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Nov 5, 2021 30 tweets 5 min read
Ten 90-day challenges for your mind, body and soul.

A thread...
1: Structured thinking

Our mind is buzzing with thoughts.
But when we start speaking, we fail to structure them.

What is needed, is a way to pace our thoughts.

That is where writing helps.
Writing is the slowest form of expression.
When we write, we are not just thinking about what we wish to communicate, we are also selecting the most important thought from all other thoughts.

Write everyday for 90-days.
And always conclude with a "This tells me that ________"
2. Confident speaking

We get conscious when it comes to public speaking.
Even if we are confident of the content.

Record a video of yours for 90-days, on ANY topic.

Do not share it with anyone.
Review it, identify improvements and correct them the next day.
3. Sugar craving

Whenever you feel like having sugar, drink a glass of water and then have sugar-free chewing gum.

Water fills your stomach.
Gum satiates your sugar craving.
Because you are chewing it, you can't have anything else.

90days and you won't crave for sugar anymore.
4. Reading

Pick up a book you wish to read, not a book that you think you should read.

And read for 10 minutes everyday, for 90-days.

Do not share the name of the book with anyone or the fact that you are reading it.
Do it for yourself.
If the book doesn't interest you, drop it and pick another one.

But read everyday for 10 mins.

5. Meditation

Put on a nature sound (beach, rain, birds etc)
Sit straight (on the floor, or a chair)
Close your eyes
And just observe your thoughts
For 10 mins

Don't try to stop any thought
Don't try to record any thought
Don't try to go deep into any thought
Just observe them, as if you were observing cars passing by on the road.
You are not attached to any car.
You at best observe the color, the driver, admire the make model.
And then its gone.
And you move to the next car.

You will be changed!
6. Getting rejected

We all hate rejection.
We fear it, in fact.
We fear it so much, that we do not even start anything, for the fear of being rejected.

Rejection though, is like a muscle.
That can be built.
For us to get "comfortable" with it.
Everyday, for 90-days, pick up a small, immaterial harmless task where we have a high chance of getting rejected.

Asking a stranger for a favor
Sending a cold email
Saying hi to a random person
Asking parents for permission
Asking manager for a new assignment
Then, reflect upon 3 things
1. How did I feel?
2. Why did I feel what I felt?
3. What could I have done, to be accepted instead of rejected?

Attempt the same task again, with this reflection.

In 90-days, you would have a very different, meaningful relationship with rejection.
7. Resisting the obvious

If we do what everyone does, we will end up more or less where everyone else does.

To have a shot at changing our orbit, we have to look beyond the obvious.
And consider it, if not follow it.

But we are not trained to think beyond the obvious.
For 90-day, when faced with any decision, ask yourself, "What would most people in my situation do?"

And then for sometime, ignore that option.
As if it doesn't exist.
And force yourself to consider other alternatives.
As crazy as they sound.
And for each of those options, ask yourself 2 questions
1. What's the worst thing that can happen?
2. What's the best thing that can happen?

This simple exercise for 90-days, will change the way you look at decisions.
8. Waking up on time

If you get up at 8am today and wish to get up at 6am, it won't happen by just setting up an alarm.
You might win 2-3 days, maybe even a week.
Post which, your body will crave to go back to "normal"

The key is to trick the body to waking up early.
Whatever time you get up today, set the alarm for 10 mins earlier.
So 8am becomes 750am
Get up at 750am.
No snoozing!
Do that for 10 straight days.

Your body won't even notice the difference.

Again 10 mins earlier.
10 days.
10 mins earlier.
10 days.
By the 90th day, you are waking up 1.5hrs earlier than you were.

Ofcourse, this will only happen if your body doesn't feel sleep deprived.
So ideally, you should have slept on time as well.

9. Over-thinking

Our mind is our best friend, for it has the power to imagine.
And our worst enemy, because it is trained to imagine the worst more than anything else.

Our mind focusses on possibilities.
Not probabilities.
Each time we step out, there is a possibility of getting hit by a bus. But we still step out fearlessly, right? How come?
Because we have told our brain, that the probability of that is low.

For 90-days, assign probabilities to EVERY possibility your mind comes up with.
At the end of this, you would have trained your mind and thus tricked it, to not over power you with its possibilities.

Because you now know the probabilities too.
10. Procrastination

Here is the simple reason we procrastinate.
We think we still have time!

That's it.

So the way to deal with procrastination, to is realize that we do not in fact have time.
If I ask you to clap every second, you will do a near perfect job.
If I ask you to clap every 5 seconds, you will begin to falter.
If I ask you to class every 17 seconds, you will be out of sync instantly!

The goal then, is to break down every task into a "1-second clap"
For 90-days, pick a task you would otherwise procrastinate, and break it down into smaller tasks.
Really small tasks.
And then estimate the time it would take you to accomplish that small task.

Add up the individual times.
You will have your answer.
Isn't it fascinating that just 90-day can change your life, if you commit to it.

Just 3-months to a whole new mindset?

That is all it takes.
Don't pick all of them in one go.
Key is to train your mind, be patient with it, be calm with it and keep challenging it.
If someone told you that in less than 3 years, you can think in a structured manner, speak confidently, reject sugar, read regularly, meditate everyday, handle rejection, think laterally, wake up early, not over think and not procrastinate,

you would laugh at that person!
That person is me today!

I share these 90-day challenges, not as an expert, instead as someone who has tried each one of them and has witnessed the powerful outcomes.
Give your life 30 odd months, just 30 months, and you could potentially change your life forever!

A life comprising 900+ months!

Would you spend 5% of your life, trying to make the remaining 95% better?
We are the outcome of the habits we keep, the thoughts we store, the lesson we chose to learn.
And the pain we agree to endure.

• • •

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