valued tradition of Indian culture and civilization" Image
Bikaner. The king has no authority to change the decisions made during his regency. Image
Another minority regency ruling. Image
Jaora this time. King sacked a minister, the British retaliated by imposing an advisory council on him and the advices the council gave, the kingdom soon slipped into arrears and had to go for loans!! Image
And how do you clear off the debts? Insult Talukdars, get offended by the offended Talukdars and impose fines on them. Image
Experiments, eh? Image
We are happy to allow the king to do whatever he wants till he doesn't cross the line. What are the lines? Image
Pudukkottai again. The legal position of an Indian king. Image

• • •

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May 16
When Kashi fell in 1193, 3000 temples were destroyed. On the other hand, Ayodhya resisted for 27 long years leading to more than 25000 Muslim casualties. Their special treatment for those two cities reflect their position - Kashi was the capital city, Ayodhya for its resistance.
Kashi was not conquered when Gahadavala Jayachandra fell at Chandawar. But the Muslims destroyed everything there and fixated on the Lord of Kashi to send a message to the Hindus. After all, the Dala Pangula was the mightiest one in the North!!
From the angle of Muslims, Kashi deserved contempt, Ayodhya deserved hatred. And that's exactly what is reflected there. Nothing exists in Ayodhya except ruins. The Lord of Kashi still exists in a way it is insulting to Hindus.
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May 13
A few things on Hinduism and Tamil Country.
1. One of the main fortresses of Hinduism post Islamic conquest is Tamil Country. No one even comes near to TN in temple architecture.
2. The great Tamil kings the world knows about - Rajendra Chola, Rajaraja Chola,
Jatavarman Sundarapandya - all of them Brahminical.
3. Kumbakonam Version of Mahabharata is the gold standard before BORI version came. Even today, its considered to be a gold standard.
4. One need not talk about Carnatic Music and Tamil Country - one of the most unadulterated forms of religious music anywhere in the world.
5. Tamil Nadu produced some of the greatest Sanskrit poets of all time
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May 13
After the Talibani cavemen took over Afghanistan, a prominent Bamiyan based journalist was cursing India for not doing enough. When I asked him, what exactly are Afghans doing to stop them, there was no answer. My stand was simple.
We are here to support you if you do something; if you yourselves are not interested in fighting the cavemen, why will anyone else take it upon them?
Its a similar thing with the Kashmiri Pandits. If the zeal to fight doesn't come from inside, how long do you suppose others will support them? Can anyone come up with a whitepaper over
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May 8
Let me jot down some points on this.
1. Aryans migrated in one direction and their cattle in the exactly opposite direction.
2. Aryans destroyed Harappa without a trace but maintained peaceful relations with everyone else who came in their way like Sumer or Tarim Basin
3. Hearing of an attack on Sinthasta, Harappans residing on Narmada and Godavari fled from their villages in terror
4. Sanskrit is PIE but Hykso is not. Still, they both came from the same area.
5. Aryans are the first ones who crushed elephant corps in battle, that too, with crude spears and swords.
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Apr 25
Judge, Jury and the Executioner
In 2012, Greenpeace conducted a study, Toxic threads: the big fashion stitch-up over toxic chemicals in the produce of 20 high end fashion companies. Note, all of them are legal. But, Greenpeace was not happy. It still wanted more.
The report is released. What does it do? Unleashes it's cadre on the companies to create a public nuisance. You publish a report, you don't give time companies to respond and create a PR mess for them forcing them to toe your line. Zara buckled in just 9 days.
It committed, it will ensure there won't be any toxic chemical emissions by 2020. I don't know what happened. By the way, did you notice the two lines I highlighted? So, according to them, cumulative addon of pollution is a problem but cumulative addon in costs is not a problem?
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Apr 25
How many of you know that Mahmud's father was a Kyrghyz Buddhist caught in childhood and converted forcibly? How many know that Mahmud is called Zabuli because he was born out of a forced union between that slave Sabuktegin and a Zabuli Princess?
And how many of you know that Multan sided Mahmud against the Shahis in the name of religion but Mahmud decided Multan was not Muslim enough and attacked it? And how many of you know that of the 17 raids of Mahmud, 14 are against his neighbour, the Shahis?
And how many of you know that Mahmud is not exactly great - he waged an annual jihad against India but in 31 his year rule, only 17 raids are known - what happened to the balance 13? And how many of you know Mahmud issued Shahada in Sanskrit - telling how unstable his rule is? Image
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