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9 Aug
Let me close this topic by telling a Bon Story - how Buddhism took over Bon. This comes from a Bon text, Grags-pa rin-chen gling-grags(Enlightening the Mind of the Deluded). The story goes thus. I won't venture to guess what is true in this, though.
From the time the divine king Nyatri Tsenpo became the king, all is well in Tibet. Nyatri Tsenpo and his successors were immortal and were linked to the heaven with a rope. When their time is over, they will simply return back to heaven without leaving a corpse behind.
Everyone is happy. But, then, a demon who swore to destroy Bon religion in a future life takes birth as Drigum Tsenpo. He expels the Bons from Tibet but he is killed in such a way that he is unable to ascend to heaven leaving his corpse behind.
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8 Aug
Eight hours I sat concentrated to find out one single point. I learnt much but wasn't able to find the one point I wanted - what is the name of the kingdom which sits across the mountains in Tibet extending from Manasarovar to Kashmir. I learnt much about that area,
but not the name. That is the land of Kinnaras(Kim Nara?) and Kimpurushas(Kim Purusha?, it's called Manasa Khanda(the land of Manasa Sarovara) and is the land of Yakshas and Rakshasas(a Nepali historian translates it as Ya-Khasa and Ra-Khasa) with
Kubera being their ruler(Gandharvas as well), Kinnaras guarded Yaksha gold mines, and combined with Kubera's wealth, it became Suvarnadesa (but, it's not the formal name), there is a reference to Khasa kingdom and Khasa castes spread all the way from Nepal to Kashmir,
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1 Aug
I will share you a thread, you will fall off laughing reading it. Before doing anything, read the last tweet to understand the context. Ok. To the topic. Indus-Brahmaputra suture is the border for yaks and donkeys, not humans.
Humans have aspiration and technology. For a change, you can read about Zhangzhung, the Three Princes of Tibet and the word Manasarovar - and how they are linked to India.
Now, the question is, what is India doing on the other side of Himalayas. Ever heard of a kingdom of Ladakh? Do you know how far their territories extended? Or, may be, who helped them when Tibetan armies put Bagso on siege? Or what's in the 1684 Treaty?
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21 Jul
So, #TIL that there is nothing called Han Chinese. Just like an Ottoman is a genetic hotchpotch who looks like a converted Greek, anyone who looks like a Chinese is a Han Chinese. In fact, China is formed by three different River Valleys - Yellow River, Yangtze and Pearl River.
As time went by, Yellow River tribes expanded in all directions - North they faced resistance from the nomadic tribes, South was a cleaner invasion - tribe after tribe was annexed into China and all of them became Han Chinese - even the rulers were not Han, all of them -
Han was a Chu, Tang was probably some nomad and Qing Manchu. We know more about Manchu because of recent history. Else, no one would have known they aren't Han Chinese.
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15 Jul
There is this kingdom Nanyue or Nam Viet in North Vietnam and because of this, the Chinese called it Nan Hai or Nam Hai.
South of this is the territory of Champa, which is almost as old. The is popularly known as Sea of Champa or Sea of Cham based on the main kingdom in that area. Dai Viet called it Eastern Sea.
For the Muslims it became Sea of Sanji, probably referring to Sea of Champa.
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11 Jul
I will start posting some tidbits on early days of Christianity. Tells much about the rise of the religion.
A Roman Triumph is not just another victory but utter decimation and public humiliation of the enemy. The Triumph of Christianity is used exactly in the same note.
At a time in which parchment was scarce, many ancient writers were simply erased, scrubbed away so that their pages could be reused for more elevated themes. Naturally, what they didn't like was discarded - it is estimated almost 99% of the literature of Rome was lost.
Christianity was the first time religion entered private space in history. From food to bed, everything was covered. Because it is not easily possible to monitor everything, people were exhorted to spy on their neighbours. Punishing is not cruelty. Punishing is to save sinners.
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28 Jun
@SteveShadrach - you claim to be an evangelist, right? Care to answer these questions? May be, you will get another one falling for your sales pitch?
1. Do you subscribe to the concept of Psalm 109?
2. Deut 32:8-9 clearly says that Yahweh is the son of El Elyon and is one of the many gods. Do you subscribe to the view that Yahweh has a father?
3. Elephantine Jews considered Anat-yahu as the wife of Yahweh. What's your theological basis to reject it?
4. What is the Origin of the Legend of Sara - the daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene? In a society where marriage is mandatory, can you explain why and how Jesus stayed unmarried till almost 35 years(assumin he isn't married)?
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18 Jun
CCPooh in #BianfuTang. I will try to run a commentary of what's happening. How complete, how updated, I am not sure, but I will try to piece disparate stuff into the same narrative.
Chinese aggression in Ladakh and Indian response - Chinese Commander for Indian border replaced.
Deescalation talks continue. Chinese treachery - Indians ambushed but the Chinese get slaughtered in return. Numbers keep on increasing.
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14 Jun
This makes one wonder if the Roma Migration is the lingering historic memory which laid the seed for AIT...Look at the bottleneck in Kazakhstan. Isn't it the same bottleneck through with the Aryans filtered in? By the way, how is this represented in Indian literature?
And then, look at this. There are two J2 blocks. Has it got anything to do with the fact that the whole area is a dense and impassable forest because of which divergence is noticed?
Now, if you look at the population composition of the Central Indian Tribes, Women are from West and Men are from East. So, what happened? Militarization and resettlement? Or gravitation towards the dominant Indus Valley through paths of least resistance?
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12 Jun
A question. What level of religious indoctrination in Indian schools is because of what's done inside the schools? Say, an image of Jesus in the class, a prayer(may be Psalm 109) in the morning assembly, a teacher punishing a student for sporting bindi -
plus regular sermons over how bad Hinduism is. Enter online classes. The schools don't have any control over what the children are wearing. You can enforce a uniform (for how long?) but can you control the minutes like hair make or religious paraphernalia?
With a parent overhearing/closely scrutinizing and with every chance of things being recorded, can a teacher dare curse religion, or even bring religion into the class discussion? And with shoddy teaching standards revelaed in no time,
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6 Jun
Ok...there was this political leader. He was asked not to go to a certain state by the Chief Minister of a different state. He didn't listen. The CM asked, at least don't mix with the people. He didn't listen. He was the target of a human bomb attack.
A stung India unleashed it's full might against the murderers. Actually, it's a picture perfect show. But, India was far better. The head of the operations, one of the aces of the parent concern and famously known as One Eyed Jack is trapped and is encountered within months.
Documents recovered fromntje encounter site outed the names, one after one and almost everyone were picked. Very less actually resisted arrest. They fled arrest but as a general rule, when cornered, they meekly surrendered.
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19 May
I don't know the Indian word for Yin and Yang but the reality is that we Indians don't see anything as pure evil. Ravana was a great scholar and devotee, there is a soft corner for Karna - that's what Indian culture teaches us. Why a different yardstick for Nathuram Godse?
I was going through his court statement. It's crisp and to the point. It hinges on two points
1. Non-violence is impractical.
2. Gandhi's love for Muslims
It's a good read, but note, the version I used has a level of editor's bias as you would see.
I won't judge him, but I will ask you to infer his mindset and make your opinions yourself.
By opening his statement by declaring him a proud Hindu, he has already drawn the lines.
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16 Apr
@dr_gsharma @Rashtriya2021 @Rupeshpa2 @PrasunNagar Let me put some words into this, then.
Post Buddhism, there are two main triggers in Indian history which demanded a macroscopic change in societal outlook. One is the invasions of the steppe tribes starting with the Kushanas and ending with Hunas, and
@dr_gsharma @Rashtriya2021 @Rupeshpa2 @PrasunNagar the other, Islamic invasions. Look at the first set. Most of the invasions are cleared off by the mid of Gupta Era which saw decline of Buddhism in India for whatever reasons. This anti-Buddhism movement can be looked upon as the actual precursor for the hereditary caste system.
@dr_gsharma @Rashtriya2021 @Rupeshpa2 @PrasunNagar But. It was not a motivation enough to make the system rigid. The triggers came from elsewhere - Islamic invasions which immediately followed Buddhism. There is a study which placed the origin of hereditary caste system in India to around 350-400 AD -
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18 Mar
Alvi is ordered by Bajwa's boss to report in China. Befitting to his stature, he was received by a junior minister. Qureshi, who never missed an opportunity for a free trip followed him, only to contract the virus. After Pinki and Bibi Bajwa, Qureshi joined the queue.
A jealous Immu declared Kamal is the best CM and not Murad even though Kamal locked himself in Bela. After Taftan firing backfired, Pakistan decided to place them on Indian border and provoke Indian Army around them.
Never to miss a chance to beg, Immu has begged the world to write off all the loans Pakistan has got. There is a serious debate going on over who is the bigger fool - Qadri or Immu. And PSL still goes on, infecting people.
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8 Feb
How many of us know that the world's largest tribal gathering is happening as we speak in the forests just north of Warangal at Medaram? Estimates are, the numbers will easily cross a crore or two. The event happens every two years in a village by name Medaram some 100 km
North East of Warangal. So, what's it all about? It's a tribal commemoration of their warrior leader Sammmakka and the stiff fight she put along with her family against the then ruling dispensation - the Kakatiyas.
The story goes thus. When some tribals went hunting, they saw a small girl in the forest guarded by tigers. They treated her an incarnation of the forest goddess, took her with them and their chief Medaraju adopted her. Medaraju was the ruler of Polavasa tract(Jagtial).
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12 Jan
A few facts over Karl Marx
1. His father is a rich lawyer who converted from Jewism to Christianity. Can this be the source for his invective against the Jews?
2. Though he came from such rich a family, his personal affairs and money mismanagement means he became a broke and
was known for bar room brawls. On the other side, one of his cousins founded Phillips and became rich very fast.
So, whom do we have here? A person who became poor because of his incompetence and moving around in affluent societies, and
someone who was inculcated the greatness of Christendom from his childhood - a person who hated religion because he felt god destroyed him. A classic example of the famous adage
Nietzsche: God is dead
God: Nietzsche is dead
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12 Jan
How to break a society? It's the same template everywhere.
1. Create the first generation of ideologically indoctrinated crop. This is generally a subversive activity against the government - a voluntary or an induced rebellion
2. Infiltrate the first generation into positions of influence in the society, especially education and mass media. Use them to create the next culturally indoctrinated generation. By the end of second generation, you will have a dedicated corps of ideologically enslaved people.
3. Raise questions on legitimacy of the government - first against the government and then against the justice dispensation system. The cacophony created will slowly make people believe that the justice dispensation system is biased and partial.
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29 Dec 19
Part 7 of my Little Deccan Series, after a long hiatus. Over the biggies, the Gangas. Part 6 below.
Who the Gangas of Talakadu are, where they came from, no one knows. Gangas claimed descent from Ikshvaku-kula, are of Kanva Gotra and called themselves as Jahnaviyas in their inscriptions. Some conjecture they came from the North, some, a shoot-off of Andhra Ikshvakus and some,
just locals. But, one thing is clear. They came from the east and encroached towards west. Panchamukhi and others suggested that Gangas are indigenous and they expanded out of Talakadu, not Kulavala, their earliest capital. Elephant crest and Hale Kannada language further support
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15 Dec 19
Palnadu is a small but interesting kingdom. The kingdom existed for less than 100 years, it’s a petty kingdom which glorified it’s cattle raids, but the events took place there are momentous in the whole of Indian history.
There were many Haihaya clans in South India in all the three main empires – Haihayas of Panchadharala(Kalinga), Haihayas of Konamandala(Chola Empire) and the Gonas of Vardhamanapura(Chalukya Empire) – the main links being Rajendra Chola-Gangeya Deva Alliance and
Chalukyan vassalage of Kalachuri kingdom and Yashahkarna’s Vengi raid. All of them called themselves Lords of Mahishmati and descendants of Kartyaviryarjuna. However, going by the overt use of Kannada in their inscriptions from day one and declaring their allegiance to Chalukyas,
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30 Nov 19
@anujdhar @curryputtar Surprised to learn Vijayaditya is that great a commander. Does this mean he killed Rajadhiraja Chola? Image
@anujdhar @curryputtar So this is the origin of this, "There is never an India" thingy? Image
@anujdhar @curryputtar Why does Rajadhiraja remind me of Dattaji Shinde? Image
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7 Nov 19
Before glorifying Pakistan over Kartarpur, remember what it did to the Gurudwaras and Sikh legacy of Pakistan. I will try to share the images of some Gurudwaras in their pristine Pakistani Glory.
Gurdwara Chak 97 RB Johal Tehsil Jaranwala, District Faisalabad - used as garbage dump
Gurdwara Chak 93 RB Chitti, Tehsil Jaranwala, District Faisalabad
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