Multiple Streams of Income are the Hack to Wealth Generation

Revealing the streams that make me over 2 million a year

Use these 11 sources to start diverisifying your income

Why do you want multiple streams of income?

The answer is diversification

You need to future proof your wealth generation

If one stream fails, you have others that are generating money

Here are the streams of income:
1. eCommerce Business

This business idea of selling hankies online has made over a million dollars per year

Online e-com stores are a great way to make money

How to start:

Find a Niche + Product
Find a Factory
Order samples
Launch your website store
Lead traffic to the store
2) Podcast Sponsorships

In 2014, I launch the My Wife Quit Her Job podcast

We speak to entrepreneurs who quit their jobs to start a successful online business

It has grown to the top 25 on Apple music in marketing!

That attracts sponsors who I work with if I use this service
3) Online Courses

Documenting my eCommerce journey has attracted people who want to learn from me

Many of my students are making 6-7 figures online with my teachings!

Big lessons here:

Document your journey!

It can be repurposed into an info product to help other people
4) Affiliate Marketing

Why Affiliate Marketing is great:

Advertise products you love
Make money through recommendations
You don’t have to provide customer support

When you develop a brand that people trust, people will follow your recommendations.
5) Run A Conference

I’ve been running an annual eCommerce conference for 6 years

The 3-day event is focused on learning and networking

People who buy tickets can learn strategies from other eCommerce owners

You have the opportunity to teach thousands with your expertise
6) YouTube Channel

Within 1.5 years, I have hit over 50k subs with my channel

Why you should start a channel:

>No complex editing needed
>You don’t need fancy equipment
>Establish yourself as an authority

YT can generate thousands per month if you're consistent
7) Stock Investing

I’ve held Microsoft and Oracle since the ’80s

Wealth generation comes from putting your money to work

Investing means:

>Letting the assets compound
>Making your money work 24/7
>Investing in companies you understand (tech for me)
8) Angel Investing

I’ve invested some of my money into small companies that need capital

Angel investing is risky so never put a large amount of your money into one company

It’s stock investing at a large scale

You’ll have many losses but your wins will make up for it.
9) Advertising

The easiest way to advertise online is by adding Google Adsense to your website


>Has low revenue
>Takes people off your website
>Involves finding an affiliate offer that matches your content

Not a huge fan of advertising but it's free money for you
10) Consulting

I help companies I respect with consulting

If you have the expertise, you can help people:

>Learn a new skill
>Grow their business
>Have access to useful tools

Consulting is a great way to share your knowledge.
11) TikTok

In 4 months, my account reaches over 50k subs!

In the next few years, I predict my TikTok will overtake Youtube in revenue

You can take advantage of TikTok while it’s still early.
Which Stream Of Income Should You Choose?

My 11 streams of income took decades of work:

Pick a stream
Focus your time on growing it
Avoid shiny object syndrome
Spend at least 1-2 years on it before you move

The internet gives you the opportunity to grow your income faster
Thanks for reading!

I hope this thread gave you new business ideas

Do you want to learn more about online business?

Shoot me a follow for more upcoming content.
Want to start your own ecom brand?

One that pays you 6-7 figures a month?

Join my free 6 day mini course and have one running within a week!


It's free 😉…

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