Wonder if the climate summit contributed to the GOP wave last night. The media has been shoving it in everyone's face as a top story every day. People worried about post-pandemic recovery hear lunatics gibbering about trillion-dollar schemes and demanding the U.S. pay more.
The climate stuff is usually just a background hum to normal people - a media elite obsession that sounds like Charlie Brown's teachers wah-wah-wahhing to folks worried about jobs, rising prices, empty store shelves, and their children's education.
The elite can't stop talking about climate change, they're absolutely obsessed with it, and the media treats it like the most important story in the world, but it simply is not a top-10 issue for voters. They usually just roll their eyes at the obsessive coverage and move on.
But all through the closing weeks of this election, news programs and websites have been stuffed to bursting with climate coverage - the summit is constantly the top story, it's every other item in the news feed, it's treated like some epochal event, and it's an obvious farce.
So that background hum of media obsession everyone sort of half-tunes-out has been a constant buzz about America paying more, sacrificing more, making do with less; people with 30-car motorcades who say YOU shouldn't have a car any more; forced transition to solar power, etc.
It might have dawned on a fair number of voters that the climate lunatics are serious - they really are going to trash your power grid, shut down your industries, take away your car, push you into a more primitive existence, while the mega-polluters of China sit back and laugh.
Again, it's not a top issue for ordinary Americans and they tuned out the climate babble long ago - and they'd never dream of telling a pollster they voted against sacred climate change! - but it might have become part of their sense the elite is out-of-touch and dangerous. /end

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3 Nov
A strong factor in U.S. elections is the public's growing awareness that the political elite are completely insulated from the effects of the policies they impose on the rest of us. It correctly makes voters wary of those policies.
Private jets and giant motorcades at global warming conferences, people who live behind armed guards crusading against gun rights, elite leftists trying to abolish the police in troubled neighborhoods, diehard enemies of school choice sending THEIR kids to private schools...
It's all hypocritical, sure, but the public reaction is growing into more than just annoyance at flagrant hypocrisy. It is sobering to realize that the people trying to control every aspect of your life have no intention whatsoever of sharing the burdens they impose on you.
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2 Nov
One reason Dems are so comically furious over "Let's Go Brandon" is they understand it's the kind of thing that triggers preference cascades - a moment when people look around and realize that huge numbers of their neighbors share what the ruling party claims is a fringe opinion.
The Left expends a huge amount of effort on making its adversaries feel marginalized. They mastered the dark art of making the majority FEEL like a fringe minority. The demoralization-destabilization-subversion strategy of the Left is designed to make normal people feel abnormal.
"Let's Go Brandon" is a moment when vast numbers of Americans who have been told Joe Biden won a sweeping election victory, and has a mystical mandate to destroy and rebuild America, look around and realize most of the country severely dislikes him and distrusts his media.
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29 Oct
There are basically two ways to get people to do something: persuasion and compulsion. The key difference is that persuasion can take "no" for an answer. This is by definition. If I can refuse, you must persuade me to agree.
This seems like a very simple observation, but it's crucial to understanding the difference between free societies and authoritarian states. Authoritarianism LOVES to masquerade as democracy and cloak itself in the language of persuasion and freedom, but it's a lie.
An early example of this bait and switch was when the Left started referring to taxes as "investments," stealing the language of free-market capitalism to conceal its authoritarian greed. Investments are discretionary. I can refuse to invest. You must persuade me to buy in.
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28 Oct
There are two natural impulses successful artists feel toward their audiences: humility, which leads to gratitude and affection; or arrogance, as the creator feels superior to the little people who consume the products of his genius. This explains much about Hollywood politics.
The problem is that humility is difficult to sustain, especially as one becomes rich and famous, surrounded by people who constantly reinforce their arrogance. Humility feels irrational when you're told a hundred times a day that you're the center of the galaxy.
Most of us imagine that if we became hugely successful writers, actors, musicians, athletes, etc. we would be in love with our fans, eternally grateful for their patronage. We imagine ourselves as grateful and affectionate when recognized in public, treating fans like family.
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26 Oct
It's an astounding measure of the Left's bureaucratic and media power that so many American parents has absolutely no idea how bad political indoctrination in schools has become until a few months ago.
The Left's media goons are scrambling to frame concerned parents as domestic terrorists, but if you watch any of these school board meetings or interviews with the parents, they're more surprised than angry. They really didn't know what lefty teachers were doing to their kids.
Some of the anger parents are projecting is anger at themselves. They're kicking themselves for not paying closer attention while their schools were infiltrated, subverted, and perverted by radical left-wing ideologues. They wonder how it got so bad without them noticing.
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25 Oct
"Dune" is a beautiful movie, a real feast for the senses. I don't think you could get the intended effect of gargantuan scale without seeing it in a theater. You need the huge screen towering over you, the bone-shaking sound system, the focus that comes from theater viewing.
It's the best "Dune" by far, although I don't think David Lynch gets enough credit (including from himself, apparently) for what he was able to accomplish. It hurts the new movie a *lot* that it's only half the story and it ends with a cheesy "but wait, there's more" line.
Comparisons with "The Lord of the Rings" are illuminating. "Fellowship of the Ring" is actually a solid three-act story that picked a good place to roll credits. You were hungry for more, but satisfied with what you had - and you knew for a fact Part Two was coming next year.
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